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"bashing my head against the wall"

daddyz girl

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horror// art// Sanrio // y2k// goth// metal// grunge// dystopian// paganism// mlp// creepypasta// concerts// car meets//



Lebanon Hanover// Enanitos Verdes// Molchat Doma// alien sex fiend// the cure// the smiths// tears for fears// siouxsie sioux// the banshees// the kinks// icp// dio// deftones// flowers for emily// s.o.a.d. // radiohead// nirvana// misfits// cannibal corpse// ghostmane// dead kennedys// L7// bob marley// machinehead// korn // mindless self indulgence// primative// sonic youth// joy division// type o negative// the cramps// judas priest// molly nilson// voodoo church// suicidal tendencies// sisters of mercy// she wants revenge// minor threat// bad religion// black flag// clan of xymox// hole// the garden// kittie// teen suicide// lil peep// salvia palth// kate bush// slowdive// londen after midnight// bauhuas// depeche mode// bloody dead and sexy// nine inch nails// dandelion hands // televisions// tv girl// infant anihilator// cattle decapition// skull1


thirteen// scream// Halloween// the walking dead// #alive// bratz// the conjuring// pulp fiction// the wild boys// daughters of darkness// X// the innocents// piggy// skins// incantation// possum// hereditary// all hollows eve// terrifier// the human centipede//belladona of sadness


rick n morty// shameless// paradise pd // adventure time// jojo's// baki//Daria // American horror story// nana



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About me:

Moi dix Mois White Decagram

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silly lil person // goth, queer, and batshit crazy// ~artist~ // za is the love of my life // ageless like a fucking unicorn :D // stay for a hot min~ listen to the song >2<

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone n everyone hmu :3 i need a goth partner in crime warning-div chain-div /prettygravespit-on-cross

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Neat profile!

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i just know ur style is good ^0^

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