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20, College student, He/Him

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TTRPGs, Board Games, Videogames, card games.

Love Magic and a large variety of videogames.Β 

My favorites: Dark Souls and Resident Evil (the remake of re1).


Thundercat, Adolf Nomura, David Bowie, Windows96, Cute girls doing cute things, Peter Gabriel, Prince, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Acid Mammoth, Pink Floyd, Ninja Sex Party, Yeule, IDKHOW, Mcbaise, Earth Boy Advance, Dead Pirates, The Cure, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Blue Oyster Cult, Caravan Palace, Mr Bruce/The Corruspondents, Talking Heads, SiamΓ©s, Oingo Boingo, Sturgill Simpson, Kimya Dawson, Tally Hall, The Beatles, BDG, Gorillaz, Radiohead, Green Day, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Cardy, etc.

Also a bunch of videogame aoundtracks. (Mostly RR type 4 and shantae)


I like most movies. My Letterboxd


Sandman, Breaking Bad, Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, Castlevania, Dr. Who, Monty Python, Batman TAS, etc.


Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Fiction, Romance, most books. Especially love Comics.

Petshop of horrors is my favorite Manga.

Batman probably has my favorite superhero's stories, but I like the concepts of many others better (even if the best writers don't seem to want to do them).

Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, etc.


David Bowie, Tim Curry, Johnny Chiodini, Terry Pratchett, Thorhighheels (Adolf Nomura)

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About me:

Layout created by Cory

Pfp by me.
I'm pretty boring, ain't got much goin on, love TTRPG's and MTG more than anything. Bi/Pan. No Minors, please.

I also own a siamese cat named Auri.

Who I'd like to meet:

Basically anyone.

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Thanks so much for the add! You have fantastic taste!

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Np bub, you too!

by Isaac; ; Report


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HII ^^ I just wanted to let u know that I audibly gasped when I opened your profile

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lol thanks!(?)

by Isaac; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

πŸ’• πŸ’ž

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Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

πŸ’– ✨

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lizz's profile picture

Your layout is so cool! I love the windows loading screen, you did a really good jobπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Say I didnt make it, but it is pretty sick

by Isaac; ; Report


Chai's profile picture

Daaaamn, now if that ain't an eye-catching layout! Wish I could play a TTRPG like Dungeons and Dragons, but I seem to be cursed because every group I join disbands immediately or after one game ;–;

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I know the feelin, hmu in DMs if ya wanna friend on discord an try to get smthn figured there

by Isaac; ; Report


melody's profile picture

cool name thanks fur adding lul

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Thanks homie

by Isaac; ; Report


goof's profile picture

thanks for the add :)

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Np bro

by Isaac; ; Report


ZoeyNightslayer360's profile picture

Thanks for the add! love the page!

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Np man

by Isaac; ; Report


gomamochi's profile picture

nice to meet you meow! what are trpgs?

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Like, Dungeons and dragons, TTRPGs is short for Table-Top Role-playing-games, aka pen and paper RPGs, you usually roll dice to figure out how well an action goes and the Game-Master describes it! Thats a generalization but alot of people love Critical Role or Oxventure if you want to watch someone play.

by Isaac; ; Report

oh!! Now I remember! I think D&D etc is super cool but it is so hard to get a group together to play ^^;

by gomamochi; ; Report

Scheduling anything is a huuuuge pain!

by Isaac; ; Report some point I did get a grip on the whole scheduling thing but these days i just can't be bothered LOL

by gomamochi; ; Report