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pentium four princess, tigertaur extraordinaire

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Daisy's Interests


tigers, hyenas, TAURS
furry stuff in general
computers & technology
collecting, repairing, restoration
visual novels sometimes
your turn to die
mother series
did i say taurs
vocaloid and utau (i love kasane teto)
history, real life stuff
nostalgic bullshit, reminiscing
digicam photography
sometimes rpgs like smt4, also ffxiv & splatoon rarely
generally internet trawling and rambling
trawling through wikipedia honestly
sometimes arg type stuff (petscop, brandon works)
older games (worlds.com, arma 2 oa, garry's mod)
fun rhythm games (parappa the rapper, space channel 5)


big variety of stuff. crywank, the shins, destroy boys, dr sure's unusual practice, the mountain goats, grimes (sorry), the flaming lips, connie converse, neo neos, 12 rods, death cab for cutie, arcade fire, the decemberists, car seat headrest, mitski, kyary pamyu pamyu, chelmico, stomach book, alex g somewhat, microphones, haruomi hosono, camping in alaska, poppy, all over the place, really.


some movies that were massively impactful to me:
summer wars
we're all going to the world's fair
barefoot gen
grave of the fireflies
stuff by jonni philips like barber westchester & secrets and lies in a town of sinners


code lyoko
neon genesis evangelion
death note
don't mess with eizouken
probably other stuff i can't remember


i don't read a whole lot but:
echo and route 65
the drifting classroom
until you continue to behave
jovian flesh & faun
don't even like it but i read beastars before it even had an anime announced


jenna begay
carl hendricks
gin ibushi
asuka langley
all my good friends!

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Daisy's Blurbs

About me:

hi! my name is daisy.
19 years old
trans woman, she/her only, please.
student at a tiny rural liberal arts college lmao
huge furry, lmao. also a huge taur (full-time)
tiger by day, also a tiger by night. basically a house cat
feel free to IM me for my socials! i prefer discord, generally.
420 friendly by-the-by.
i would prefer to add people around 17 and above.
anyone i've currently got added is good, though!

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone who shares interests and thinks we could viably interact, ideally i'd like to meet people and talk places like discord, and any hyenas/tigers/taurs (especially taurs.) if you see something you like on my profile, add me!

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xXKAIJU-INUXx's profile picture

taurs are so awesome!!!! i love them a lot too! great profile :^) !!!!

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polyana's profile picture

aaaa such a cute profile thanks for the add!!! u like alot of funky cool stuff

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thanks! i thought you looked cool too! i added u cus i thought ur interests were neat and kinda similar :3

by Daisy; ; Report


allyuzer's profile picture

Love the profile, thanks for friending me! <3

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thanks dude! i thought ur profile was cool too. if u like rpg horror games u gotta give me reccs, i've been itching to play rpgmaker type stuff hehehe

by Daisy; ; Report


cr.arnival's profile picture

hi!! sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. we have so much in common, thank you for the friend!! trans autistic hyena supremacy <3

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yessss!! trans autistic hyena supremacy <3 and np! i check spacehey infrequently too lmao

by Daisy; ; Report


Maine_515's profile picture

Hey thanks for the add! Your sona is cool btw

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Vori's profile picture

Hello :D

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Lycan / Jay

Lycan / Jay 's profile picture

Your pfp is cuteee

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Agusta's profile picture

I'm using your comment section as a testing ground for my html skillz

h1 {text-align: center;}
p {text-align: center;}
div {text-align: center;}

This is a heading, FUN FACT when you tell people how heading works it's called "giving head"

This what people call a "paragraph".

This is a div. I don't fully know what a div is

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IT kinda worked :D

by Agusta; ; Report

lets gooooooooo

by Daisy; ; Report

div means divider. It's a generic element used to split pages up into sections for easier styling and organization. It's invisible and has no properties by default :) lmk if you have any other questions

by bonkmaykr; ; Report


Viaspiderz's profile picture

aaa I love ur fursona! hyenas are super neat!!! (b α΅”β–½α΅”)b

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elvenlike's profile picture

love ur layout, and super cool fursona! hyenas are def underrated

thannks for the friend request! οΌˆοΌΎο½–οΌΎοΌ‰

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thank you! your sona's really cool too! =3 welcome to spacehey!

by Daisy; ; Report


felidthing's profile picture

i love your profile and ur whole vibe lol thanks for the friend request :]

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thank you! i really appreciate it :]

by Daisy; ; Report


Lyn's profile picture


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Enderryy's profile picture

Your layout is amazing!!!!! also i like your fursona!

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ty!!!! i like ur fursona too btw

by Daisy; ; Report