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"✩~Floating in space, like all planets do!♡✨"

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🌟Fandoms: FNAF | The Walten Files | Minecraft (NOT DSMP.) | Plants VS Zombies | The Suicide Squad | Gacha World | Team Fortress 2 | Gorillaz | Horror Slashers | Supernatural | The Walking Dead | COD Modern Warfare | COD Zombies | Vocaloid | Sally Face | GHOST and Pals | OMORI (I don't support Omocat) | Danganronpa: Depsair Time | Project: Eden's Garden | SAW |
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★🌌Special Interests: Space/Astronomy/etc. | Music | Halloween/Anything Spooky | Horror | Tim Burton Movies | Crystals, Stones, Gems, etc. | Zombies & Zombie Media | Animal Jam (Lore, OCs, etc.) | Old, Lost, Obscure Media | Mythology, Fairytales, Urban Legends etc. | Witchcraft & Magic | The Paranormal | Monsters, Creatures, Cryptids etc. | History | Plants VS Zombies | FNAF | Mob Of The Dead (CODZ) | Astronauts |


🌀My music taste is a mixed bag!! I love a little bit of everything! If I were to list all my favorite bands/artists and genres I like it would be so long to the point it could rival The Bee Movie script 😭


🌙Horror, comedy, and action! I really also like Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, almost anything Tim Burton (I don't like nor support him as a person but I love his movies and works), also Alice in Wonderland (My media!), SAW, The Crow, there's alot more!


🌠Mostly cartoons (Mainly ones from the 90s-early 2010s)! But I like other shows too!!


🌍Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, anything horror or dark honestly! I also really enjoy fantasy, fiction, and realistic-fiction books too!


🔮My comfort characters! Kaede Akamatsu (DR) | Say Carnes (GHOST) | Mangle (FNAF) | Abner Krill/Polka-Dot Man (DC/TSS) | Sundrop/Moondrop/Eclipse (FNAF) | Roxanne Wolf (FNAF) | Albert "Weasel" Arlington (CODZ) |!
🌠(Also a little note, I'm no longer in the DR fandom. But Kaede still remains a huge comfort for me)

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About me:

🪐(!She/Him! PFP not mine!!) I'm not that active on here, but I'm online sometimes!!💫
🔭I don't accept friend requests unless I know you !!🚀
☄️Current hyperfixations are: COD Modern Warfare, COD Zombies (MOB OF THE DEAD ESP!!), Danganronpa: Despair Time, Welcome Home, and The Amazing Digital Circus!⭐
🛸Layout: Created by Sip O'Poison (https://spacehey.com/sipopoison)👽
Autoplay song: Call Me by Plenka

Who I'd like to meet:

ALMOST ANYONE!!! Esp if we share the same fandoms or special interests!! (ESP COD ZOMBIES FANS !!! MOB OF THE DEAD IS AN EVEN MORE SPECIFIC SPECIAL INTEREST & HYPERFIXATION!!) I have discord too! (which I'm more active on than here) However I'm not comfortable with giving out my discord tag in public !!!

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