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🍄Writing and story making🪴 Music🍄 Jjba🪴 Cattails🍄 Forgotten Hill🪴 Stanley Parable🍄 The Magnus Archives🪴 Welcome Home🍄 Sam and Max Freelance Police🪴 MCYT🍄


Not- too serious but uh- i am- heh- VERY mentally ill and shit so- stories i have read or are writing may have triggering topics in them!!! So- keep that in mind!!!!!!!! I talk about messed up shit!!! (Fictional of course but still!!!)


🎼Godsmack🎶Melanie Martinez🎼Will Wood🎶Lemon Demon🎼Mother Mother🎶CG5🎼Tally Hall🎶Arctic Monkeys🎼Or3o🎶Miracle Musical🎼Ayesha Erotica🎶The Crane Wives🎼JT Music🎶Carrie Underwood🎼Lana Del Rey🎶TV Girl🎼Panic!At The Disco🎶Spiderverse (both Into and Across) soundtrack🎼Ricky Montgomery🎶Jack Stauber🎼Joe Hawley🎶Beetlebug🎼the Millionaires🎶Doja Cat🎼 📀& a lot more .w.💿 Albums/Specific songs I Like!📀 Portals (Melanie)💿 Foxlore (Crane Wives)📀 Tongues and Teeth (Crane Wives)💿 Never Love An Anchor (Crane Wives)📀 Necromancin Dancin (Bear Ghost)💿 Storyteller (Carrie Underwood)📀 Sugar Rush (Addison Grace)💿 Honeysuckle (Addison Grace)📀 Hummingbird (Spiderverse)💿 Silk & Cologne (Spiderverse)📀 Annihilate (Spiderverse)💿 Start A Riot (Spiderverse)📀 Calling(Spiderverse)💿 Self Love (Spiderverse)📀 Home (Spiderverse) (SEE YOU BACK HOME.. SPIDERMAAN)💿 Verbatim (Mother Mother)📀 Both versions of Hayloft (Mother Mother💿 Ghosting (Mother Mother)📀 Rotary Park (Joe Hawley)💿 Weird Bed &/or Yes Please (Joe Hawley)📀 Upright, Love (Blue Kid)💿


🕷Spiderverse series!!🕸 🕯Liar Liar🧁 🧍‍♂️Free Guy💻 🕹Pixels🟡 🐉Mulan🗡️ 🩵Matilda🩷 ✨Instant Family✨


🦋JoJos Bizarre Adventure (up to stone ocean rn! But knows about steel ball run and some of the other parts??-)🐬|✨Epithet Erased (have rewatched it literal millions of times lmao)🥘🐾MIRACULOUS<3🐞😎Sonic Prime🔵💀Monster High👻


🎨Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe🖌 💥Flamer🔥 📚Land Of Stories📚 ❤️‍🩹Sacred Heart✝️ 🌿Aaaaand A Lot More!-🌷


🐱Cattails🐱 🔫Fortnite (YES IK I AM CRINGE I LIKE THE CHARACTER DESIGNS OK??)💣 👹Forgotten Hill☠️ 🌿Minecraft♥️ 🕸Sally Face👻 🟡Fran Bow🐾 👧🏻Little Misfortune👒 📚The Stanley Parable🟡 🐑Amanda The Adventurer🔪 🌼Undertale✨ 🔪Deltarune👾 & More!-


😎My Big Bro😎


🌺Gyaru📀Webcore🌈Scene🪴Cottagecore📚Dark/Light Academia🧷Alt & More!♥️

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About me:

🌿Hey! Just a funky shapeshifing reporter boi :)🌷call me Nomen, Nomen Ignotus, or Tea!🌿 He/fae/xe/it pronouns!🌷 Polyamorous, Queer, aroacespec, and trans!🌿taken by my wonderful and handsome partner, Aidan!<3♥️ Name (Nomen Ignotus) is Latin (meaning Name Unknown)🌷 Pronounced N-omen In-yo-toss🌿 Pink Paw Print

Transparent Green Star

Who I'd like to meet:

💥Just cool people with some of the same intrests as me! :D🆒

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toro !!

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hiii! tysm for adding me back i love ur profile <33

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I love ur profile too! Very kool

by ᴺᵒᵐᵉⁿ/ᵀᵉᵃ!; ; Report


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ᴵ’ᵐ ᵍᵃʸᵎ :ᴰ

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