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"Old enough to know better, but don't give a fuck"

Female | nearly in my 40's | she/her

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Still play Pokemon games weather it's official or fan made, mess about in Photoshop and self taught in HTML and CSS. Want to learn how to make spacyhey layouts. I am or can be sarcastic and have a very weird sense of humour.


I'll listen to almost anything and since I am from the UK I still listen to BBC Radio 1. Like listening to My Chemical Romance, H.I.M, Jay Z, Lewis Capaldi, Aerosmith, Eminem, 30 Seconds to Mars, to name but a few as a have a varied taste in music. Also like listening to some cheesy pop.


Last movie I've seen was Despicable Me 2, in 3D, at the cinema and cried watching Armageddon, not a person who watches movies


Mainly as background noise


Don't really read, though have read all of the Harry Potter books


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About me:

I thought as an adult that I needed this brilliant cover of Papa Roach's Last Resort, but boy was I wrong. I was 16 when the original came out and 20+ years, this gem hits even harder. I have not heard of Falling In Reverse, or Ronnie till first saw this on my FYP on TikTok. Like most people I was amazed on how beautiful and raw this cover is. This will send you on an emotional rollercoster, I absolutely love this.

Stumbled across this site by accident and I remember the good ol' MySpace days though back then my page layout is not as clean as it is now and back then didn't know HTML and CSS like I do now. Now I am making SpaceHey layouts and discovering new things along the way.

I'm nearly on early side of 40 and even though I was born in 1984 to me age is but a number and I stopped caring about 20+ years ago as offline, I have no actual friends, I'm autistic, can be shy when you first meet me and both on and offline I'm a "what you see is what you get" and I'm the same online as I am offline. Last thing I go by all pronouns, live in the UK and like most things.

I am or can be a perfectionist and I can also procrastinate. All layouts that I make are free to use and to make my graphics I use Photoshop CS5 and Paintshop Pro 2022. Host all my images to imgbb and I've set it so that they don't auto delete. I can create all type of themes so be on the look out on what one you like best.

All that I ask is that please leave the credit alone at the top of each style, claim as your own and change the stylesheet unless I've said it's okay to do so.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who has my sort of sense of humour, though please bear in I am nearly 40 and it states in my profile, though not your typical one, mind you

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