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"2005 prom queen"

16 years old, Female

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★★I absolutely loooove obscure games, 3D chats, The 2000s, web 1.0, plus I'm a total party rave grrl! I also enjoy messing around with Tor and VMs, plus occasionally browsing chans :) Huge fashion fan, my fave is futuristic j-fashion and gyaru! ★★ Shopaholic party bimbo clan rise up ★★


★★Nirvana, Ayesha Erotica, Britney Spears, Serani Poji, Ministry of Sound Club Mixes, taia777, Madonna, Nero's Day At Disneyland, Sewerslvt, Machine Girl, Sex Pistols★★


★★Clueless, Heathers, Mean Girls, Jawbreaker, Sex & The City, Legally Blonde, The Clockwork Orange, Inception, The Matrix★★


★★LSD Dream Emulator, Eastern Mind & Chu Teng, The Underground Explorer, Yume Nikki, Paradise Rescue, Popol Maya, Gaball Screen, Rhythm N Face, Nemuru Mayu, Suzuki Bakuhatsu, Kirby, WarioWare★★


★★Serial Experiments Lain, Perfect Blue, Sailor Moon★★


★★Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Brittany Murphy, Madonna, and my boy of course ;)★★

★★Personality Blinkies★★

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About me:

Joined 24/06/21 :)

>I'm blonde
>I'm skinny
>I'm rich

Hi babes! My name's Venus, I'm 16, taken and I'm your local cyberstar! I love anything and everything to do with the early 2000s, especially if it involves the cyberspace. Dollz and blinkies and glitter and everything else you could possibly think of. I'm a big fan of TempleOS, Neocities, Sapari, The Palace, LSD Dream Emulator, AIM/MSN and Worlds Online- I'm also pretty into oeironautics, dreamy shitttt! I love to code and meet new people so hit me up, we can hang out :) Contact

AIM: cybervenus
Discord: 𝚌𝚢𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚞𝚜#7420
ICQ: cybervenus


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Who I'd like to meet:

Some cool friends, and obviously all the socialites of the 2000s. Unless ur a coke whore. BOO Lindsay!

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thx 4 the add :) love ur page!!

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aww I love yours too!

by cybervenus; ; Report


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here is to 666 friends 🖤🖤

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by cybervenus; ; Report


chetirie's profile picture

yo, your page is frikin awesome! do you use a spotify or soundcloud link to autoplay? i wanna do that on mine but I can't figure it out lolz.

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heyhey, yep, I use a souncloud link but I hid it :p

by cybervenus; ; Report

La Bellara

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ur page so pretty ughh!!

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omg thank you so muchhh

by cybervenus; ; Report


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Thanks for the add. I love your profile. I hope I can get mine to look this cool soon.

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ahhh tysm!

by cybervenus; ; Report


m@zzo.b0nez's profile picture

yoo i love your aesthetic!!

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aww tysm!!

by cybervenus; ; Report


freebritney's profile picture

your profile is basically everything i live for converted to a spacehey account. it's so pretty !!

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ahh tysm!

by cybervenus; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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Try my channel.

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My Boy

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You have the best profile I have seen so far!!!

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aww thank you so much!

by cybervenus; ; Report


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Hey! We’re you able to get in touch with An? O.O

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he commented on one of my bulletins but that's it

by cybervenus; ; Report


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thanks for the add!

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Belle Delphine

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Hi, Thank You for the Add >.

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Thanks for the friend request!

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𝓐𝔭𝔰𝔢𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔢𝔩's profile picture

Thanks for the add💜

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Thanks for linking in with me!

Please consider checking out some of the stuff on my page!

How's things with you today?

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Thanks so much for the add 💋

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you're welcome, love your page!

by cybervenus; ; Report

Same love

by SADGURL; ; Report


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woooah wait,, Venus like's Osamu Sato's works too? I love his stuff too :]

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oh hell yea, what's your fave sato work?

by cybervenus; ; Report

I love his "Transmigration" album, chu-teng, roly poly's, his Chu-Teng song but the Hungry Futurist mix version, and rhytm and face! what about venus?

by MOSHU; ; Report

yoo basically all of those but eastern mind will always remain my fave :)

by cybervenus; ; Report

ooh i love eastern mind, good taste :]

by MOSHU; ; Report

Parker Oilar

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Wanna chat with me?

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I just came back from a long walk, imma rest XD

by cybervenus; ; Report


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Heyyyy I love your layout and pfp thxs 4 the add!

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aww I love yours too, tysm for accepting!

by cybervenus; ; Report


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Hi Thanks for the add Cool profile! I miss being a teenager

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aww thanks yea I'm tryna live as best as I can while I still have the spirit XD

by cybervenus; ; Report