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"hai if you’re here to block me you have just lost the game"

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Its partner system (SORTILEGE DECK BELOVED), 2000s to 2010 internet and culture, Vocaloid, Cats, “Stupidly obscure horror series no one knows about”, Spiting god, Psychological horror, Its QPP Alban <33333 his beloved fake dog


Confrontation, loud sounds, cold foods, annoying people tbh, fakeclaimers


pro-minding your own business and very pro-anarchy, unsure of the exact label of political opinions but believes all people are deserving of a happy healthy life

Let people enjoy things

Since y’all decided to put someone in the spotlight on a site that doesn’t even have an algorithm yes, I am profic and anti-harassment. No one deserves hate for what they consume in a fiction assuming it STAYS in fiction.


Satan (Obey me!), Albedo (Genshin Impact), Mammon (Obey me!), Machina (TCE2), Don Quixote (Limbus Company), Robots, Snakes, Kaeya (Genshin Impact), Ciel phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji), Kromer (Limbus Company), Dante (Limbus Company), Emil Sinclair/Between Two Worlds (Limbus character and song)


very eclectic, mainly likes Vocaloid and adjacent medias such as Ghost and Pals, Creep-p, Kikuo, Maretu, Eve and MioDioDaVinci. I also like Milgram with my favourite song being Double!


Steven universe, Pokemon, Laceys flash games, Smile Guide, Obey me! Nightbringer, Limbus Company/Project Moon, MILGRAM, TWST, Reverse:1999, Dead plate, Demon slayer

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About me:

ICON BY PARTNER SYSTEM!!!! :3 their art so pretty

I’m Chesed, I’m the ex-host of a system and the only one who uses spacehey, schizo faggot and introject of the same name and a million other sources, hopefully we can be friends

Who I'd like to meet:

ANYONE!!!! Preferably those who share interests in limbus company or pokemon or just generally chill people that don’t care what happens in a fake story (proship/profic)

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ur layout is cool!! also ur so based

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ANDREW☆'s profile picture

ur layout is cool!! also ur so based

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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Neat page!

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