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Ricing Linux desktops/window managers


Beach House
Steely Dan
'The Sound of Music' Soundtrack
Empire! Empire!
Lil B
Elephant Gym
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Persona 5' Soundtrack
'The Protein Source of the Future...Now!' album from The Mountain Goats
Talk Talk

Dream Pop
Math Rock
Noir Jazz


Stalker (1979)
Blade Runner 2049
Blue Velvet
Dune (2021)
The Thing
The Sound of Music
Soul (2021)
Tokyo Story
Arrival (2016)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
When Harry Met Sally...
Come And See
Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Andrei Tarkovsky
Yasujiro Ozu
Sam Raimi
Crystal Jin Kim
Robert Eggars
Paul Schrader
Ryan Coogler
Ingmar Bergman
Jean-Pierre Melville
John Carpenter
Akira Kurosawa
David Lynch
Denis Villeneuve
Robert Wise
Kenji Mizoguchi
Jim Jarmusch


Star Trek TNG-DS9-VOY
House M.D.
South Park
The Morning Show
Mr. Robot
Midnight Mass
| Most of these are old because television is kinda trash.


Frank Herbert's Dune series
Marsha Norman's 'Night Mother
Graham Hancock
Isaac Asimov
Sylvia Plath
Tennesee Williams


My family and friends are the people that made me.

As far as personalities go:
Dwyane Wade
Paul Schrader
Brian Wilson

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Lil B: backpack curated ---> a +20hr playlist of Lil B's GOOD tracks. (view more)

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About me:

Born in South Florida till 9, went through my teenage years and beyond in Georgia. Spent the entirety of that time wanting to get TF out of this state, and now I can't live without her. I won't live anywhere that's not surrounded by greenery.

Colorist | Boom Operator | Screenwriter

Unix = πŸ’œ

Let's link up on Letterbox'd ---> cosmicwaffle69

Turn on and tune in! Life is about the warmth of the sun on your cheeks!

I used to be heavy into video games, but unfortunately lost the time. Most of my gaming went into Dark Souls | Titanfall 2 | Skyrim, of course | Persona 3-5 | All the Mario games | Gen 1-4 Pokemon games, fell off after that.

Who I'd like to meet:

I don't have any criteria for friends. I hope to meet people from all backgrounds. If you like my page or feel like we'd get along, add me! That's why I miss this format. If Twitter/Facebook/Reddit is a crowded,loud school cafeteria, then this is the bus ride home with your neighborhood friends. Thank you An!

If you're a filmmaker, I am always ready to read scripts or watch your films! Will give feedback if you'd like, and if not, I'm more than happy to just enjoy it.

Movies I watched in 2021:

A nice mix of watches and rewatches. Some were watched and then re-watched. (Still adding...)

Turn off autoplay here --->

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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πŸ’• πŸ’ž

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Lily Darling

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Lily Darling is a punk rock romance that takes place in 2006 and it's out now if you want to watch it! XD Here is the trailer on YouTube: You can watch the movie on Pure Magic Pictures @puremagicpictures on IG

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Thanks so much for the add! ️πŸ₯€πŸ•Έ Happy New Year to you

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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πŸ’– ✨

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Bohemian Princess

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Hiya thanks for the add :D
Happy holidays

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chomskys_fave_five Awesome page I’ll be sure to check out your Lil B playlist!!

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Thanks dude I hope you enjoy !!

by chomskys_fave_five; ; Report


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Hello! Ty for the add meow Your surely have very great tastes (I don't mean that often but now I do!) 🐈 What was the last movie you watched?

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Thank you so much !!! My friends and I rewatched "The Wolf of Wall Street" last night! Instant classic! Wbu, what are you watching lately ?

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Wacky Alex

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Happy Holidays!

We're playing wacky (x)mas music!

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