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"at a dinner"

add me on discord XP : _xombieton

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BANDS - korn, limp bizkit, metallica, kiss, murderdolls etc (more mentioned below)

STREAMERS - ranboo, slimecicle, sorry boys, aimsey, jerma 

CONTENT - genloss, sorry channel, very sorry channel, dsmp, osmp, qsmp, psmp, marble hornets, analog horror (to an extent), eddsworld, sketchbook tours herhehr

OTHER - astronomy, astrology, creepypasta, fnaf, class of 09, minecraft, monster high, ever after high, roblox, aphmaus mystreet series, dialtown!!!! i use c.ai n things like that im silly
i am an alterhuman, if u thinks thats weird i say do some research! (kindly) :3


i like many different types of metal so i listen to all sorts of genres and music

MAIN - korn, metallica, limp bizkit, type o negative, lemon demon, she wants revenge, the killers, guns n roses, the cure, the living tombstone, murderdolls, queen, motley crue, megadeth, nirvana, alice in chains, lovejoy, wilbur soot, any fnaf related music (e.g. JT music)

GETTING INTO/KIND OF (or just bands i dont know many songs of) - alex g, hole, car seat headrest, radiohead, linkin park, flyleaf, duran duran, fucking werewolf asso, foo fighters, slipknot, tears for fears, the kinks, the rolling stones, red hot chilli peppers, sublime

id love recommendations of songs from these bands or recs of any bands in general :3


i like any of the lego movies, spiderverse movies, disney cartoons, anything nostalgic yipee, harry potter, documentaries my favourite movies are; Never Too Young To Die, Birds of Prey, Su1cid3 squad and the maleficent movies :33 I also like peter pan moveis any kind


...nuthinBlack Bat 2


i like autobiographies (especially about musicians), fantasy, horror, comics (i have none but I like them), currently reading a ghost book & astronomy book :3 but outside of books i often read stories + fanfiction on ao3 (i also write sometimes when i get motivation)


jonathan davis, slash, nikki sixx, technoblade + technodad <3 benny from the lego movie!! :DDD

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About me:

✮ he/him, it/its, end/ender, vwoop/vwoopself chirp/chirpself ✮ aus ✮ minor ✮ alterhuman ✮ go read my intro blog!! ✮
i tend to spell things incorrect accidentalltybut leave it like thato n purpose cuz i think its expressive but if its hard to understand i have no problem providing translations if asked!!
i also comment on my firneds stuff a lot but i never text first cuz of being nervous so if u wanna msg me go ahead!! im not scary i jus might take awhile to reply due to school n stuff yahoo

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Peanut Butter.I taste like Peanut Butter.

I am one of the most blendable flavours; I go with sweet, I go with sour, I go with bland, I go with anything. I am practical and good company, but have something of a tendency to hang around when I'm not wanted, unaware that my presence is not welcome. What Flavour Are You?

Who I'd like to meet:

people who like metal, play minecraft and like + nobody over 18 obvi unless i addu first! if u like dialtown, class of 09 or creepypasta PLS add me!!!!!!!!
i really want to meet other otherkin!! if ur rlly pissy abt certain (non problematic) things then we might not get along (referring to quads, furries, weird artstyles, dsmp etc!) 


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THANK YOU!!! i love them all x3

by -,, xombie; ; Report


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Nice profile!

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by -,, xombie; ; Report


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thx 4 accepting the frq :3 ur acc is so awesum !!

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hehe ty!!! :DD

by -,, xombie; ; Report


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hii pookpoookkkkk

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hi silly hi boobie hi MEOW MEOW

by -,, xombie; ; Report

also lee blocked u on everythign but i dont think they blocked u here (their acc is moo, check my friends list) cuz idk if u know their acc

by -,, xombie; ; Report

they unblocked me they only blocked me cause i said david tenat was a no

by Musiclvr☆; ; Report

HEPLP ofc they did they a bit silly

by -,, xombie; ; Report

nvm im still blocked :((((((

by Musiclvr☆; ; Report


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Thanks for the add back! You seem cool! (+ Sick profile)

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thanks! you seem cool as well, and u got a sick profile too +10 points

by -,, xombie; ; Report


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heyyy, thx 4 the add back :D

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ur welcome, u seem cool so why not yk

by -,, xombie; ; Report