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"inactive check carrd"

pfp; yuxiel566 @ twitter

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cute and fluffy things, pink, tarantulas, peanuts, donuts, toki pona, THERES NOWHERE ELSE TO PUT THIS STEVEN UNIVERSE
drawing, crochet, sleeping..?
GAMES (bc they my favourite media!):
aitsf/aini, ace attorney, zero escape 999, persona (3-5), danganronpa, love live, bandori, splatoon, yttd, loztp etc.


twice, xdinary heroes, mamamoo, (g)i-dle, newjeans, csr, kairiki bear, giga, takayan, any vflower songs


houseki no kuni, coroika, shoulder a coffin kuro, spy x family, buddy daddies, sakamoto days, witch hat atelier (unfinished), lycoris recoil, mob psycho 100, soaring sky precure, tokyo mew mew, star twinkle precure, popee the performer lol


(in order of listed interests (some are skipped though))
AIBA. mizuki okiura, iris sagan, maya fey, trucy wright, ema skye, pearl fey, feenie (yes feenie not phoenix), simon keyes, gina lestrade, yukari takeba, sophia, kuon ichinose, chiaki nanami, honoka kousaka, mari ohara, yu takasaki, moca aoba, misaki okusawa, mashiro kurata, callie, pearl, frye, joe tazuna, rio ranger, gin ibushi, bobble, omega, jet, mitsuami/braids, kuro, akira akao, osaragi, lu xiaotang, shin asakura, nagumo, teruki hanazawa, tome kurata, tsubasa yuunagi, mint aizawa, lala hagoromo
chiaki nanami, komaru naegi, moca aoba, baby phos, fuuka yamagishi, hanamaru kunikida, rina tennoji, mashiro nijigaoka / cure prism, yuuko aioi, frye, agent 8
lapidot, datomi, siren song, klapollo, narumitsu (obviously), franmaya, yukamitsu, marise, kannao, souyo, yukichie, too many in p5, naegami, tokomaru, nicomaki, misakanon, tsukumashi, friver (or whatever u wanna call it), kuchou, zakumint



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About me:

stamp by theo! <3

hai i am ruby or sven or lija however u feel
i ummmm yeha click here for my wonderful girlfriend

in my interests, italics marks things that either I'm specifically into right now, or in the case of characters and ships they are my absolute favourites and likely bring me a lot of comfort!! i don't really fall out of interest with love live and bandori because i am legally bound to opening the games every day of my life! /silly

Who I'd like to meet:

people who are around my age and share my interests! jan pi toki pona! (ala li lon ni) NOT people who fit into general dni criteria, proship, or are just weird and/or assholes. also people who are under 15, over 21 or have no age on profile! (current friends fine)

sorry i might not reply to comments on my profile and i don't IM people! i get a littol bit anxious :3

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jan Pulamu: aaaaaa! sina jan pi toki pona pi lon ni pi nanpi wan tawa mi!

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toki aa!!! mi lukin e toki pona lon lipu sina la mi pilin pi pona wawa!!! mi wile sona: sina kepeken sitelen pona lon lipu sina kepeken nasin seme?? :o

by kasilija; ; Report

a a! mi kepeken e sitelen pona kepeken sitelen ilo ni: https://pastebin.com/AYsJ3ddB

sina kepeken e nasin ni la sina ken kepeken e sitelen pona kin: <p class="in">toki inli! </p><p class="tp in">toki pona!</p>

by Palette; ; Report

pona a!!

by kasilija; ; Report

code tester

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ilo nanpa li ike mute tawa mi

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o toki ala tawa mi

by kasilija; ; Report

mi wile toki tawa sina A e alialialialialialialialialialialialialialiali

by code tester; ; Report


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Hii! I'm 14, is that ok? Lol

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hi thats alright! im turning 18 in just over a week though so as long as that's ok with u too! ill also be updating my dni to include under 15s but it wont be including people already friended

by kasilija; ; Report

Ok!! Ty for telling me :)

by Aurora!!; ; Report


by kasilija; ; Report


🦐┆DUCK/VOID⭐'s profile picture


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OFC!! i always get excited when i see persona on someones profile hehe

by kasilija; ; Report

Gum Skyloard

Gum Skyloard's profile picture

Hey hey, thanks for adding mee!

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ofc!! ive seen you around and its cool to have you friended now! (also i love connies theme on your profile omg she is the ever)

by kasilija; ; Report

Aaaah, you recognized her theme!!!! My stars!!

by Gum Skyloard; ; Report

yess!!! i was so into su from like 2014/15-2020 and now im back into it again its all i think about JHASDHJDAS

by kasilija; ; Report


by Gum Skyloard; ; Report


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by kasilija; ; Report


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thx for the add and hii to you fellow persona enjoyer !!

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hellooo yes! when i saw the p5 gifs i knew i had to friend hehe

by kasilija; ; Report

i'm so happy to see other people in spacehey that likes persona !!

by arminxseaa; ; Report

me too!! there arent as many as id expect @~@

by kasilija; ; Report


DARCY !!!'s profile picture

HOLY CRAP YOU SPEAK TOKI PONA ??? I've always wanted to learn btu never had the time D: thats so cool oh my goddd

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SOMEONE KNOWS OF TOKI PONA... its really fun to learn so if you ever get the chance im always here to throw toki pona at HSAHJDAS

by kasilija; ; Report

I might have to take u up on that honor honestly !! you reminding about it wound up with me falling into a toki pona rabbit hole and I dragged a friend with me LOL

by DARCY !!!; ; Report

hehe its always good to bring a friend!

by kasilija; ; Report

van ♡ ༘*.゚

van ♡ ༘*.゚'s profile picture


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by kasilija; ; Report

i just love ur iris themed profile too shes my favie as well <3

by van ♡ ༘*.゚; ; Report

yay ty!!! i started making it because i thought the idea of boxes with the a-set rainbow would be so cute! (also iris is kinda the only character with some official graphics lolol)

by kasilija; ; Report

Legacy Wolf

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Thanks for adding back! :3

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☆ dia ☆

☆ dia ☆'s profile picture

i love your profile!! :D i like love live + bandori toooo do you mind if i pm you to talk about it? ☆

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heya thank you i love yours too!! i get a bit too much anxiety to pm new people but id love to see if we can talk more through bulletins and stuff! <3

by kasilija; ; Report

of course no worries!! ty for letting me know c:

by ☆ dia ☆; ; Report


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HII also ur so real for liking bandori AND ace attorney

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angie ^_^ [auto ♪]

angie ^_^ [auto ♪] 's profile picture

ur so awesome omg

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fun ✧.˚ ⁺ 。゚‧

fun ✧.˚ ⁺ 。゚‧'s profile picture

hai thanx 4 da add !!

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yay thanks for adding me <3 your profile is super super cute!!

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thank you sm, i love the aesthetic of yours!

by kasilija; ; Report

yw!! tysm!! <3

by candy; ; Report


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your account is so beautiful! I love the tiny falling flowers!! (⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕⁠✿⁠)

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TYSM!!! they make me so happy hehe i love ur page too!!

by kasilija; ; Report