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"i dont add minors - sorry!"

24, white/mex, dragon

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i like dragons, league of legends, minecraft, knitting, going to the gym, and watching TV. i also play some mobile games like tft and dragonvale :3


JAZMIN BEAN, BAD BUNNY, DJ S3RL, CAMELLIA, yeule, made in heights, pierce the veil, allie x, PORTER ROBINSON, geoxor, my chemical romance, falling in reverse, kali uchis, the marias, p*light, hayley kiyoko, girli, marina, bring me the horizon, studio killers, REOL, skrillex, crankdat, gorillaz, rels b, prince royce, T+PAZOLITE, marpril, psyqui, bad computer, metric, moe shop, eden, k/da, disko warp, caravan palace, maye, zedd, madeon, frou frou, imogen heap, lord huron, superfruit, siames +more:] i just don't feel like looking for it anymore lol


how to train your dragon, the new puss in boots, horror movies


the walking dead, breaking bad, bee and puppycat, bojack horseman, tuca and bertie, more but i can't remember right now


i liked warrior cats and percy jackson but i don't really read anymore



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About me:

⭒✦✩ magic/rain ✩✦⭒ ⭒✦✩ 23 ✩✦⭒ ⭒✦✩ full-time dragon ✩✦⭒

hello! my name is rain or magic. i would like to go by magic online, so maybe call me that? :]


Who I'd like to meet:

other dragons!!! or people who want to play league together!!

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Princess Paris ♡

Princess Paris ♡'s profile picture

I'm in love with your page!! It's so pretty and I love your blinkies!! <3

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thank you so much!!! <333

by magic; ; Report


Sloppy's profile picture

your page is cute and dragons are cool !!! thank you for the add :D

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thank u so much!! i love ur profile too, so cute!!!!

by magic; ; Report

thx :)))

by Sloppy; ; Report


trolecito's profile picture

hello! your layout looks awesome

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thank u so much!!! it’s one of the premade ones from KingBoo with some images swapped :3

by magic; ; Report

Grae Asha

Grae Asha's profile picture

A fellow purple dragon person?! Hell yeah!! >:D

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yes!!!! we need to find all the other purple dragon people and create an army >:]]]

by magic; ; Report

The army of dragon!!!! >:D

by Grae Asha; ; Report

>:3 we will take over the world. or something

by magic; ; Report

Burn down cities >:3

by Grae Asha; ; Report

and then bedazzle the ashes!!!!!

by magic; ; Report


Kaya<3's profile picture

Thanks for the add! i love your profile pic :3

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tysm!!! i love yours too!:3

by magic; ; Report

thank youuuuuu im currently reworking it all though haha

by Kaya<3; ; Report

np! i’m sure whatever u do next will be awesome too :] what kind of icon r u changing to?

by magic; ; Report

i was trying a gif buuttt that didnt work so i settled on this one, it fits my theme and vibe more! :3

by Kaya<3; ; Report

oh that looks so cool!:D

by magic; ; Report

thank you<3

by Kaya<3; ; Report


𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥's profile picture

thanks for the add!!! how are you tonight?

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np!!! im good; stretching b4 i head to the gym :3 what about u?

by magic; ; Report

ooh I wish I went to the gym like that :0 I just finished dinner and an episode of Inside Job, have you seen it?

by 𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥; ; Report

you should try it! it’s hard at first but if u pick a good show to watch while ur there the time flies :3
i haven’t seen it! it looks cool tho. what’s it about?

by magic; ; Report

hey sorry for not replying but i'm just gonna pick up where we left off lmao!
i think i would enjoy the gym but i'm just not sure what i would do there! idk how the machines work! what do you usually do?
and inside job is a comedy about the shadow goverment (think aliens, illuminati, etc). i think you'd like it if you like bojack horseman and tuca & bertie :)

by 𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥; ; Report

np! i actually just got on for the first time in a while LOL so good timing!!!
when i go to the gym i just pick one of the cardio machines and do 30 min-1 hour depending on how much energy i have :3 most of the time i listen to a podcast or watch a show while im there!
OH i love both of those shows! i think i would really enjoy that then!!!

by magic; ; Report

perfect timing! i feel like most spacehey users only check this site every so often..
honestly cardio machines sound nice, i usually work out to workout videos but it would be really neat to listen to podcasts or watch something :0 i'll keep it in mind!
and yes!! i saw on your interests sidebar that you liked those shows, which is why i mentioned it to begin with :') personally i loved bojack horseman, but ive only seen an episode or two of tuca and bertie! gotts get on thta

by 𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

💖 ✨

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by magic; ; Report


toasty's profile picture

TYSM for the add!! UwU love your profile, spyro is awesome!

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i love ur profile too!!!!! +ur pfp is the gen of mlp i grew up on :3 very awesome!!!

by magic; ; Report