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writing 𓇻 organizing 𓇻 video games 𓇻 theatre 𓇻 international history 𓇻 animation 𓇻 character design 𓇻 kandi making (on occasion) 𓇻 vinyl collecting 𓇻 digital + traditional art 𓇻 music history 𓇻 voice acting 𓇻 cartoons 𓇻 politics 𓇻 poetry 𓇻 rabbits 𓇻 arab/southwest asian history 𓇻 fnaf 𓇻 animal crossing 𓇻 ut/dr 𓇻 disney villains 𓇻 kirby 𓇻 folk punk 𓇻 rock 𓇻 nu metal 𓇻 new wave



interpol 𓇻 system of a down 𓇻 scars on broadway𓇻 cab calloway 𓇻 billie holiday 𓇻 ajj 𓇻 jack stauber 𓇻 steely dan 𓇻 lana del rey 𓇻 talking heads 𓇻 billy joel 𓇻 kino 𓇻 oingo boingo 𓇻 neutral milk hotel 𓇻 insane clown posse 𓇻 jon bellion 𓇻 melanie martinez 𓇻 the weeknd 𓇻 gorillaz 𓇻 ghost 𓇻 the smiths 𓇻 abba 𓇻 tears for fears 𓇻 abdel halim hafez 𓇻 marina 𓇻 lady gaga 𓇻 tyler, the creator 𓇻 luci4 𓇻 odetari 𓇻 mystery skulls 𓇻 daft punk 𓇻 andrew w.k. 𓇻 car seat headrest 𓇻 creep-p 𓇻 pinocchiop 𓇻 kikuo 𓇻 reol 𓇻 death grips 𓇻 mitski 𓇻 deftones 𓇻 alex g 𓇻 kimya dawson


interpol - turn on the bright lights, our love to admire 𓇻 lana del rey - born to die 𓇻 neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea 𓇻 steely dan - can't buy a thrill 𓇻 melanie martinez - portals 𓇻 cab calloway - cab calloway sings the blues 𓇻 kendrick lamar - good kid mad city 𓇻 khalid - american teen 𓇻 talking heads - remain in light



aladdin (1992) 𓇻 the truman show 𓇻 the sound of music 𓇻 spider-man: into the spider-verse 𓇻 spider-man: across the spider-verse 𓇻 the princess and the frog 𓇻 the hunchback of notre dame 𓇻 the whale 𓇻 barbie 𓇻 gekijōban dōbutsu no mori (2006) 𓇻 whiplash 𓇻 a monster in paris 𓇻 dr. strange (2016) 𓇻 the three caballeros 𓇻 five nights at freddy’s



sam & max 𓇻 regular show 𓇻 the amazing world of gumball 𓇻 steven universe 𓇻 adventure time 𓇻 south park 𓇻 the simpsons 𓇻 don’t hug me i’m scared 𓇻 the cuphead show 𓇻 squid game 𓇻 stranger things 𓇻 clone high 𓇻 lupin iii 𓇻 my little pony: friendship is magic 𓇻 young sheldon



goodnight moon 𓇻 the great gatsby 𓇻 the runaway bunny 𓇻 the animal crossing manga series 𓇻 minnie the moocher and me 𓇻 idk i don’t read as much as i used to so it’s hard to come up with stuff off the top of my head :( if you have recommendations lmk! i love reading history-related books



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About me:

السلام عليكم! my name is bun. i'm a italian-lebanese american, born and raised in FL, and i am a silly jester rabbit thing that floats around the internet. i love making my friends laugh and smile. people tend to describe me as overexaggerated, calculated, and animated - i’m just here to have a good time. i am a queer tmasc nonbinary individual. i am autistic, and i also deal with ocd. tom nook is my special interest and has been such for 3 years. i don't currently have a fixation, but i like interpol and system of a down a lot at the moment!! soooo yeah wooooo :3


Who I'd like to meet:

i’d love to meet people with similar interests, naturally. people who see eye to eye on things with me, or at the very least people who understand and respect my views. people that share that same passion that i do for the things i love and enjoy. i love meeting people with music tastes that are all over the place, if you’re up to listening to all types of music with me we should be friends! oh, and i’d love to talk if we’re in the same fandom or like the same characters too of course. thanks for reading!! :D :D Hey you, see me, pictures, crazy All the world I've seen before me passing by I've got nothing; to gain, to lose All the world I've seen before me passing by You don't care 'bout how I feel I don't feel there anymore You don't care 'bout how I feel I don't feel there anymore You don't care 'bout how I feel I don't feel there anymore You don't care 'bout how I feel I don't feel it anymore



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Thanks for accepting my request!![: Your page is so adorable!!<3 Luv to chat sometime:3

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thank you :D

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You have a cool page!

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You look rlly cool! Thanks for the friend request

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its ok i got that WEED CARD

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Daria Morgendorffer

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cool layout

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ty ^_^

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VERY SWAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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