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"Writing D&D Plots, should be drawing"

18, He/They, Dungeon Master, Dice Goblin, trying to be an Artist

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I really enjoy Drawing (Digitally and Traditionally sometimes) I play a lot of video games, on PC and sometimes Xbox. Play games like Halo, Minecraft, Baldurs Gate, Tabletop Sim, Dark Souls 1-3, and various other shooters, role playing games, simulators and RTS's. I'm incredibly obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, I play 6 campaigns per week and I am the Dungeon Master for 4 of them. D&D has been what's kept me going throughout all of quarantine. I enjoy watching a couple variety and D&D streamers on Twitch like Zuthar13 and Tomato, and Arcadum.


Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, TOOL, Nine Inch Nails, Mushroomhead, Slipknot, SoAD, Apocalyptica, Evanescence, Korn, Seether, Staind, 30 Seconds to Mars, Saint Asonia, Blue October, Mudvayne, and just a bunch of other edgy shit with not enough variation for me to bother listing. I guess I also listen to ambient music of various types because I like that sort of stuff whenever I'm writing or playing Dungeons and Dragons?


the LotR series, the Hobbit trilogy, Drive, American Psycho, The King(Netflix), the Alien Series, the Predator Series, the Star Wars series, Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean (only 1-3), Illang: The Wolf Brigade(Netflix), The Crow, Event Horizon, The Dark Knight.


Berserk(1997), Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, JJBA, Blue Gender, Shera, Cowboy Bebop, Horimiya, Mandalorian, TCW, Devilman Crybaby, Dorohedoro(Netflix), Castelvania(Netflix), the Witcher (Netflix), ATLA & TLOK.


Berserk (Manga), Halo Lore books, D&D Lore Books, Goblin Slayer (Manga), AoT (Manga soon), The Dark Verse series by Sharkchild


Arcadum, a great streamer and an even better Dungeon Master. I could only hope to become as skilled as he is in the art of DM'ing, and bringing such a fun, enjoyable, and immersive experience to DnD. My various skilled art friends, who I will always look up to and act as a constant inspiration for my own work. You know who you are, and you're doing amazing.

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About me:

Hi, my name is Marc, but you may call me by username DeathKiss. I go by the pronouns He/They, I'm 18, a Pisces, and Bi. My username was inspired by the monster in D&D that goes by the same name, the Death Kiss. If I were to describe myself in a nut shell, I am an edgy D&D obsessed nerd. I guess I also draw, but man I haven't even updated my art account on Instagram for like 3 months? Or more? I'll link it anyway out of hope I may draw more, but man.. Ok So I can't figure out how to link my art account, so on insta it is @3death5kiss7 [I did not draw my PfP! I commissioned my OC from an artist on Instagram, @scary_yogurt , they are really great you should check them out!]

Who I'd like to meet:

If anyone else has any similar interest, especially in Dungeons and Dragons, then feel free to add me as a friend and message me. I'm always down to meet and talk to new people who share my interests! Be it about videogames, music, art or whatever!

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