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"eating giant burger"

he/him|22|ISFP (minors DNI!)

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Giraffes ♡ Big Burgers ♡ Films ♡ Video Editing ♡ Snoopy ♡ Gaming :> ♡ Omori ♡ Tony Tony Chopper ♡ Resident Evil ♡ Yakuza ♡ Persona ♡


Smashing Pumpkins ♡ Faye Webster ♡ Alex G ♡ Mac DeMarco ♡ The Cardigans ♡ Whirr ♡ Deftones ♡ Steve Lacy ♡ Radiohead ♡ N.E.R.D ♡


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ♡ Rushmore ♡ Leon the Professional ♡ Moonlight ♡ The Lighthouse ♡ Howl’s Moving Castle ♡ Punch Drunk Love ♡ The Evil Dead 1 & 2 ♡


Barry ♡ Succession ♡ Better Call Saul ♡ Severance ♡ The Wire ♡ Dexter ♡ The Bear ♡ Hunter x Hunter ♡ Mob Psycho 100 ♡ Nana ♡ One Piece ♡


One Piece ♡ Chainsaw Man ♡ Jujutsu Kaisen ♡ Need Recommendations:-) ♡


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About me:

i like long walks on the beach and listening to my ipod nano feel free to dm me if u want would love to talk about shared interests :3 ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ

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Hoopla's profile picture

erm... thoughts on iDog? the Hasbro iPod accessory? I think its pretty neat.

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erm i think it rocks and if i had one id name him flippy

by coolhotdog; ; Report

omg thats pretty epic i think. personally my favorite edition of the iDog is the iFish or the iDog pup... they both dance

by Hoopla; ; Report

ifish rocks need one now

by coolhotdog; ; Report


Fawkes's profile picture

I miss my iPod shuffle. He was porpul.

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i want a turquoise ipod nano i think that would be awesome

by coolhotdog; ; Report

What color is your current one?

by Fawkes; ; Report

not the same thing but i miss my hot pink ipod shuffle

by audrey; ; Report

i had my dads 1st gen ipod nano when i was a kid and i would just play the two games you could play on it all the time

by coolhotdog; ; Report

omg you just unlocked a forgotten memory for me. i used to play vortex on my moms ipod all the time

by audrey; ; Report

hosting a vortex tournament at my house

by coolhotdog; ; Report


Fawkes's profile picture

Greetings and Good tidings.

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hey! ( ・ω・)ノ

by coolhotdog; ; Report


audrey's profile picture

i just stalked your insta and watched all your edits LMAOOO (very good btw) ty for the add!! you seem very cool :)

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thank u!!!! i really enjoy making them i need to get back on that i love ur snoopy profile pic glad to see a fellow snoopy enjoyer and u seem cool too : D

by coolhotdog; ; Report


*•.¸♡вєℓℓα's profile picture

I love video editing! Been an editor for a while now

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hell yeah i’ve been doing it since i was in high school would love to get a job doing it someday :P

by coolhotdog; ; Report


runa's profile picture

Thank you for add 💗

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Cass's profile picture

YOUR PROFILE IS SO SICK!!!!! and the music too.. you have a very silly vibe i love it :)

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serenadium's profile picture

Hey Brother I Just Thought You Should Know You've Got Some Sort Of Strange Cubic Man All Up In Your Shit; Predisposed To The Top Left Of The Screen. A Real Portside Kind Of Guy. I Don't Know If He's An Invader From A Foreign Land Or What But If I'm Keeping It 100 Right Now I Don't Really Trust Him. But That's Just Me.

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sorry about that brother heh it’s the only place i can contain him u wouldn’t like it if he got out…

by coolhotdog; ; Report


Vivid˚ʚ♡ɞ˚'s profile picture

LOVE LOVEEEEE ur layout. The green 🌿

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thank u : > i looked at the art u posted and its incredible u are very talented :-)

by coolhotdog; ; Report

Omg tysm :*)

by Vivid˚ʚ♡ɞ˚; ; Report


TheLittleLamb's profile picture

man who is that white dog you wanna meet. I wanna meet him too

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his name is doug and hes fuckin up the dance floor

by coolhotdog; ; Report


baisy's profile picture

thank you for adding !! I look forward to being friends and chatting m(__)m

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: >

by coolhotdog; ; Report


𝔴𝔶𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔞's profile picture

ty for adding me! your layout is so cool!

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thank u!!! yours is bad ass! : >

by coolhotdog; ; Report


crelish's profile picture

can i borrow banana

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how about u borrow some manners and say please next time...

by coolhotdog; ; Report

how about you give me banana

by crelish; ; Report

how about i give u an ass whooping bitch!!

by coolhotdog; ; Report


max's profile picture

Can i get uhhhh large fries pleas

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best i can do is half a bag of doritos and a paper clip

by coolhotdog; ; Report

♡ Leah ♡

♡ Leah ♡'s profile picture

thx for the add ! love ur page :))

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thx :-) ur page is awesome i luv nana

by coolhotdog; ; Report


Mayanchan's profile picture

You remind me of the studio ghibli sprites :3

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: >

by coolhotdog; ; Report


moon's profile picture

the song playing on your profile is so good!!!! thank you for adding me

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thank u!!! ur profile is cool as hell ^・ꀾ・^

by coolhotdog; ; Report


maximilian's profile picture

you a punk ass bitch im gonna keep it real no hate though

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thanks for the comment!

by coolhotdog; ; Report