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gay ☼ ND ❉ white

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i like 2000s anime, fashion, jesters, vinyls/cds, socks, old dudes, seaweed chips, ghost hunting, aliens, conspiracy theories (the non racist ones), internet history, homestar runner, manga, video games, rpgs, indi horror, pov horror films, fnaf, twf, niche youtubers, abstract art, and many more~


lali puna, tricot, sleigh bells, nussy andrews, radiohead, kikuo, aphex twins, oingo boingo, cibo matto, the garden, gorillaz, mitski, machine girl, yuu miyashita, ween, eels, the mountain goats, girl rituals, rina sawayama, they might be giants, of montreal, sheena ringo, tkay maidza, jet set radio soundtrack


pacific rim, rope 1948, reservoir dogs, godfather, tokyo godfathers, audition, ichi the killer, life aquatic w steve zissou, super bad times, wwdits 2014, clockwork orange, lighthouse, encanto, farewell my concubine, noroi the curse, occult, housu, matango, ari aster movies, spiderman nwh, and cat soup


wwdits 2019, adult swim shows, 2000s cartoons, chobits, breakingbad + better call saul, ghosts bbc, star trek, letterkenny, columbo, you 2017, inside job, okko lets be heros, serial experiments lain, tenshi muyo universe, flcl, gurren lagan, and fma:b


i read comics more soooo..... drhdr, gk, yotsuba&, feast for a king by kosmicdream, keita hatseikoi, my love story, dune, six of crows, outlawed, dante and ari, dungeon meshi, yugioh, beserk, slam dunk, chainsaw man, vinland saga, jjba, dai dark, oh and ranfren!


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 ҉ BEN ҉ 

ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦  (he/she/it/+) + white + teen 
ND + disabled + illust+film ू ₒ ु ₓ。
‧̍̊˙· 𓆝.° 。˚𓆛˚。 °.𓆞 ·˙‧̍
Wii Pointer #1 Tilt

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yo mama in my bed oh lawdy! ----

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