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"i ahte when slitherman takes over my thioughts,,,😓😓😓"

i like alot of things

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Untitled im him🙏🙏🙏 Untitled


Untitled drawing, gaming, listening to music, learnng how to play guitar, and crafting Untitled


Untitled stomach book, kikuo, candy claws, spellcasting, mimideath, jhariah, mystery skulls, the cardigans, heccra, bdfi music, tally hall, john/tooboe, midori, 7timex/bxnji, 9lives, dadaroma, bbpanzu, childish gambino, tyler the creator, chonny jash, femtynal, shawn wasabi, dj510mariko, shinsei kamattechan, kichii, hakushi hasegawa, wakusei abnormal, icp, toby fox, metaroom, halley labs, hideki naganuma, rory in early 20s, antoje, maple, panchiko, blue smiley, the garden, machine girl, julie, parannoul, attarashi gakko, inabakumori, hachi, parannoul, asian glow, creepy nuts, lily chou chou, betcover!!, della zyr, kozi, creepy nuts, gaothearsonist, zentheghoul, tronic, xxxtentacion, rip slyme, ado, WWWAAAAAAAAYYYY more that i cant remember Untitled


Untitled bee and puppycat, the amazing world of gumball, craig of the creek, beastars, clarence, big top burger, kaiba 2008, dragon ball, dbz, and dbs, jujutsu kaisen, macross, mononoke, paranoia agent, sonny boy, death note, chainsaw man, children of the sea, the case of hana & alice, one peice, bleach, one punch man those r the only ones i can think of off the top of my head Untitled


Untitled fnaf, yume nikki, guilty gear strive, night in the woods, jazzpunk, off, splatoon, touhou, hollow knight, lisa: the painful, fnf, roblox, and a LOT more (majority of these games i havent played myself so uh) Untitled


Untitled jacksepticeye, coryxkenshin, ihascupquake, markiplier, flamingo, kubz scouts, manlybadasshero, film cooper, danny gonzales, chad chad, funkyfrogbait, penguinz0/moistcritikal, tuv, bbpanzu, scrump, shoyoumomo, theres probably more Untitled

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Goku Db Sticker - Goku Db Dragon Ball Stickers im not that active on thsi website but i still check in occasionally

Who I'd like to meet:

ur mother/j but id be happy to meet anyone as long as u arent a dick :(

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「 ❣️ Lil Mess ❣️ 」

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Thank you for adding me (˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶)੭ I love you profile, it feels so cozy and chill! Also I LOVE THE ACE HAT FLOATING ON YOUR PIC (˶✧。✧˶)

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YAYAYAYAYYAYA THANK U!1!!! ace is so cool

by spooky🍉; ; Report

ACE IS THE BEST (づ๑•ᴗ•๑)づ♡

by 「 ❣️ Lil Mess ❣️ 」; ; Report


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k words you /aff

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i km going t GET you

by spooky🍉; ; Report


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Love the page, keep the good vibes comin' !

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ur page is rlly cool too :D

by spooky🍉; ; Report


by 🍉Mind.𖤓; ; Report


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Super cool page!

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by spooky🍉; ; Report

J0hnni3 ★

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thanks for the add i LOVE YOUR LAYOUR ITSS SOOO COOCLLOLCOOL good vibrations !

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THNAK U :D im probably gonna change it again in like 2 days :skull:

by spooky🍉; ; Report


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by spooky🍉; ; Report


by 🍉Mind.𖤓; ; Report


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hey i love your profile

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thsnk u :D

by spooky🍉; ; Report


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WAIT i didnt know you were in the bigtop burger fandom AAAAA!!!!

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i fuckign love bigtop burger :heart:

by spooky🍉; ; Report