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If you look at me and don't like me what does that say about you?

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  • touhou project
  • fighting games [ such as tekkan, street fighter, king of fighters, guilty gear, mortal kombat, & arcana heart ]
  • horror games/animanga [ fav horror games atm: faith, fatal frame, silent hill, dreadout series, parasite eve]
  • ARGs
  • PS2 games
  • okegom
  • denpa genre
  • yoshitoshi ABE's works
  • soccer
  • plugnnb / breakcore
  • 2000-2010s anime (favs are azumanga, nichijou, lucky star, paranoia agent, haruhi, SHIKI, and boogiepop phantom)
  • idol games [ favs are show by rock, love live, hypmic, idolm@ster ]
  • old rythmn games [ such as parappa the rapper/um jammer lammy, vib ribbon, space channel 5, pop n music, rythmn heaven, taiko no tatsujin ]
  • visual novels in general [ favs are umineko+higurashi, corpse party, remember 11, witch's heart, to heart, ace attorney, love hina advance, and zero escape ]


  • bjork
  • childish gambino
  • neutral milk hotel
  • yabujin
  • the gazettE
  • alice 9
  • lycaon
  • malice mizer
  • playboi carti
  • bktherula
  • vertigoaway
  • sewerslvt
  • tokyopill
  • machine girl
  • aphex twin
  • goreshit
  • overpade
  • atari teen riot
  • panchiko
  • mbv
  • paramore
  • new jeans
  • red velvet
  • NCT
  • enhypen
  • drain gang
  • toybox
  • aqua
  • osquinn
  • lil uzi vert
  • sofaygo
  • slayworld collective
  • ssg kobe
  • baby santana
  • yung fazo
  • MF doom
  • kendrick lamar
  • kanye west (i miss the old kanye straight from the go kanye chop up the soul kanye)
  • boa
  • lamp
  • the cure
  • the smiths
  • frank ocean
  • weezer
  • beabadoobee
  • pinkpantheress
  • human tetris


  • as the gods will
  • american psycho
  • american mary
  • kyofu
  • texas chainsaw massacre
  • midsommar
  • pinhead
  • ginger snaps
  • kill bill
  • everything everywhere all at once
  • spirited away
  • snatch
  • the karate kid
  • parasite
  • pulp fiction
  • the devil wears prada
  • all about lily chou-chou
  • oresama
  • yes or yes
  • perfect blue
  • coraline
  • scream
  • silence of the lambs
  • battle royale
  • daddy daycare
  • alice in wonderland
  • paul blart mall cop
  • mind game


  • all of us are dead
  • girl from nowhere
  • castlevania
  • black mirror
  • american horror stories
  • junior judge
  • black mirror
  • bocchi the rock
  • made in abyss
  • scream queens
  • yamishibai
  • ultra Q
  • community
  • stranger things
  • breaking bad
  • criminal minds
  • total drama
  • wayside school
  • tangled: the series
  • big hero 6: the series
  • teenage robot
  • puffy amiyumi show
  • the amazing world of gumball
  • DJ Agetarou
  • aggretsuko
  • k-on
  • majin tantei nougami neuro
  • goodbye zetsubou-sensei
  • invader lum
  • watamote
  • school rumble
  • yotsuba&!
  • girls last tour
  • fooley cooley
  • ika musume
  • aggretsuko
  • family guy
  • neon genesis evangelion
  • ergo proxy
  • samurai champloo
  • cowboy bebop
  • wolf's rain
  • yu yu hakusho
  • kaiba
  • chobits
  • welcome to the NHK
  • gurren lagann
  • hyouka
  • another
  • ghost hound
  • elfen lied
  • ghost stories
  • angels of death
  • mononoke
  • pokemon
  • digimon
  • angel beats
  • TLC shows
  • gordon ramsay shows are also my guilty pleasure


  • jojo's bizarre adventure
  • junji ito's works
  • kazuo umezz's works
  • furuya usamaru’s works
  • kanako inuki’s works
  • kaori yuki’s works
  • pumpkin night
  • pupa (sayaka mogi)
  • mieruko-chan
  • dementia 21
  • monster
  • paranoia street
  • franken fran
  • homonculus
  • hikari man
  • dorohedoro
  • kimetsu no yaiba
  • tbhk
  • chainsaw man
  • parasyte
  • scary stories to tell in the dark
  • nekojirou
  • oyasumi punpun
  • ranfren
  • 8eyes GIRLWORLD
  • code geass (haven't gotten to watching most of the anime yet)
  • jagaaan
  • dead dead demon's de de de destruction
  • domu: a child's dream
  • ajin: demi-human
  • franken fran
  • girl's last tour
  • petshop of horrors
  • hellsing


(section for content creators)

  • coryxkenshin
  • kub scoutz
  • moistcr1tikal
  • eezygang
  • swoozie
  • jaicemations
  • dashie
  • manlybadasshero
  • someordinarygamers
  • ishowspeed
  • jarvis johnson
  • d’angelo wallace
  • 39daph
  • tuv
  • jacksepticeye
  • markiplier
  • courtreezy
  • wendigoon
  • mrballen


  • pochi korone
  • usada pekora
  • sakura miko
  • omaru polka
  • shishiro botan
  • yukihana lamy
  • tsunomaki watame
  • murasaki shion
  • minato aqua
  • tokoyami towa
  • juniperactias
  • moenaomii
  • luca kaneshiro
  • hakos baelz
  • airani iofifteen
  • kureiji ollie
  • ookami mio
  • momosuzu nene
  • oozora subara
  • mysta rias
  • millie parfait
  • ironmouse
  • kizana ai

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About me:



she/her • cishet • moroccan / pinay • minor (high school age)

I am girlbrained, also a little weird and offputting. I dont take life too seriously and I'm just trying to have fun. I love the world and all men, I suffer from extreme haterosis. Sometimes I talk about myself as a rare lore drop. When I'm famous this will be extremely valuable.

My passions are femcel/incel mythology, crazy people, horror games, visual novels, idol games, art, consuming media, wierd things in general, and other normal people things. I heart toxic positivity and feet /ij.

You can find me on most websites as either: digitalgia, dgtal/d9tal, denpagirl, or tobizbits (i have like 5 other usernames but those are the most prevalent)


Who I'd like to meet:

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♡Muichiro♡ 's profile picture

off random comment,
what does " Kin discourser " mean ?

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Basically anti-kin and "factkins" (i haven't seen actual factkins, but they're people who "kin" real people and try to argue that it's just as valid as kinning a fictional character). As well as people ACTIVELY arguing what should and shouldn't be defined as kinning.

I "kin" in the way that I just relate to certain characters, but I know a lot of my friends use the term more heavily so I'm just sorta following up with what they put on their DNI

by CLEO ✮; ; Report

ohh I see I see,
google wasn't helping but now I get it ,
worried you meant ppl who kin dni or something

by ♡Muichiro♡; ; Report

No problem! Thank u for asking, I can vibe with people who kin more spiritually/psychologically (idk if that's the proper term for it) if they can vibe me :D, a lot of the people I've met like that are the sweetest people I've ever talked to online! In my book, you can do anything you wanna do as long as it doesn't hurt others

by CLEO ✮; ; Report

honestly good moral,
you seem very chill so ty for the add >:D
( or adding me :,) I forgot )

by ♡Muichiro♡; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture


If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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THANK U WACKY ALEX!!! the man the myth the spacehey niche celebrity legend

by CLEO ✮; ; Report

alucard ✮

alucard ✮'s profile picture

"my bootyhole itch" relatable asf

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average FIRE post from denpagirl 🦁❗

by CLEO ✮; ; Report


kimchi's profile picture

TY FOR THE ADD!! i love ur page sm.. and cool passions.. femcel moment!

msg me for cool horror game talk >:0 im trying to get into some

Report Comment

no problem!! i rlly appreciate it awh c: i'll make sure to msg u when i can, i have a bunch of great recs!

by CLEO ✮; ; Report

yw!!! hope you do give some good recs ;;

by kimchi; ; Report


ERIN's profile picture

AHHH TY FOR THE ADD U SEEM SO COOL!! i love wendigoon sm omg also i used to be obsessed w snarled videos . im gonna rewatch them theyre so good

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SNARLED was one my fav childhood channels omg ️ thank u for accepting my add, i’ve been planning on getting into mp100 for a while now!

by CLEO ✮; ; Report


pseudoM00n's profile picture

ty for the add!!!!!!!! phenomenal tv and anime taste btw

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awww i appreciate it :D it's great to see another 2hu fan

by CLEO ✮; ; Report


petsc☆p's profile picture

THANKS FUR THE ADD!! U look so epioc n awesume n cool!!! Love ur layout

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TYSMMM AAA !!! i was so happy to see another petscop fan

by CLEO ✮; ; Report

elytriass ⸙

elytriass ⸙'s profile picture


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aww no problem!! ty for accepting it :D

by CLEO ✮; ; Report


doriyen's profile picture

thank you for the add!!! you look cool and i love the profile's old look, i hope we can get along!! :)

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thank u so much! i'm really digging all the pink on ur profile layout :0ccc

by CLEO ✮; ; Report


candy's profile picture

ty for adding me!! your profile is soooo cute

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i rly appreciate it! luv urs too !!

by CLEO ✮; ; Report

yw!! tysm!! <3

by candy; ; Report


disassociatedkid's profile picture

thank you for the add !! i am in LOVE with your account so so much !!! ><

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aww tysm!!! i appreciate it ^U^

by CLEO ✮; ; Report


vvcl's profile picture

THX FOR THE ADD! nice OS-tan gif :P

Report Comment

tysm!! i love the moefication genre/imgboard culture

by CLEO ✮; ; Report


ivorila's profile picture

ivorila loves your profile ♡

Report Comment

thank you so much! i love urs too! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

by CLEO ✮; ; Report