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"The Spacehey app is a game changer! "

Elder Emo, 37, Chicago

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Playing The Sims since 2001, Rocking out on electric guitar since 2007, and huge concert junkie since 2006. Good Charlotte was my introduction into the rock scene and MySpace introduced me to my all time favorite band ever: The Pink Spiders.


Emo/Pop Punk stan:
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♥ The Pink Spiders
♥ Blink 182
♥ Fall Out Boy
♥ The Dollyrots
♥ Mod Sun
♥ The Crash Moderns
♥ Dot Dot Dot
♥ Cute Is What We Aim For
♥ The Used
♥ Green Day
♥ Good Charlotte
♥ Sum 41
♥ Paramore
♥ My Chemical Romance
♥ Queen
♥ The Ramones
♥ All American Rejects
♥ Sugarcult
♥ 7th Heaven
♥ The Insecurities
♥ Andrew W.K.
♥ Simple Plan
♥ The Matches
♥ Rancid
♥ Green Day
♥ New Found Glory
♥ Papa Roach
♥ Halifax
♥ The Pretty Reckless
♥ The list goes on, basically bands that have played or could have played on the Vans Warped Tour


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♥ Bohemian Rhapsody
♥ Mean Girls
♥ SLC Punk
♥ Zombieland
♥ Zombleland Double Tap
♥ Ferris Bueller
♥ Uncle Buck
♥ Home Alone
♥ Princess Bride
♥ Serenity
♥ Billy Madison
♥ Wayne's World
♥ Superstar
♥ Napoleon Dynamite
♥ Guardians of the Galaxy
♥ Veronica Mars
♥ Breakfast Club
♥ Pretty In Pink
♥ Back To the Future
♥ Fargo
♥ Accepted
♥ Star Wars
♥ To All The Boys I've Loved Before
♥ Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
♥ Hocus Pocus
♥ American Pie


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♥ Yellowstone 

♥ Suits 

♥ Fargo 
♥ In The Dark
♥ American Horror Story
♥ Umbrella Academy
♥ Supernatural
♥ How I Met Your Mother
♥ Nancy Drew
♥ American Crime Story
♥ Lucifer
♥ Buffy The Vampire Slayer
♥ Angel
♥ Firefly
♥ Gilmore Girls
♥ Bridgerton
♥ Gossip Girl
♥ Dead Like Me
♥ Veronica Mars
♥ Buffy The Vampire Slayer
♥ Charmed (original)
♥ Sabrina the Teenage Witch (90s and Netflix versions)
♥ Big Bang Theory
♥ That 70s Show
♥ the trainwreck that is Riverdale


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My go to books are Young Adult, Mystery, and Fantasy genres
♥ Slayer
♥ Chosen
♥ Veronica Mars
♥ Grey
♥ Everybody Hurts: Essential Guide to Emo Culture
♥ Sookie Stackhouse series
♥ Buffy The Vampire Slayer comics
♥ Angel comics
♥ Harry Potter
♥ Post Office
♥ Ham On Rye
♥ To All The Boys I've Loved Before series


♥ Sam and Dean Winchester

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About me:

MySpace may have died but my love for the indie pop punk/emo scene never did. Still living my best MySpace life.
Rock ON!

Who I'd like to meet:

Rock bands and Rockstars and all those apart of the emo/pop punk scene.

Hand Signal...Rock On

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Lord Byron Silverhand

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Great page!

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Casey Fallen

Casey Fallen's profile picture

Thanks so much for the friendship! rAwR! Emo for life! ;)

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hell yes. Emos Not Dead!

by Cathy; ; Report


by Casey Fallen; ; Report

Elder Emos unite as we react to the iconic G note of MCR!

by Cathy; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture

Happy Holidays!

Need some wacky (x)mas music?

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⭐Shaina⭐'s profile picture

Thanks for the add! I love your layout.

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Heyy!Hey! Thanks! glad ya like it. hitting the Myspace nostalgia hard with this layout!

by Cathy; ; Report

Scott Oakjaw

Scott Oakjaw's profile picture

Your profile is a whole vibe

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Thanks, Really loving the finished product. When being able to customize profiles again you gotta go big or go home!

by Cathy; ; Report


by Scott Oakjaw; ; Report

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship's profile picture

Hey!!! Thank you for the add!
Hope you're well :)
Please, If you get a spare few minutes, Check out our single 'RIP' featuring Fronz from ATTILA.
Let us know what you think ^_^
Thanksss :D

(CLICK HERE) Cabin Boy Jumped Ship - RIP

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Sweeney Toad

Sweeney Toad's profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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NP! Good to meet ya. How's the Spaceheying going for you?
I love how much it's blown up in the past week! I already started seeing bands joining up!
I have missed the whole HTML customization! So much fun!

by Cathy; ; Report

I’m really enjoying it! Super nostalgic and it’s actually making social media fun again!

by Sweeney Toad; ; Report

Yup! I'm having the most fun. Such a chill vibe. We've needed this for a long time now. Facebook and Twitter are so unbelievably toxic. MySpace being back is a godsend! So much fun just chatting with any and everyone on here about everything and not worried about sensitive snowflakes! haha!

by Cathy; ; Report

Super chill compared to everything else for sure! I think algorithms are just designed to breed toxicity lol

by Sweeney Toad; ; Report

oh yeah, algorithms are a social killer!

by Cathy; ; Report

Death Cab for Lukie

Death Cab for Lukie's profile picture

Thank you for the add and welcome to Spacehey!

Looks like we have a tonne in common!
I'm especially loving the Billy Madison shout out in your 'films' section, I will never get tired of that movie.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Sims 2 ftw!

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Hell Yes! Huge shout out to THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVEEEEE!!!


80s and 90s were great for comedy movies! John Hughes movies, SNL movies. Such classics.
Wayne's World, Uncle Buck, Superstar, Home Alone are also classics!

by Cathy; ; Report


I often say that line "I'm the smartest man alive" whenever I solve simple problems, although my work colleagues just look at me funny haha.

The Swan line is probably my favourite, just so random. But, never forget....O'DOYLE RULES!

Sorry it's taken me a while to reply, crazy week.

I'm a big fan of John Hughes too, his films are such a time capsule. I re-watched Ferris just the other week, what a classic.

Hope you're having a great week.

by Death Cab for Lukie; ; Report

so many good quotes from Billy Madison!

Suntan lotion, it's good for me, they protect me, he he he !!!!


the gibberish conversation Billy has at the dinner table to Eric making funny faces!

by Cathy; ; Report

Theredspirit 🎸 (Joseph)

Theredspirit 🎸 (Joseph)'s profile picture

Showing you some ️‍ Check me out on spotify! I'm theredspirit making indie rock music :) Let me know if you vibe with it!

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IcyTea's profile picture

This layout is a total throwback, also thanks for adding me

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Ah, Glad you like it. I think I may have had this exact same layout at one point back on MySpace. Totally had deja vu when I saw it.
I'm currently in the process of trying to make music play properly. I had some music play earlier but there was no option to turn it off or anything...the whole music player html is a thing of frustration currently. lol

by Cathy; ; Report

Lord Byron Silverhand

Lord Byron Silverhand's profile picture

Outstanding job on the autoplay!

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Haha! Thanks! Figuring out HTML again is so fun! The whole trial and error portion is both frustrating and educational! lol

by Cathy; ; Report

Righttttttt. I need to clean up my code a little bit, but I do like how the Starry Night loading screen dovetails with my candy corn themed layout lmao.

by Lord Byron Silverhand; ; Report


Frenkli's profile picture

Thanks for the add! I just listened to papa roach yesterday btw to last resort, still a great head banging song.

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hell yes. Papa Roach is a great band. Getting Away With Murder is an excellent album. Just started listening to those songs again myself recently. Definitely headbang worthy.
I DO love all the recent memes around Last Resort though! My favorite is the Pizza Hut version, "Cut My Life Into Pizzas, This is my last fork..." lmao

by Cathy; ; Report

Hahahaha last fork

by Frenkli; ; Report

Last Resort got me hooked, but Time and Time Again and She Loves Me Not and Between Angels and Insects are super underrated!

by Lord Byron Silverhand; ; Report

Right Side

Right Side's profile picture

Hope your day was as splendid as mine was, Cathy

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Yup! Listening to the new Avril single, Bite Me before going on to MyS----SpaceHey followed by watching a documentary about the golden age of Nickelodeon definitely brings out ALL the nostalgia feels! haha! RAWRing 20s indeed!

by Cathy; ; Report

That sounds like a good time!

by Right Side; ; Report


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Hey ya, thanks for accepting :)

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Lord Byron Silverhand

Lord Byron Silverhand's profile picture

I once tried to make a mashup of I Caught Fire and Light with a Sharpened Edge (Fire with a Sharpened Edge) but it, uh, was downright awful LOL

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HAHA! Sounds like a job for Matt Cutshall to help you with some epic emo mashups!
Oh man, Those Emo's Not Dead videos are AMAZING!

by Cathy; ; Report

I think it might have worked if I had had a better understandimg of how to meld them.

by Lord Byron Silverhand; ; Report


𝕯𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖞's profile picture

Hey! Thanks for the comment!
If you haven't watched the social dilemma on Netflix I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who is questioning social media. It completely changed my outlook on everything. It's sad how much fun all of this used to be until these big tech companies started caring more about algorithms then the consumers.
It's fun to get on here and not worry about all the bullshit though. Spacehey is my happy place lmao

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I will have to look into that show. Sounds familiar. I think I started watching it but never finished though. I think it was in that doc series or another one where it was discovered that none of the big tech companies allow their children to use their products. Smartphone/social media/etc. which tells you all you need to know about the toxicity of the tech these days.

Facebook, in general is just a huge toxic site now and i'm just patiently waiting for the day where it crashes and burns so I can sit back and eat the proverbial popcorn as the flames ensue!

Spacehey is everything that the world needs now. The vibe is just more relaxed and enjoyable. I DO really hope this site grows exponentially fast and becomes the new norm.

by Cathy; ; Report

New & Improved Segaboy

New & Improved Segaboy's profile picture

Thanks 4 the add, rad 2 meet ya!

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Rad to meet ya too! Ready for the RAWRing 20's of early 2000s rock?! haha. Now all we need is for all the bands to sign up here and then we will really be RAWRing! lol

by Cathy; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture


Try my channel? > Halloween music RN through Oct 31

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Frankkie's profile picture

Hii Cathy!✋🏼

Thank you for the add, and welcome to Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace. I'm relatively new here too, and this platform is pretty fun

~Frankkie R.

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Oh yeah! This is great! Love how similar it is to MySpace! I have all the nostagia feels! Such a vibe! I have MySpace to thank for a lot of my music interests and friendships now!

by Cathy; ; Report