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interactive bisexual asshole (he/they)

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in this circle of friends, we lift up BIPOC voices, LGBT+ voices, we fight for equity and justice. black lives matter. queer lives matter. be kind, chili babies.

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About me:

howdy! my name's cory! I was never good at myspace back in the day but I enjoyed it immensely. let's see… what's happened since 2005… i grew up, went to college, studied digital art and multimedia design, moved from Philly to Baltimore, won $180,000 on a game show, got married, and now I'm a web designer, entertainer and otherwise fun guy looking to make new friends and capture the MySpace™ magic once again!

Do you need help coding your profile? Check my blogs or IM me on Discord! My Discord handle is pacdude#2679 and I'm open for design critique, code help or whatever you need!

Who I'd like to meet:

if your pronouns are in your profile, it's a good chance I'll add you.

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Star-Lord Byron, Summer Prom King of Spacehey

Star-Lord Byron, Summer P...'s profile picture

You the man, Cory!

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ebi bun

ebi bun's profile picture

Hello Cory! I just watched your Jeopardy episode. You did AMAZING!! It must have been an exciting experience. Hope you're doing well

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♥*♡Lauren♡*♥'s profile picture

hey cory thanks for the add ♡ love your page

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Slummy's profile picture

Thanks for accepting my request. Stay chill and don’t be a stranger! :)

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Ckay Killa Killa (aka Lost)

Ckay Killa Killa     (aka...'s profile picture

Hey! Names Lost. ✌and 💜 thanks for the add!

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jack's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Love your layouts.

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Ymir's profile picture

Thank you for the add and the layout! You can tell you work hard on them🖤 I hope you're having an awesome day

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METAL VIXEN's profile picture

Thanx for the add

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Laura Lee

Laura Lee's profile picture

Thank you for the add! your profile is beautiful

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SinicallyTwisted's profile picture

Thank you for accepting my add request! Nice to meet ya! Totally subscribing to your blog, cause yeaaaah I need help LOL XD

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♡ Linkie ♡

♡ Linkie ♡'s profile picture

🖤️💛 AYOOOOO how’ve you been, whatcha up to lately? im sloooowwwlyy getting back into this site LOL

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new job, new _secret endeavor_ I will announce in the future, new cat, new friends, it's new new new all the way down! how about you?

by Cory ; ; Report

AAAAA THATS so exciting! I’m happy for you! but you do need to give up more deets on the new kitty addition 👀👀

by ♡ Linkie ♡; ; Report


🥓's profile picture

Thanks for accepting! I had been trying to add you when you were gone for like a month hahaha. I was going to ask you if it was okay if I used your XP theme and changed it up a bit, after a bit I was like hmmm maybe your not coming back :(

So I hope you don't mind, I of course put credit on my profile linking to your profile and tell other's I obviously didn't make it from scratch :)

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Shaybelle's profile picture

Thanks for the add, Sending love and positive vibes, Dope profile !🧿️

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Nendo✨'s profile picture

I came to show your page the best of love 💞💞💞

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Thank you so much!!

by Cory ; ; Report

Shelby [KULT]

Shelby [KULT]'s profile picture

Yo ILY homie

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love you and miss you bb!!

by Cory ; ; Report


Hannah's profile picture

It's been so long! How has Cory been?

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omg hannah!! Cory has been doing well! _very_ busy. lol how are you doing?

by Cory ; ; Report

Life has caught up to me! Glad you are doing well! Don’t work too hard!

by Hannah; ; Report

Star-Lord Byron, Summer Prom King of Spacehey

Star-Lord Byron, Summer P...'s profile picture

Cory, can you tell me, do you know anything MUGEN games?

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About* my hands are quicker than my eyes...

by Star-Lord Byron, Summer Prom King of Spacehey; ; Report

Sadly, no! Don't know anything about them.

by Cory ; ; Report

It's an engine you can use to build fan-made 2D fighting games! Looks super interesting, but I definitely don't have the coding skills to design my own. Digging Mortal Kombat New Era though; shame it's kinda buggy and glitchy and I can never seem to fully complete the arcade ladder. Maybe I should ask Matt McMuscles...(he's a YouTuber who is all about gaming, pro wrestling, and pop culture.)

by Star-Lord Byron, Summer Prom King of Spacehey; ; Report


LuciDaNoob's profile picture

Thanks! You make amazing Layouts, love the work

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efilrofener's profile picture

Thanks for bringing me in

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Jay ♠

Jay ♠'s profile picture

Thanks for the add love, your layout is dope

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