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I like politics, I voted for Bernie twice, I vote every chance I get. I love posting about it too. I've had a lot of phases of shows I've enjoyed, but I would say these days I mainly like The Majority Report, Destiny.gg, HasanAbi, sometimes I get a kick out of Chapo Trap House(it's hit or miss though). I've done a little canvassing and gone to a few events related to local politics, but that's all as far as action goes. I haven't eaten meat in over seven years, and it's one of the best decisions I ever made. I love being creative, so artistic hobbies and stuff like cooking are pretty enjoyable. If I can, I prefer to spend my time more socially, going to parties or kickbacks or concerts or bars with my friends and playing pool/pong/darts and stuff.


I like too much stuff to name, but my favorite kinds of music are probably post-hardcore(Dance Gavin Dance, Senses Fail), metalcore(Bring Me the Horizon, Every Time I Die), pop-punk(The Wonder Years, The Story So Far), emo(Sunny Day Real Estate, Taking Back Sunday). I like rap, but besides Ghostemane and City Morgue my taste is mostly pretty boomer. I still have love for some genres that have kinda gone out of style like deathcore and electronicore. I like following music and listening to what's fresh, so I'm pretty into the TRU hardcore revival like Knocked Loose, Code Orange and Jesus Piece; also loving this scene revival thing like wristmeetrazor, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Static Dress, Kawaii AF and Vanish.


Big into John Waters movies, lover of the View Askewniverse and a soft spot for cheesy aughts era raunchy comedies. For horror, I prefer either the classics or fun ones that aren’t so tryhard. I also like your Tarantino/Scorcese/etc movies, as everyone does. Not into action or romance, very picky about drama but sometimes it hits. Documentaries are pretty hit or miss and I gotta be in the mood. Michael Moore has a solid filmography.


Favorite shows of all time? Probably Six Feet Under, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, South Park, The Whitest Kids U Know. Other ones I really like include Mary Shelley's Frankenhole, Ugly Americans, Maury/Steve Wilkos, All In with Chris Hayes, MTV reality in general(from 2000-2015ish); what I watch the most often though is probably NHL hockey, American Dad, and TLC reality like Hoarders and 600lb Life.


I like non-fiction, and that'd be most of the books I enjoy. I like beat era stuff like Allen Ginsberg, William S Burroughs, Jack Kerouac. I like Hitchhiker's Guide, I like political fiction too, like It Can't Happen Here.


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