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"me when i... when...... when i"

I selfship with edgar (electric dreams) btw

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🎧﹐ıllı mal(ware) ﹒ ♡

ʬ﹐pronouns # ᶻz﹕any

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✦. ⊹ ˚ . no.1 fictional robot apologist : 🎱

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divider text says I change my layout frquently. the background is rainbow text reads t-boy swag. background is the transgender pride flag. images of strong bad and homestar runner on the sides text reads oh my god neil cicierega heart eyes emoji. the background is a text message bubble. text reads ctrl alt delete. background is purple. image of a warning sign and a red x text reads homestuck disease. background is black image of dirk strider from homestuck. background is a very dark red-orange text reads real life computer glitch. background is black. picture of a computer text reads i play sburb. background is dark green. text reads websurfer. background is cyan. picture of a surfing person. text reads i love neocities. background is cyan. neocities logo. text reads I fucked your wife. background is marroon. picture of shadow the hedgehog on both sides. text reads nonbinary = awesome. background is black, outline is rainbow. text reads my gender is robot lol. background is the robotgender flag with the cog to the side. text reads doomed by the narrative. light pink background. text reads karkalicious definition. background is gray. cancer symbols to both sides. text reads gamer (self diagnosis) background is gray text reads penis. background is white and has the evil penis guy meme on it text reads biohazard. black background text reads my code won't work. background is gray. picture of person hitting the ground meme to the side. divider text reads everybody do the flop. clip of asfdmovies. text reads strong bad fan. picture of strong bad, rainbow overlay, hearts in the corners. text reads caution this stamp has sharp edges do not touch the edges of this stamp. background is yellow, there are gray sharp edges. text reads wii owner. background is blue. image of a wii. text reads i heart freaks. background is blue. text reads you are an idiot. background flashes black and white. text reads i iz on your page, stealing your source code. gray background. image of a trollface text reads i heart cereal guy. white background. image of cereal guy. text reads i miss 2007-2012. background is various images of 2007-2012 popular media. text reads im awesome, get over it. text reads im not weird. youre just too normal. black background text reads stamp{ background:#000; color:#ccc;} text reads zomg a stamp. purple background. shocked emoji. text reads 3ds owner. cyan background. image of a cyan original 3ds text reads this stamp is too funny to load for you text reads borgor. shark agressively swims around a burger. text reads cringe culture is dead text reads i heart nintendo wii. picture of a wii. background is blue. text reads going online to act silly. picture of happy emoji looking at computer nintendo 3ds logo nyan cat going through the portals from portal text reads i support sparkledogs and mary sues. background is rainbow text reads no kind of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. text reads all pronouns are valid pronouns text reads yep I play minecraft. background is minecraft grass black. picture of diamond pickaxe divider text reads delete twitter, make a neocities. background is cyan. picture of neocities logo text reads take back the web. picture of firefox logo. text reads old man yaoi. picture of dead rose. text reads i support right to repair. background is blue. blue coding-themed divider

Who I'd like to meet:

new friends! maybe you :D!

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