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"Waiting for my boys to dry"

23, Nonbinary, Mad Pride

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scenecore, kandi, creepypasta, horror, clowns, stuffed animals, knives, gems, pokemon, cryptids, homestuck quadrants, halloween,


twenty one pilots, depeche mode, vocaloid, MCR, marina and the diamonds, pitbull, lady gaga, ludo, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, famous last words, lemon demon, paramore, good charlotte, heathers the musical, the altogether, kesha, american murder story, set it off, skrillex, hollywood undead, ninja sex party, punk goes pop,


Spiderman: In2 the Spiderverse;; The Purge;; Saw;; Pacific Rim;; John Wick;; Mothman Prophecies;; Nightmare Before Christmas;; Texas Chainsaw;; Incredibles 2;; The Babysitter;; Conjuring 2;; The Nun;; Legion;; Hungerford;; The Boy;; Iron Man;; Joker;;


Release the Hounds;; Fringe;; Hannibal;; anything playing on HGTV or Investigation Discovery;; MLP frienship is Magic;; Naoki Urasawa's Monster;;

Games Elder Scrølls;; Øu†las†;; Animal Crøssing;; Residen† Evil 7;; Depic†1;; (a li††le) Call øf Du†y;;



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About me:

My name is Hatch. Or Aether, Nico, McIntosh, LoveLetter, or whatever. I’m flexible with names. I'm 23, queer and alterhuman as hell. Pronouns are It/itself, Go/gore/goreself, and thau/thaum/thaumiel Support Mad Pride or get the fuck out
I also have personality disorders (shrink and I trying to figure out which) and I'm trying to be ok talking about my symptoms so if you see me talking about Attention Seeking, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, kinda Hipster Poser bullshit be nice to me.
I'm not here for stupid 13 year old's discourse. I support Mspec lesbians because theyve existed since the 70s and they only "don't" anymore due to radfem violence. I support endogenic systems because if you really think the human brain can't do wild shit without trauma, you're a fucking idiot. Bi and Pan overlap but aren't the same god damn thing because I've seen dozens of bi people who AREN'T into all genders. Yadda yadda, fucking block me and cope.
If you want to talk, but can't think of a good first message, send me a ♠️ and I can help :.p

Who I'd like to meet:

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Miggy Jai

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Thanks for accepting,
I'm miggy Jai
how are you?

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Feelin just fine, miggy :.) Thank you

by Hatch; ; Report


R3KL3SS 's profile picture

Ay there appreciate you for accepting the request. Nice to meet you

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Thanks man :.)

by Hatch; ; Report


ida🦌✨💜's profile picture

o shit endogenic systems based

that's gotta be the first time i've seen someone (other than me) be supportive of them on here, lol

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Theres a few of us :.) We were quoigenic, so Im completely On The Ball with shit.

by Hatch; ; Report

Snarky Brewster

Snarky Brewster 's profile picture

Thanks for accepting my friend request. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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DarkMiryam's profile picture

Ciao Hatch, thanks a lot for adding me! I read you on Reclaiming the Internet group and I immediately noticed that we have several things in common. Then I saw your profile and it seems I was absolutely right, ehehehe!
Greetings from Italy!

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Hii!!!! Its super cool to see theres so many people on here interested in this too! Ive been trying to find people for over a Year!!

by Hatch; ; Report

Surprise! We're still around! :D I'm glad I found you too!

by DarkMiryam; ; Report

Beetle Reverend

Beetle Reverend's profile picture

May Beetle Jesus bless thee

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Thanks bro

by Hatch; ; Report


C4+G0D's profile picture

Hello devout one.
You will be saved.

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by Hatch; ; Report


C4TB0Y's profile picture

TYSM 4 the add!!

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by Hatch; ; Report


lis's profile picture

hi! ur profile is super cool! if you dont mind me asking, how did you get those cute little banners in your about you section???? i love them sm!

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Theyre called Blinkees!! Theres a shitton of websites with them

by Hatch; ; Report

oh worm thank u soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by lis; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture


Try my channel? > FunHouseRadio.com Halloween music RN through Oct 31

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Yo this sounds good as fuck.

by Hatch; ; Report

O Alentejano

O Alentejano's profile picture

Wonderful! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone!

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xD Oh I like You!

by Hatch; ; Report


by Corvid; ; Report