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minor, American visual artist, he/him, Aspiring alien abductee

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Computers, philosophy, arts (typically visual arts), video gaymez, debate, religion, wacky people phenomena, retro technology, rave stuff (though I live in the intermountain west so its not like theres any crazy gatherings here), various colorful objects


Super shitty 00s-10s EDM and """obscure""" nerd things


i liked National Treasure when I was younger, Cool Cat Saves the Kids, Brokeback Mountain, that one with the lesbian cheerleader who gets sent to dr. seuss hetero school I thought that was pretty funny


???Terrible to mid 90s-00s anime



John egbert

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probably the biggest fan of fairlife elite protein drink (42 grams of the stuff!)

Aromantic-adjacent autistic gay trans guy ENTP 5w4 Dersite with an intense love of Clio greek yogurt bars. big fan of werewolves and aliens, sometimes I get a kick out of zombies

gbanet horse hs imissxp keyboard midinote digitalme dos e-hs something stop time trans

tumblr-15ff43fef204feca507c5a0cb0aadb26-9029a440-250 tumblr-1c3da0ebf15ebcdb8cc30afb79876379-42f93f72-250 tumblr-54e5a96f484e6e1c8c30e51f0a4c63a5-cf0c94df-250 tumblr-6959c58880ddfff350cc4941f3ffdb14-7be0f3f9-250 tumblr-cff22ca9e2e6e9cc62728c0a8f1dae5b-19e663d5-250 anon artist autism awooooooo awsgycks behave buzzkill cats charmer city cold drog fireworks fishing gamer hb hrt mellow monster neocities nerd paper peace peeps protecb silly skittles sleep stillcold sun swear teeth ufo w4w WEREWOLFWEDNESDAYBROTHERS

Who I'd like to meet:

sick and frankly twisted individuals who express their evil through stuff like donating to charity and helping sick injured stray puppies

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