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"Falling in love with a daydream"

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The Beekeeper (recently seen) Oppenheimer The Exorcist: Believer The Last Voyage of the Demeter Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse John Wick 1-4 The Others The Menu Parasite (2019, Korean I Believe) Spirited Away Princess Mononoke Howl's Moving Castle Zodiac (2007) Ponyo The Lazarus Effect The Exorcist (1973) Veronica Mars Attacks! The Silence of the Lambs The Garden of Words The Rocky Horror Picture Show Titanic (1997) Belladonna of Sadness Hannibal The Wizard of Oz Back to the Future 1-3 My Neighbor Totoro Anastasia (1997) Hannibal Rising The Nightmare Before Christmas Coraline The Iron Giant Batman: Death in the Family Unbreakable Split Glass The Greatest Showman Anomalisa Us Bumblebee Get Out Lord of The Rings (all movies) The Hobbit (all movies) The Avengers: Infinity War The Avengers: Endgame Thir13n Ghosts The Boy Brahms: The Boy II Promare Ne Zha Who Framed Rogger Rabbit The Road Warrior Big Hero 6 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Cry-Baby Little Shop of Horrors The Neverending Story Redline The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) Doctor Sleep Dead Silence MFKZ The Suicide Shop The Death of Superman Batman Ninja Winchester Paprika Austin Powers (all movies) The Little Prince The Omen (1976) The Shape of Water Pan's Labyrinth Where the Wild Things Are Dante's Inferno Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street Akira Beetlejuice A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Amadeus Mary and Max In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World Les Miserables (2012) Alice in Wonderland (1951) The Vatican Tapes Before I Wake Paper Man Velocipastor The Legend of Zorro Repo! The Genetic Opera Phantom of the Opera (2005) Hamilton Heathers (the musical and the movie) Vampire's Kiss Double Perfect Blue Batman: The Killing Joke Annabelle The Mask of Zorro The Addams Family Addams Family Values The Road to El Dorado The Ninth Gate The Collector The Collection Insidious The Conjuring The Conjuring 2 Napoleon Dynamite Insidious Chapter 2 Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Captain America: The First Avenger Thor Interstellar Pirates of the Caribbean (all movies) Clone High The Oblongs Harry Potter (all movies) Fantastic Beasts Rocky (all movies) Creed Chucky (all movies) The Handmaiden


Archer Aqua Teen Hunger Force The Dragon Prince Bojack Horseman Aggretsuko Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Wednesday Bee & Puppycat The Sandman Bob's Burgers Xavier: Renegade Angel Mononoke Dead Files The Way of the Househusband Squid Game The Victims Game (Asian, very good) Hannibal Lu Over the Wall The Office Trese The Haunting of Bly Manor Adventure Time It's Okay to Not Be Okay The Boondocks Avatar: The Last Airbender Scissor Seven The Midnight Gospel Breaking Bad The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez Dracula Invader Zim B: The Beginning Afro Samurai Devilman: Crybaby Popeye the Sailor (1960) Over the Garden Wall The Munsters The Simpsons Invincible Chucky Castlevania Baki Elite


2 AM Thoughts - Mackenzie Campbell I'm Thinking of Ending Things - Lain Reid The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller The Virgin Suicides - Jeffrey Eugenides The Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard My Dark Vanessa - Kate Elizabeth Russel We Hope This Reaches You in Time - R.H. Sin, Samantha King Holmes 100 Boyfriends - Brontez Purnell Woom - Duncan Ralston The Architect of Sing - A.G. Howard Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck What I Wish I Said To You - Isaac A Paredes The Jigsaw Man - Nadine MathesonΒ 


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About me:

24 | female | Gemini | INFP | Bipolar I | General Anxiety Disorder | Bouts of Major Depression | My DMs are open to make friends, have friendly conversation or for venting :)

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet: my past self my future self the ugly part of myself the best part of myself my soulmate

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love this page... rounded corners are neat

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thank you!

by R0tt3n Raqd011; ; Report

NT β˜†

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new friendsΒ 
thank you for accepting my request
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page. πŸ’žπŸ‘β€πŸ—¨

Sha πŸ’ž

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aw, same to you ✨

by R0tt3n Raqd011; ; Report


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Hey thanks for the accepting the request! great taste in tv and movies! :)

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aw, thank you! I'm glad someone agrees with it!

by R0tt3n Raqd011; ; Report

you're welcome lol!

by Vexovoid; ; Report

Feel free to dm me if you ever need to vent to something! :)

by Vexovoid; ; Report

aw, that's so sweet of you, thank you!
just know the same applies to you :-D

by R0tt3n Raqd011; ; Report


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thank you for the add!! your page is so cute ^_^

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Thank you!! I saw you were a person of taste, Will Graham from the Hannibal tv series is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ if I'm wrong, I'll be so embarrassed but I would still love your companionship as a friend, you seem awesome :3c

by R0tt3n Raqd011; ; Report


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thanks for the add, cool page

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thank you!

by R0tt3n Raqd011; ; Report


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Hii Cupid's Princess!βœ‹πŸΌ

Thank you for the request. Welcome to Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace, and this platform is pretty fun

~Frankkie R.

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Thank you!!!! :3

by R0tt3n Raqd011; ; Report

Christopher WuπŸŽΉπŸŽ΅πŸ’—

Christopher WuπŸŽΉπŸŽ΅πŸ’—'s profile picture

🌟🌻May your days always be joyful and blessed my friend!✨🎹

I make the poor student good and the good student great!πŸŽ΅πŸŽ“πŸŽ»

Not everyday is good but there is good in everyday.

When we overcome life's challenges, we become stronger. Never give up in making your dreams come true!πŸ’ͺ


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I love this! ️

by R0tt3n Raqd011; ; Report


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Thanks for the friend request! I love your profile <3

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by R0tt3n Raqd011; ; Report