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"choosing french in high school is the worst idea i've ever had"

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⛥ crystals ⛥ rollerskating ⛥ emo/scene people ⛥ colored hair!! ⛥ tarot ⛥ pretty flowers ⛥ rewatching modern family ⛥ astrology ⛥ THE TWILIGHT SAGA


⛥ falling in reverse ⛥ pierce the veil ⛥ sleeping with sirens ⛥ mcr ⛥ get scared ⛥ escape the fate ⛥ set it off ⛥ the pretty reckless ⛥ avril lavigne ⛥ arctic monkeys ⛥ IDKHOW ⛥ p!atd ⛥ fall out boy ⛥ palaye royale ⛥ the living tombstone ⛥ anyone wanna give some recommendation? send me y'alls playlists :)


twilight! oh and also studio ghibli movies n anything with jesse eisenberg


i watch modern family religiously like the fcking loser i am. i also like b99 ⛥ sex education ⛥ killing eve ⛥ yuri!!! on ice ⛥ mha ⛥ the umbrella academy ⛥


reading is for nerds :( jk i'm reading mha atm :) also like john green, the perks of being a wallflower an other YA books


your mom lol. and gerard way

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I have no idea how this works :) please send help. i hate hard boiled eggs with a burning passion !!!layout by ash lynx!!!

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no one, preferably. i'm just looking for friends ig :)

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ahh your page is so cute!!! and your music taste ahhhhhhh xDD if you got a playlist i would LOVE to listen to it!

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thankuu can't really take credit for it tho, i didn't make it XD i'll send you my playlist if you want to

by cilantro; ; Report

that would be cool! xD

by emojunk; ; Report


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Thx for the add! :D
Also your pfp is beautiful

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thx XD loll

by cilantro; ; Report


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got himself a nice lil haircut :)) btw everytime i see ur username i think it says rats in shats

by cilantro; ; Report


by ratsinhats; ; Report

kellin korpse

kellin korpse's profile picture

thnks fr th add

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thanks for accepting XD

by cilantro; ; Report


Xxx.v4mp1r3du3t.xxX's profile picture

thanks 4 the add!!

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kifish's profile picture

hey hi hi hey lol hai

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hey hey hi hello :))

by cilantro; ; Report


razerz111's profile picture

u had me at emos and rollerskating WAT UPPPP!!

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uhm hi ur so cool tf

by cilantro; ; Report


𖤐Niko𖤐's profile picture

thx for the add

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np thx for adding me back XD

by cilantro; ; Report


     (っ◔◡◔)っ♥𝖘𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖒♥  's profile picture

the way we are both gemini and intj lol
also cute page :D

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we're basically the same person loll ^-^ also u seem really cool ((:

by cilantro; ; Report


🦇Lura🕸️'s profile picture

love your profile picture xD
oh and I know a bit french too so ..Comment ça va?

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ça va bien (: and i love ur page sm! it's so cool :]]

by cilantro; ; Report

aw thank you!!

by 🦇Lura🕸️; ; Report

♱ link ♱

♱ link ♱'s profile picture

ur music taste is so good and OMG u like yuri on ice!! ur so cool

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ahh thanksss and yeah i love yuri on ice!!! ur awesome :]]

by cilantro; ; Report

♱ link ♱

♱ link ♱'s profile picture

lol XD ur pfp

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thx 4 the add and LUV ur pfp lmaoo

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skjdsdjkj thanks loll

by cilantro; ; Report


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oml im in love with modern family too oiugyh its so good

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righttt, i have an emotional connection to every single one of the characters lmao

by cilantro; ; Report

~ rachel

~ rachel 's profile picture

Hi, thanks for adding me : )
I learned a little bit of French in high school too and I'm still regretting choosing it.

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i don't know a single person who doesn't regret taking french in high school lolzz

by cilantro; ; Report


itswormie_'s profile picture

thanks x the add! u have a rlly cool music taste and oh I really like modern family is a really good show :0

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hii thanks, u seem really cool :))

by cilantro; ; Report

really? thanks! you seem like an awesome persone too :D

by itswormie_; ; Report


L4n3y@~@'s profile picture

You got the option for French? My school doesn’t have French so I have to take Spanish:(

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sucks that you couldn't choose french, but there's honestly so many languages i'd rather have

by cilantro; ; Report

Yeah true

by L4n3y@~@; ; Report


hxllxw-eyez's profile picture

thxx fr the add! !!

also, i wish i had french as an option 4 school, i'd take that or german any day over having 2 had learn spanish -_-

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i actually did choose german, but i had to take french instead. still feel like i would enjoy german more. oh well :/

by cilantro; ; Report

arsenic gore

arsenic gore's profile picture

tysm 4the add!!
u seem rlly cool

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no, ur cool XD thankuu

by cilantro; ; Report


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Thx for the add

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