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The game follows Ame-chan and the player, P-Chan, who is her partner and producer. The goal is to get one million subscribers before 30 days are up. Every day, through a cutesy windows 95-esque user interface, P-Chan can decide what activities Ame-chan does every day in order to grasp new ideas for streams, which will also raise or lower three stats in very different ways: stress, affection, and mental darkness. Ame-chan can only stream at night, during her live streams, the player has the role of a content moderator tasked with deleting inappropriate comments (super chat donations are untouched though) or highlighting them for Ame to read. Streaming is the main way of increasing her follower count, the most "important" stat and entire reason of the game. At the end of every activity or stream, Ame will post on tweeter pertaining to them in her main persona account KAngel, and her private account, the latter in which she will usually express her real thoughts. Each day is also split into three stages (Dusk, Night and Tomorrow) and every activity takes up one or two stages. Your stats will directly influence what of the 27 endings the player receives.


Malice mizer, dazzlingbad, dadaroma, kaneto juusei, gulu gulu, the madna, jiluka, utsu-p, ghost and pals, nightcord at 25, more more jump, goreshit, shiina ringo,tuyu, kikuo, kikuohana, maretu, leo/need, omori ost, kikiyama, kotoko, loli in the early 20’s, tyler the creator, luci4, red velvet, kaede, the living tombstone, lamp, lollia, tv girl, crusher p, creep p, utsu p, bo en, machine girl, sodikken, roselia, shazna, rio romeo, inabakumori, buck tick, mitchie m, needy girl overdose, perfume, lily chou chou, mitski, bye2, kiichi, vertigoaway, or3o, eyedress, ic3peak, yabujin, dj kurara, masa works design, oster project, the gazette, qisano, icp, loona, duster, soooo, the dresden dolls, bΓ΄a, nanoray, flg4, babymetal, melanie martinez, marina, newjeans, kairiki bear (idk their name), bocchi the rock soundtrack, weezer, needy girl soudtrack, slave vvr, sewerslvt, marine houshous songs a very good too, ano, IOSYS, mitchie m, shinsei kamattechan, candye syrup, PEPOYO, aiobahn, cosMo@Bousou-P, kyary pamyu pamyu, deftones, marina, guchiry, ho kago tea time (AND MORE!!!)


A silent voice, lilo and stitch, a whisker away, words bubble up like soda pop, Coraline, The nightmare before Christmas, Corpse bride


Serial experiments lain, madoka magica, sk8 the infinity, goedam, Bsd, Wonder egg priority, little witch academia, toilet bound, card captor sakura Youtubers: Flamingo Itzjolted Faline san Googoo888 Tuyu mvs? Streams: Cookie run kingdom streams Malice mizer performances Project sekai co-op streams Tuyu concerts?


i only read manga, i fear im one of THOSE.



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About me:

he / him needy girl fan since 2022 I love hagane miku and Shiho from project sekai || For some reason i forget the things i like || .omgkawaiiangel. On discord ..omgkawaiiangel alt tiktok for nso related content n30n..st4rs main tiktok || i have bpd lolll!!!!!! so silly!!!!!!!! || Sorry if i go off topic || SW-6508-5427-9397 (feel free to add me on switch) style>@import url('');.hideobj{ visibility: hidden; height: 20px; width: 0%; }

Who I'd like to meet:

Kangel, i feel like we would get along

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Your profile is so sparkly I love it ^_^

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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πŸ’– ✨

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by Markus / Mars; ; Report


by Markus / Mars; ; Report

🧁៸៸ π™‰π™žπ™ π™ π™ž

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The sleeping for hours part is so true =~=

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Vewn !!

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HII!! I adore your layout you seem super cool!!!!

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AAAA i love your layout!!!! eeek ty for addinbg me back!!!

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THIS IS SO NICE THANK YOU!!2!2!€!2!3!€!Β£3! πŸ’–

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