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"aaaggghgh anxiety"

LGBTQ+. Estonia

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art, dinosaurs, gore movies, music, poetry, true crime


✺3TEETH _____________________________ ✺AC/DC ✺AWS (r.ip Örs) ✺Alice In Chains ✺Amy Winehouse ✺At F1rst ✺Attila ✺Adickdid _____________________________ ✺BMTH ✺Babes in Toyland ✺Bauhaus ✺Bikini Kill ✺Billy Idol ✺Blatz ✺Blink-182 ✺Brenda Lee ✺Burzum ✺Bones ✺Buzzcocks ✺Black Sabbath ✺Bad Omens ✺Bob Dylan _____________________________ ✺Cannibal Corpse ✺Carnivore ✺Combichrist ✺Charon ✺Cocteau Twins ✺Carcass ✺Current Joys _____________________________ ✺David Bowie ✺Deftones ✺Disturbed ✺Draconian ✺Drowning Pool ✺Dystopia ✺Danzig _____________________________ ✺Elton John ✺Electric Wizard ✺Echo & The Bunnymen _____________________________ ✺FIR ✺FOB ✺Fields Of The Nephilim ✺Fugazi ✺Filth ✺Funeral Dress _____________________________ ✺G.G Allin ✺Gojira ✺Good Charlotte ✺Gorillaz ✺Green Day ✺Grey Daze ✺Ghost ✺Godhead ✺G.B.H ✺Girl in Red ✺GRLwood _____________________________ ✺HIM ✺Hanatarash _____________________________ ✺Ic3peak ✺Iggy Pop ✺Immortal ✺IAMX _____________________________ ✺Joy Division ✺Jack Off Jill ✺Julie London ✺JMKE _____________________________ ✺KMFDM ✺Killing Joke ✺Korn ✺Kaaos _____________________________ ✺L7 ✺Limp Bizkit ✺Linkin Park ✺London After Midnight ✺Lou Reed ✺Lebanon Hanover _____________________________ ✺MCR ✺MIW ✺MM ✺Mayhem ✺Mike Shinoda ✺Ministry ✺Moonspell ✺Morbid Angel ✺Murderdolls ✺Mushroomhead ✺My Dying Bride ✺Mad Season ✺Machine Head _____________________________ ✺NIN ✺Napalm Death ✺Nas ✺New Order ✺Nirvana ✺NF _____________________________ ✺Ozzy Osbourne ✺Opeth _____________________________ ✺P.O.D ✺Paradise Lost ✺Pixies ✺Placebo ✺Poisonblack ✺Puddle Of Mud ✺Papa Roach ✺Psychoterror ✺Paramore _____________________________ ✺Queen _____________________________ ✺Radiohead ✺Rammstein ✺Rob Zombie ✺Rattus _____________________________ ✺SOAD ✺Samael ✺Seether ✺Sex Pistols ✺She Wants Revenge ✺Shining ✺Simple Plan ✺Siouxsie And The Banshees ✺Sister Machine Gun ✺Skeeter Davis ✺Skillet ✺Slayer ✺Slipknot ✺Smashing Pumpkins ✺Smile Empty Soul ✺Sonic Youth ✺Soundgarden ✺Stone Sour ✺Subhumans ✺Suicide Silence ✺Suicidal Tendencies ✺Stabbing Westward ✺SWS _____________________________ ✺Talking Heads ✺The 69 Eyes ✺The Beatles ✺The Chemical Brothers ✺The Cure ✺The Doors ✺The Gathering ✺The Killers ✺The Offspring ✺The Psychedelic Furs ✺The Prodigy ✺The Rasmus ✺The Smiths ✺The Mission ✺The Sisters of Mercy ✺The Stone Roses ✺Theatre Of Tragedy ✺Three Days Grace ✺Thirty Seconds To Mars ✺Thy Art Is Murder ✺Tiamat ✺Tokio Hotel ✺Type o Negative ✺T.A.T.U _____________________________ ✺Urge Overkill _____________________________ ✺Verbal Abuse ✺Vast ✺Velikije Luki _____________________________ ✺White Zombie ✺William Control ✺Wire _____________________________ ✺X-Ray Spex _____________________________


✮3 from Hell ✮9 _____________________________ ✮August Underground ✮August Underground: Mordum ✮August Underground: Maggot Cut ✮August Underground: Penance ✮A Hard Day's Night(1964) _____________________________ ✮Blitz ✮Bomb x City ✮Blackbird(2012) ✮Bang Bang You're Dead ✮Bohemian Rhapsody ✮Beetlejuice ✮Big Fish _____________________________ ✮Carrie ✮Control(2007) ✮Crimson Peak ✮Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(2005) ✮Corpse Bride ✮Coraline _____________________________ ✮Dead Poets Society ✮Don't Bother To Knock(1952) ✮Django Unchained ✮Dark Shadows _____________________________ ✮Edward Scissorhands _____________________________ ✮Fight Club ✮Freaks(1932) ✮Friday the 13th ✮Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ✮Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ✮Frankenweenie _____________________________ ✮Girl Interrupted ✮Gone With The Wind ✮Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment ✮Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood ✮Guinea Pig: He Never Dies ✮Guinea Pig: Mermaid in a Manhole ✮Guinea Pig: Android of Notre Dame ✮Guinea Pig: Devil Woman Doctor ✮Gypsy 83 _____________________________ ✮House of 1000 corpses ✮Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ✮Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ✮Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ✮Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ✮Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ✮Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ✮Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 ✮Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 ✮Home Room(2002) ✮Help!(1965) _____________________________ ✮Inglorious Basterds _____________________________ ✮Jurassic Park ✮Jurassic Park: The Lost World ✮Jurassic Park 3 ✮Jurassic World ✮Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom _____________________________ ✮Kill Bill Vol 1 ✮Kill Bill Vol 2 ✮Klass(2007) _____________________________ ✮LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring ✮LOTR: The Two Towers ✮LOTR: The Return of the King ✮The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ✮The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug ✮The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies ✮Labyrinth(bowie♥) _____________________________ ✮Midsommar ✮My Neighbour Totoro ✮Montage of Heck ✮Magical Mystery Tour(1967) ✮Mars Attacks! ✮Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children _____________________________ ✮Natural Born Killers _____________________________ ✮Paranormal Activity ✮Paranormal Activity 2 ✮Paranormal Activity 3 ✮Paranormal Activity 4 ✮Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones ✮Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension ✮Pink Flamingos ✮Pulp Fiction _____________________________ ✮River's Edge ✮Reservoir Dogs ✮Rocketman _____________________________ ✮SLC Punk ✮Spirited away ✮Sleepy Hollow ✮Sweeney Todd ✮Scream ✮Scream 2 ✮Scream 3 ✮Scream 4 ✮Sid & Nancy ✮Sin City ✮Suicide Room _____________________________ ✮Tetsuo: The Iron Man ✮The Conjuring ✮The Great Gatsby ✮The Phantom Of The Opera(2004) ✮The Ring ✮The Rocky Horror Picture Show ✮The Seven Year Itch(1955) ✮The Hateful Eight ✮The Matrix ✮The Count of Monte Cristo ✮The Man in the Iron Mask(1998) ✮The Basketball Diaries ✮The Man Who Fell To Earth ✮The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep ✮The Chronicles of Narnia(1-3) ✮The Devil's Rejects ✮The Nightmare Before Christmas _____________________________ ✮Un Chien Andalou(1929) _____________________________ ✮When Marnie Was There ✮Wolf Children _____________________________


꙰13 Reasons Why _____________________________ ꙰American Horror Story (exept S10,that was awful) _____________________________ ꙰Drag Race _____________________________ ꙰Family Guy _____________________________ ꙰How I Met Your Mother _____________________________ ꙰Investigation Discovery channel _____________________________ ꙰Skins ꙰Stranger Things _____________________________ ꙰The Office ꙰The Simpsons _____________________________ ꙰Twin Peaks ꙰Two and a Half Men _____________________________


✢Heavier Than Sky by C.R Cross _____________________________ ✢Perfume by P. Süskind _____________________________ ✢Suicide Notes by M.T Ford _____________________________


⫷Bob Ross _____________________________ ⫷Chester Bennington _____________________________ ⫷David Bowie _____________________________ ⫷Francis Bacon _____________________________ ⫷Jonathan Davis _____________________________ ⫷Marilyn Monroe ⫷Mitch Lucker _____________________________ ⫷Peter Steele _____________________________ ⫷Robert Smith _____________________________ ⫷Salvador Dali _____________________________ ⫷Vivien Leigh _____________________________

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About me:

✟infp-t✟✚just another alienated little freakshow tryna fit into this lonely, dark universe ✚ I don't really speak English but hey feel free to still text me, I'll try my best to reply. ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ Tiny Skull Crossbones

Who I'd like to meet:

idk doesn't matter really. Just sum cool ppl i guess ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙ ✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙✙

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exstasus's profile picture

thanx 4 d add : 0)

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naked diza star

naked diza star's profile picture

love your taste thank you for accepting!

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oh thanks and yea np

by Marla Nex; ; Report

Briana Roy

Briana Roy's profile picture

Just stopping by to show you some love and wish you nothing but love and happiness in 2022 . May all your dreams come true

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My Estonian friend for life

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by Marla Nex; ; Report

IlTimoneNero collective

IlTimoneNero collective's profile picture

Hey, Thank you for adding us 🖤

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Thanks for being a friend & Happy New Year beautiful 🖤🕸

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luv4shawwn's profile picture

I really love Matthew Lillard too holy shit yesssss and you're beautiful pls

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☢ k n d

☢ k n d's profile picture

thanx for the add! those matthew lillard gifs are pretty cool

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yea np! And thanks lol :)

by Marla Nex; ; Report


by ☢ k n d; ; Report


DuckyDanky's profile picture

Holy fucking shit, Hanatarash, August Underground, The Smiths. This may be one of my favorite Spacehey profiles ever, awesome tastes in virtually every aspect, and you're also self-aware about your local music scene, which is super cool. So glad to have come across your profile, really

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thanks for the add, baltic sea neighbour :)

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Teah Nicole

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Thanks for the add, friend! ^_^ I also loooove Matthew Lillard also xD

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baz's profile picture

omg infp gang

also i LOVE ahs rn, i havent seen szn 10 tho, im obsessing over apocolypse rn, but i have mixed feelings on it tbh

anyway thx for the add!!

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ayy :)

Tbh season 10 is so damn bad, don't even bother watching it, seriously it not worth it. First half of it is actually okay. We have Evan Peters in drag and Macaulay Culkin playing a pretty cool role, but the second half of it is just so bad. I'm a huge ahs fan but that season was just such a big disappointment. Waited two years for S10 and that's what they gave us??? That ending was so confusing. I was waiting for another episode to wrap things up but that never happened. That season was just a big flop.
But at least all the other seasons are good.

And yea np!

by Marla Nex; ; Report

oh but have u seen that shitty spin-off series that they made, "American Horror Stories"? I had such high hopes for that bc they said they're gonna make episodes about all sorts of urban legends n stuff but they didn't do any of that??? 3/7 episodes were about Murder House, and the other 4 were just bad. Like fr imo this was even worse that S10.

by Marla Nex; ; Report

i only have netflix to watch ahs on so i havent seen the most recent season or american horror stories, but i mean ill prolly watch them once i get the change, even if they suck im literally obsessing over ahs rn lmao

plus like sh1tty horror can be the most entertaining thing ever lmaoooo

by baz; ; Report

wait ahs is on netflix??? damn lucky. I watch it on Divicast lmao

yea i guess lol it can be pretty entertaining sometimes

by Marla Nex; ; Report


🧷Kei_Kai🧷's profile picture

Ayo we’re the same personality type!!!! WOOOO LETS GO INFP-T’S!!

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by Marla Nex; ; Report

Fist bump!🤜🏻🤛🏼

by 🧷Kei_Kai🧷; ; Report


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omg thanks for the add ! ur the coolest

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omg thanks for the add ! ur the coolest

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zombehh coreyy

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oh thanks lmao u r cool too :) and yea np.

by Marla Nex; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Singer

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💖 ✨

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COBRA ☆ STARSHIP ! 🎵🐍 _◞'s profile picture

tysm 4 the add! im legit crying rn u like evrythn i like waaahhhh evry1z so kewl

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omg rlly? that's so cool ^-^

by Marla Nex; ; Report


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thx 4 the add!!

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whoa, sick layout!

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