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34, Taken, UK

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Currently replaying NHL 97



Pop Punk (circa 2000-2008)

Death Cab for Cutie
Emmy the Great
Elliott Smith
Jimmy Eat World
Taking Back Sunday
My Chemical Romance
Phoebe Bridgers
The Cure
Chet Baker


Lost in Translation
Donnie Darko
Garden State
The Goonies
The Lost Boys
Das Kabinett Des Doktor Caligari
The Third Man
Goodbye Lenin
Amores Perros
Ghost World
City of God

I'm a sucker for a good coming of age tale I'm also a part-time Marvel fan.


Currently Watching
Cyberpunk 2077

All Time Faves
The O.C.
Gilmore Girls
Cowboy Bebop
Twin Peaks
Eerie Indiana
Dragon Ball Z


I really love to read
Here's a few of my faves

The Great Gatsby
Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
One Hundred Years of Solitude
The Catcher in the Rye
The Shadow of the Wind
Harry Potter
The Guest Cat
Miss Misery
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Old Man and the Sea
Ghost World


Carl Sagan
Sandy Cohen
Dale Cooper

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About me:

Hi i'm Luke

Retired emo kid.

I'm 35, from the UK and I've been waiting for a MySpace revival for so so long.

I spent so much of my youth on that site and met some amazing people from around the globe, so i'm hoping to do the same this time around too!


Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who likes to talk.

Honestly, just looking for some good nostalgic conversation about the MySpace of old, pop punk, movies and video games.

Back in the 2000's I existed on MySpace as Death Cab for Lukie, the dream would be to meet someone who remembers me from back then!

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Kenton's profile picture

Hope the rest of this year is chill dude

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Eamon's profile picture

Did you hear about Xbox Insignia? This is so exciting!

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Lauren's profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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No worries, thank you for accepting.

I hope you're enjoying your time here on Spacehey :)

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report


~Khaos~'s profile picture

Diggin the page! and I appreciate the add.

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Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable

Lord Byron, Only Partiall...'s profile picture


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Oh man, so much has happened!

The whole CM Punk fiasco, really put a bitter taste in my mouth. I was reading up on it for weeks!

I wonder what the outcome will be!

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

Yeah, TBH, no idea!

by Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable; ; Report

AEW has been absolutely crazy!!!! I can't see them keeping their jobs. Somebody is being fired unfortunately.

by Roasty; ; Report

Punk is gonna get bought out, seems like. Omega and the Bucks are probably going to be reinstated once the investigation ends.

by Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable; ; Report

I guess we may never know the true story, but from a business stand point, surely Punk has to go, right?

Lose Punk or lose the Bucks, Omega AND potentially Hangman too.
I love Punk as a wrestler, but with the injuries and outbursts (and not to mention his age) doesn't it make sense to let him go (if it comes down to one or the other).

I love AEW but it's really soured the company for me, it's like a high school drama. That press conference was such a shit show and just made Tony look weak and undermined.

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

Definitely. AEW used to be appointment viewing for me, and now, I just kinda follow along. It's been awhile since I tuned into Dynamite or Rampage. But if Rampage goes into ROH Rampage mode then I am all in (hah).

by Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable; ; Report

𝔑𝔱 ☽

𝔑𝔱 ☽'s profile picture

new friends
thank you for accepting my request.
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page 💞👁‍🗨

Sha 💕

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Katie's profile picture

Your username, though. It is the highlight of my day.

Thanks for the add!

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Awww thank you!

Taking it back to 2006!

Cheers for accepting my add request, I asked Byron to recommend me some cool people to add who liked a chat and he suggested you :)

Hope you're doing well!

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

Aw, that’s a nice compliment!

Hope you’re well too!

by Katie; ; Report

Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable

Lord Byron, Only Partiall...'s profile picture

Luuuuuuuuuke! When is mixtape round 2?

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Duuuuuuude, i'm back!

So glad to hear that you're up for Round 2.
I'll start the ball rolling this week now that i'm back from Easter Break :)

Hope you had a great one!

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

How did your Easter Break go?

by Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable; ; Report


Gavin80r's profile picture

hey thanks for accepting!!! dale cooper is the man

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No worries, thanks for adding me :)

Dale Cooper most certainly is the man!

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report


Kenton's profile picture

Are you planning to watch FULL GEAR?

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I'm about a week behind with Dynamite/Rampage so as soon as i've caught up i'll try and watch Full Gear. It was looking like a pretty stacked card.

LOVED the promo between Punk and Kingston in the build up episodes of Rampage.

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

Oh that Punk/Kingston segment was A+

No spoilers from me but I really enjoyed the ppv a lot

by Kenton; ; Report

I'm really looking forward to it, although it's about £20 here in the UK.

I was really hoping Okada might show up lol.

Who's your favourites at the moment?

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

My current favorites in AEW are Darby, Sammy, Jungle Boy, Dante Martin, Britt Baker. I'm generally a big fan of so many people there. I would like to see Wardlow get more time in the ring and I hope Ricky Starks can compete again soon. Also enjoy MJF, OC, the antics of Brandon Cutler and I'm waiting to see what HOOK can do in the ring. What about you?

by Kenton; ; Report

It's just such a great roster and I love how they're able to rotate it so no one becomes stale and the wrestlers can get some time off.

At the moment my faves are Eddie Kingston, Britt Baker, Mox, Malachi Black but I'm a fan of them all. I don't think there's a single wrestler on the books at AEW that I don't like.

I would definitely like to see more of Wardlow and Starks as well as Abaddon.

I STILL haven't seen Full Gear, I really need to catch up.

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

When you do get caught up you have to let me know your thoughts on the promo battle on the ep last night (Nov 25). It was WILD.

by Kenton; ; Report


Wonderosity's profile picture

I hope you have a great weekend :3

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AyeSailorUranus's profile picture

Yooooo you have some rad movie and tv show faves! NICE!!!


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Allanlawrence's profile picture

Yeah I've been following Forrest carry on the HelloGoodbye name ever since. Done some good stuff.
Spotted ol AEW in your bio too. It's bringing that old school competition feeling isn't it!
It honestly baffles me to this day why the new owners of MySpace just didn't do what SpaceHey did.

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sliimey's profile picture

Thanks for the add \m/

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💀XxJuLeZIsDeAdxX💀's profile picture

Thanks for the request!!! Hows it going :)

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Hello there, thank you for accepting!

It's always cool to meet fellow elder emo's on here.
It's hard to believe just how long has passed since Myspace disappeared into obscurity.

I'm not doing too bad thank you. How are you? I hope you're having a great week.

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

Oh my god I KNOW!!! I miss it so bad!! So hello fellow Elder Emo !!! And i’m doing very well!! Just cant sleep !!

by XxJuLeZIsDeAdxX; ; Report


💀XxJuLeZIsDeAdxX💀's profile picture

Thanks for the request!!! Hows it going :)

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Marie Rousseau

Marie Rousseau's profile picture

💕✨💫🪐TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ ᖴOᖇ ᗩᗪᗪIᑎᘜ ᗰᗴ!!🪐✨💫💕

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No worries, thank you for adding me!

Hope you've had a great weekend.

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

You too! Hope your Monday is going well!

by Marie Rousseau ; ; Report


Clara's profile picture

Hi, Lukie, how's it going?
I'm from the UK too!
Thanks for accepting the Friend request :-)

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Hello there!

I'm not too bad thank you, how are you? Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Where abouts in the UK do you hail from?

Thanks for the add :)

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

It's going great, thanks! been to an outdoor market here in Spain for a browse & get a few bits.
I was born and bred in Derby if you know it? which neck of the woods do you reside?

by Clara; ; Report

Wow, I certainly hope the weather is better over in Spain.
How are the Spanish dealing with the pandemic?

I'm actually from just over the boundary from you, I'm from Sheffield :)

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

oh you are but a stone's throw away! lol
Yes, the weather is beautiful here atm -
after a month of mad heat, it's more
bearable now.
The Spanish are dealing with the pandemic
pretty well - just all have to wear masks at
the open markets, & in cars with folk from
different households; but other than that
similar to the UK. Thankfully the number of
cases are waning as well...
Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

by Clara; ; Report

Ⓗⓐⓜ Ⓑⓘⓢⓒⓤⓘⓣ

Ⓗⓐⓜ Ⓑⓘⓢⓒⓤⓘⓣ's profile picture

Hello, fellow retired emo kid! Thanks for adding me. As soon as I found this place, I had to get in on it.

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Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable

Lord Byron, Only Partiall...'s profile picture

Don't know why the official band version of the video isn't there. Shrug:

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Do you see what I see, can you hear what I hear!

Man, this brings back some memories.

I think the Reloaded soundtrack is one of my all time faves, still have the CD to this day lol

Cheers bro!

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

Awesome!!! POD is coming to Baltimore next week for this stop of their Satellite 20th Anniversary Tour and I'm so bummed I can't make it!

by Lord Byron, Only Partially Insufferable; ; Report