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25 ♡ all pronouns ♡ don't friend rq me if you're under 18 pls !

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hoiii i'm bunnie :3 ♡ 25 y/o nb polyam lezbian ♡ all pronouns ok ♡ auti-adhd ♡ i love my girlfriend ezri and my boyfriend jack ♡ i moved here to follow my friends because vent app died lol ♡ i love to be a weird girl cringe mall goth, fashion, diy, cosplay, indie video games that i don't actually play, and aestheticizing everything i do unhealthily ♡ i love horror and weird shit but only if it has girls that don't die or who come back from death stronger or demonic okay ♡ kind of a kinnie but we don't talk about it (unless asked) ♡ i'm actually a rabbit and you should pet me (<-- will bite)


kaoru akimoto ♡ junko yagami ♡ anri ♡ miki matsubara ♡ citypop ♡ mcr ♡ fob ♡ paramore ♡ ludo ♡ ur basic emo lol ♡ rob zombie ♡ ministry ♡ i'm a poser don't worry about it ♡ poppy ♡ scene queen ♡ metal girlz ♡ teddyloid ♡ plasterbrain ♡ nightcore ♡ hyperpop ♡ vocaloid ♡ anime music


the craft ♡ buffy the vamp slayer ♡ but i'm a cheerleader ♡ jennifer's body ♡ if its gay and/or occult girlz i like it


sailor moon ♡ cardcaptor sakura ♡ tokyo mew mew ♡ 90s and y2k magical girl anime special interest ♡ most new anime sux sry but some are ok ♡ serial experiments lain ♡ star trek ♡ steven universe ♡ the owl house ♡ blue's clues ♡ care bears ♡ my little pony ♡ cute cartoons :3


percy jackson series ♡ tolkien ♡ the chronicles of dorsa ♡ circe ♡ the night circus ♡ uhh fanfiction lol ♡ i wish i read more books brother


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sexy gay people with cool genders and turbo autism like myself who want to talk about anime and alt fashion and special interest info dump and be general freaks of nature with me ♡

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Wacky Alex

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Hello again. Hope you had a great summer! Looking forward to Halloween?

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Em (─‿‿─)♡.✧⭒

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i love ur profile!! its so friggin cute ^^ <33 i was wondering how u put that pink overlay on it? thxx

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omg hiiiii i havent been on spacehey in weeks because school was kicking my ass lol but uemmm i think its this line of code:

img {
filter: sepia(100%) hue-rotate(290deg) saturate(5);

by Bunnie ʚ♡ɞ; ; Report

I WASNT DONE TYPING YET BUT SHIFT + ENTER POSTS COMMENTS I GUESS???? anyway yeah im not sure that will work entirely because the original code for my layout was a bit messy (really good but a little hard to read) and i did my edits in a 3 am haze and don't actually. know html. i just know other coding languages and did my best lol. anyway good luck! or maybe you already figured it out idk ♡

by Bunnie ʚ♡ɞ; ; Report

thank you sm!!! i rly appreciate the help <333 stay cool n cute

by Em (─‿‿─)♡.✧⭒; ; Report

Eliot (auto music)

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Ty for the add!!! Your profile is the CUTEST!!!!🌸🌷🌺🌸🌷🌺

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umm thank u so much 💕 i like how colorful your profile is!!! ty for the request :) 🐇🫶🍓🐈‍⬛🍰

by Bunnie ʚ♡ɞ; ; Report


✶˚。Kaaz's profile picture

the vibes of your profile are absolutely immaculate

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ehehehe thank you very much 💖🐇

by Bunnie ʚ♡ɞ; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.


We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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Shan <3

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Thnx for the add!
this is it. the cutest profile.

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by Bunnie ʚ♡ɞ; ; Report


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Your profile is sooo adorable I love the colors a LOT!!! I got really excited seeing another sailor moon fan here :D

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thank youuuu heheh i'm spending too much time on it but its so fun. i like to b pink :3c and YES!! i've been v excited to meet other sailor moon and general magical girl anime fans on here. sailor moon especially special to me tho, bc i have loved it since i was like 2 years old and i am... chibiusa kinnie... shhhh dont tell anyone. (everyone could tell)

by Bunnie ʚ♡ɞ; ; Report

OH DONT WORRY LOL i saw your layout and was like "oh they HAVE to be a kinnie"
i kin usagi though yay !! i recently went crazy over sailor moon again and its so special i love it!

by MEL ♡; ; Report

eheheh yeah only kinnies can be this level of obsessed with aesthetic posting I honestly think. omg hiii I love usagi <3 my mom and my best friend btw. sailor moon is so special :3 i want to reread the manga so bad!

by Bunnie ʚ♡ɞ; ; Report

I KNOWWWW kinnies just have that dedication for their kins :D
ALSO HELLOOO!! WE R SO COOL !! i hope youll have fun rereading !

by MEL ♡; ; Report