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Guitars, skateboards (i'm a n00b), fighting games, drawing/ painting, renaissance art, Touhou, Homestuck, Overwatch, My Little Pony, Sonic games, dragons, "cringe", Little Big Planet, furries.

MarsVoltaicn Mar MarsVol joey gthero carlol

dislikes / dni

lolicons, "redpilled" dudes, draingang participators and music elitists. People under the age of 16 (the gap makes me uncomfortable, unless you want to talk strictly about shared interests, then okay..! ^_^') Openly sexual males get out!!

Musicians I adore

Jimmy Page, Weird Al, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Cedric Bixler Zavala, Mikael Akerfeldt, Dax Riggs, Johannes Eckerstrom, Daryl Palumbo, Chino Moreno, Devin Townshend, Layne Staley, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy, Ritchie Blackmore, Andy Biersack, Satchel (Steel Panther).


bieh I have a preference for avant-garde, and music that relies on vocals and melodies. Djent, prog and post-hardcore are my favourite genre.




Smiling Friends, South Park, Clone High, Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, Metalocalypse, Popee the Performer, Di Gi Charat, Dan vs, Xavier Renegade, Tankman, Dont Hug Me I'm Scared, Happy Tree Friends, My Little Pony, Sonic Boom. Also random weird arse shows on the TLC channel.


Berserk, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Hammer of the Gods and Trampled Under Foot (unironic biography reader, ptoo.)


My bunny rabbit named Beans. binc


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About me:

binc Lucky Charms Moon

USA | Call me M! female + adult. I put the "L" in LGBT. Yo es Puertorriqueno. Malo a espaniol. xd

I draw, play shiddy guitar, sing shiddy music, and hang with my critterz. I'm very sociable and may or may not have the 'tism (take a guess.) I am always willing to give music recs. I can talk about music forever. LETS BE MUTUALS ON LAST FM! Add me on Discord if you'd like to chat! Being anonymous or awkward is my jam. phishi#0850


Who I'd like to meet:

Aspiring musicians, NEET's, punks, scene/emos', "posers", trolls, righties, lefties, self-proclaimed bastards, and proud weirdos. Maybe even some sussy bakas (if not entirely lost in the sauce.)

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The song in your profile goes hard.

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THANK YOU, LMAO. Its unironcally really groovy, I think. I have a soft spot for shitty 2000's indie... I guess? Myspace-era scene music. It was very danceable and simple.

by ctlz; ; Report

ellie-kins!! <33

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joey jordison <3

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He was so epic... 3 :,y Slipknot was (I say WAS because 00's wuz peak) such a visually cool band. And musically, but all older alternative metal seems to have the same audible tang (like Seether, Korn, SOAD) It's not bad at all, just unique, lul.

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sick page, i like all the stamps! thank you for adding me, you seem super cool ^^

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tY !!! I feel like my profile could use a tad more stamps, actually. xD I'll add s'more next time I plan on browsing Deviantart for hours, but glad u like the ones I have up currently. ~ You seem cool tooo! ^-^

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thx 4 the add!! <3

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No problemoo. ^^ Your profile felt very authentic and welcoming, as a fellow infj + sapphic !!

by ctlz; ; Report

aww gracias!! >//< <3

by xXWhispersXx; ; Report


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If you can scroll through my profile without lag, bless your soul.

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love your profile!!

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THANK YOU!!! I am constantly changing and updating little pieces here and there, but this comment shall be my encouragement to not go too crayzy with it. >:y

by ctlz; ; Report

NOOO keep changing things make it Even Cooler

by akko..!; ; Report

Heheee, too good of advice, I could sit down for hours copying and pasting code and images here (I think I already did + have) ITS SO ADICTING.

by ctlz; ; Report


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thanks for the add :) cool profile!

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