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"playing mario 64 online, waiting for the new m&l game to drop"

if you see me and im NOT drumming throw me in a river (don’t ask)

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I LIKE VIDEO GAMES... i will now list games because i am probably being too vague here. games with an asterisk are games im a huge fan of. ULTRAKILL (Prelude cuz im broke), The Powder Toy*, Space Deadbeef***, AssaultCube, Luigi's Mansion Series*, New Club Penguin, Kirby Robobot*, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tetris Axis, PictoChat, Flipnote Studio*****, BOXBOY! Series*, Music on Drums (DS), Clubhouse Games Express: Family Favorites, sm64coopdx (Super Mario 64 Cooperative Deluxe)***, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask && Ocarina of Time, Rhythm Heaven Fever & Megamix*, Mario Kart 7* and it's homebrew mod, CTGP-7**, Colors! 3D, Super Mario Maker (3DS), Team Fortress 2, Portal*****, Viewfinder***, Half-Life, Patapon 3 DxD*, Super Haxagon, Opoona ("オプーナ"), Pilotwings Resort, Unsorted Horror, Buckshot Roulette,, RoBLOX, etc. you can see more on my neocities' about page (which describes me way better than shown here)


girlfriends, femtanyl, suitcase, jerobeam fenderson, but also OSTs of games... sometimes single songs like Chop Suey - SOAD, Credits/Wavetapper - Frums, Opening - Tovatronica, LAGTRAIN - INABAKUMORI, 挑戦 (DARE) - Gorillaz, etc. if you send me a song i will probably like it. (except jazz or country or orchestra)


BTTF, scott pilgrim, lego movie 2, emesis blue, idk I haven’t watched very many


scott the woz, lil' pootis, cowboy bebop, eddsworld, ƎNA, gravity falls, evangelion, venture bros, canimals, scott pilgrim, teach the cat, peep and the big wide world, homestar runner, ramshackle, if the tf2[as] show weren’t cancelled that’d be here too


calvin & hobbes, sparklecare hospital, dog man, we go together, fahrenheit 451, watership down, scott pilgrim,


gooigi (lm3), prototype (rblx-rgrtvrtr), young neil (sp), kirby, eShop bag && inetkun && arcade bunny (3ds)

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About me:

autistic (aspergers), enby, they, INTP-T (although i dont care much about personality types), something that is on the internet more often than not. i'm not really able to efficiently play any instrument, but if you put me in front of one i could make a little disjointed tune. i like drums (i drum on anything i get my hands on but i do not play conventional drums) and the Stylophone (i own it but do not use it as much), but i usually make my music digitally via Music on Drums for DS. i feel as though the internet is my safe space because i am not forced to do as much here, and making friends is easier because i can just press a "add friend" button as apposed to having the challenge of going to talk to them, and managing to make a friend with conversation skills. that being said, if i friend you here on spacehey and dont know you anywhere else, it isn't as much for that reason as it is because your interests are similar to mine, and the most interaction i will (probably) do is commenting on your blog posts, profile, etc. still, if you dm me, i will still respond and even if my response is lame and awkward i will still try. i just lurk on the internet passively :P
i am much more active elsewhere (see carrd) if you'd like to talk/stalk another way.

Who I'd like to meet:

people enthused over the same stuff as me (if i get a friend request the main thing i look for is interests in common, if i dont see enough i decline), people who know their way around a cmdshell (i can write .bat but now that im on Linux im learning .sh instead), and maybe even you?

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hey there ! cool profile :]

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heavygaming (flurtz jr)

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bro why is bro so fish

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heavygaming (flurtz jr)

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i luv the apeture science stamp :3

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Really neat page!

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