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"maybe im just dumb"

Any pronouns, gender apathic (ish) , bisexual, Colombian 15yrs

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Mood: God i will kill this man i love him

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im suuuuuch a brony omg my fav animal is sea bunny and cat, and hamster bc i had one his name was juanito and he scaped i miss juanito but i have a black girl cat named lilito i love my pets and my plushies and my my little pony figures and i love flowers i i love wearing tons of hair clips with lots of shapes and color i love wearing my kandi everyday to school i love when i write and trying to make my handwriting look the cutest i love doodling i love drawing i love art i love my boyfriend his lastname is Vallejo he is handsome and i love wearing skirts while acting so masculine people get weird out makes me laugh i recently got into touhou proyect, is a very hard game, my favorite character yet is patchouli knowledge and marisa kirisame btw my old acc is strawberrygf i changed account bc my codes mixed up and i was to fustrated to fix


CLICK HERE PLEASE my favorite playlist in all spotify This song i love bc is sweet


I like mlp movie 1 and 2, not 3, it was kinda ass, i loved 4 and i like starwars bc my bf likes starwars even tho idk anything abt starwars i just know they got swords and they go "whooshing"


god i love nichijou and dont u get me started on My Little Pony FiM and G3 bc omg, invader zim so sick lucky star sometimes too but sometimes the.... loli stuff gets too gross ew pedophiles and anything related to cartoons like old kid cartoons makes me happy :3


i only have read 1 book for the sake of reading, its name is "Erik el rojo" is about vikings i dont usually read bc reading makes me sleepy


mitski made me feel understood 2 years ago, now i cant listen to her but i still like her

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my name is liz

im 15teen

i love the internet <3

go check my art on twitter

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thanks 4 the add!!! your layout is adorable

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thx :3

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