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Anime, art, photography, photomanipulation, digitalart, mental health advocacy, human rights, creepy cute things, Japan, nature hikes, learning about the human condition, reading, manga, books, graphic novels, Quentin Tarantino movies, movies, emo, thunderstorms, Halloween, evil bunnies, video games, shopping, eating, sleeping, trick or treating, Halloween makeup. subsource-done-button-uid-1524-C79-A-A863-493-D-85-D7-AAC075582-CA0-1628074108192-parent-photo-id-36


Anything freaky but not erotic freaky, I a mean horror, screemo , horrorcore, deadmau5, k pop, j pop, subsource-done-button-uid-133-CCA0-D-D1-D4-4867-996-C-4-BB6-C8643-A23-1553564645737-source-other-ori


Horror, thriller, yakuza film, Tarantino, Ghibili uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1628361504589-source-other-origin-picsart-sources


American horror story, are you afraid of the dark, uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1628361606086-source-other-origin-picsart-sources


Horror , manga, graphic novels, yakuza novels, uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1628361677388-source-other-origin-picsart-sources


Trever Henderson uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1628361738678-source-other-origin-picsart-sources

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About me:

The art project on SpaceHey brought to you by kitten Mitsubishi (kitten Melanson). This is my psychotic side to my art. Featuring a creepy anime bunny. These workdays show my emo 🖤 side of life. This art project is the product of ptsd and dissociative identity disorder. Did is another from of ptsd wear you go through severer severe trauma and your brain splits into other personalities. It’s nothing dangerous it’s just human name.there is nothing demonic about it. If you want to learn more about ptsd or DID then look at your library or your internet. uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1628353783370-source-other-origin-picsart-sources

Who I'd like to meet:

Artists musicians, writers and other emotionally creative people. This is not a fake profile . Scammer beware. Everyone come to learn and stay for the art. uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1628353367517-source-other-origin-unknown-sources

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Jiru Mitsubishi

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Thank you for adding my wife’s work to your friends

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Kitten Melanson

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I’d appreciate it if people would add this

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Thaaaank you for the add ;)

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♫♪ You are welcome also with your new project here Kitten! 🌷 ✿(◠‿◠)✿ 🌷

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♬ ♫ ♪ And welcome in your new site too Kitten (◕‿◕)

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