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"Simping over my boyfriend and my partner ^^"

He/they/it, INTP, hypersexual trans guy

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I like things considered "nerdy" or "cringe", don't come for me if music's artist or other people mentioned are problematic I will know it and choose to write them down here becouse I like their work, not the person who wrote/programmed or produced it


my fav: MCR, Millionares, Modern baseball,ICP(whoop whoop!!)and brokencyde ☆All the bands☆ Sunny day real estate,Rites of spring,MCR [I love my chemical romance [I may be hyperfixating on them],Dopamine,Bears in trees [I am maybe going on a show from them in May],MSI,ICP, Klamydia, Millionares[omg are they good], Borgerlig Begravning, Die fantastischen vier,Hospital bracelet, 3OH!3, the product, chainsaw castration, soccer moms.,Weezer,brokencyde [I'm not a sad boy, I'm not a sad boy, I'm not sad I'm just brokencyde 😔],Toy-Box, your broken hero, cookiebreed, twisted sister, The offspring, hole, Mudfight [they follow me back on tt i am scared], uneroath, hayfitz, cavetown, Kraftclub, Electric callboy, CAVA, TMB, modern baseball, Foo fighters, nirvana, dark funeral, male tears, harsh symmetry, morte mordre, DECEITS, dropping a popped locket, clay birds, frat mouse, the atlanta monsters, flower head, gosinicc, breathingtechniques, megadeth, suicidal tendencies, system of a down, morbid angel, municipal waste, Venom, Jimmy eat world, the promise ring, CALYPSO, scene kidz, destroy boys, Die ärtzte, SlowMotionNoise, monsters scare you!, I'm geist, deep purple, ohemgee,like moths to flames, Mimic a stranger, knocked loose,shields, IHAVENOMOUTH, Motörhead, bauhaus, Superblood, marietta, the livelines, tottomori, s@ntiago, descendence, askign Alexandria, green day, pierce the Veil, The get up kids, Avril lavigne, deftones, swing kids, vylet pony, trip kissing, the cramps, tungsten, powerviolets, j3nna, WALWIN, American football, SOAP, sally, hair jordan, story of a year, ayesha erotica, Paramore, mayday! Cried the captain, banshee, motionsickness, the used [more incoming]


Charly and the chocolat factory,Scott Pilgrem vs the World and some others i cant name right now my fav genres in movies: romance (yes also the really cheesy ones) action horror superheros mayber?


I luv bluey,scott pilgrem takes off, futerama, south park,sweet tooth


i dont read many books but here are my fav wattpad storys: and the universes from these authors:


The stars, gerard way

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About me:

Hey I'm charly/chamille, I speak German and English on an fluent level and I am learning Swedish, French and russian,I like musik, I am pretty good at inline skating and I am learning skateboarding. I have a beautiful partner and also a boyfriend and am in an open relationship, I like being cared for and caring for other people, I have massive mommy issues and have diagnosed adhd. My current hyperfixations are:Futurama,south park,space and physics, my special interests are pokemon[my fav is pokemon sword],musik theory [physics could also be a special interest] I REALLY love mcr and millionares !!!!!!!!! [Fav mcr song is boy division and millionares it's I like money] [I am a switch if anyone cares abiut it and have a hyperfixation on BDSM]

What Flavour Are You? I am sweet, like Sugar.I am sweet, like Sugar.

I am all sweetness and light; fluffy bunnies and dancing fairies; happiness and joy. Too much of me will make you sick. What Flavour Are You?

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who lets me talk about my partner for 2 hours and wont manipulate me [optional]

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nice profile!! :))

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Tysm 4 the friend request. Also your music taste omg…. /pos /gen

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thanks you!!!

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thanks for the friend requesttt!!!! GOD i wanna eat your profile it'd probably taste popping candyt

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thats super creativ and i personally think it would taste like that or the white monsta

by CH4M1LLE; ; Report


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thank you so much!!!!

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Ur profiles fucking sick m8 XD

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by CH4M1LLE; ; Report

lucas :3

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thanksss <3

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