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Hi friends! My name is Cassie, and I was a HUGE fan of MySpace back in the day. I’m vegan, which kinda makes me an animal lover by default (cats are my favorite 😸). Listening to music is one of my favorite hobbies, especially if it’s on vinyl. I love trying new things and getting to know new people. Let’s chat sometime, mmkay? 😊 Pink Skull Crossbones

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Dread Express

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Hi! Thanks for the add. Hope you'll enjoy all the short horror story videos in my youtube channel.

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Hello how are you lady? :D

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Wacky Alex

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Please try the radio channel.

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Journal of the Vril

Journal of the Vril's profile picture


Hope all is great!

Thanks for the add.

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Hello! All is great indeed 😊. Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods!

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Brandon Tyler

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I LOVE the layout!! Reminds me of something I wouldve had on my own profile, back in the day! Thanks for the add, hope things are going well.

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D'aww why thank you! I agree, the layout is pretty similar to what I would've had on my MySpace page lol. Things are alright here, just at work wishing I was off lol. How are you?

by CassiexNovah; ; Report


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Thanks for linking in with me!

Please consider checking out some of the stuff on my page!


How's things with you today? πŸ€”

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Hey there!! Nice to meet you as well 🀘. Ooh, love that you like coffee and metal! I like coffee and tea, and my music taste tends to be all over the rock spectrum. Today's been pretty decent, a little slower than I'd like but it's Monday lol. How are things in your neck of the woods? πŸ™ƒ

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Well, existentially overall, pretty good... Acutely, horrible... I was all enrolled for college the fall, applied & completed FAFSA in Feb, chose classes in May, and now find out they apparently lost my application and I haven't chose a major, even though when you look in the portal on my student dashboard, I HAVE chosen a major and have a fall class schedule... But that's not what they say... So I have written everyone possible there, even custodial I think πŸ˜‚ and attached screenshots of what I see, so hopefully this all gets resolved soon... I JUST WANNA FUCKING GO TO SCHOOL!!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

Beyond that... Everything is peachy! πŸ˜‚

Sorry for the book, but... You asked! 😁

by KNOTHEAD; ; Report

Oh no, that sounds like such a mess! What college are you going to? I definitely don't miss those days, I graduated with my Bachelor's back in 2012 lol. I work at a university now though, and am considering going back for my Master's. Haha, nothing wrong with spamming everyone at the college! Hopefully things get resolved, and in your favor as well. What are you going to school for? I have an Associate's in Recording Engineering and a Bachelor's in Music Business 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Oh, wow... 😳

I wish I was talented enough to need your services! 🀣

Starting out going for an AAT/DMA (Digital Media Arts)

It transfers to Washington State for a 4 year in the same. I enjoy making things to watch and look at, and I've been doing music so long and making things to look at, I'd like to get compensated better and it's something I really enjoy.

There's a 1 minute commercial on my page for my webshow, #KNOTHEADTV, but I have been mostly on hiatus for the last several years while my wife has been in school. I have done over 400 shows in 13 states over the past 15 years or so, and really failed to be the archivist I wish I had been, but it is what it is.

KNOTHEADTV started out as mini documentaries of show day, what I would go through start to finish... Whether I started the day at work, travel, merch prep, backstage/soundtrack, whatever. Now I'm trying to get it restarted. Goddamn pandemic and all πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

I have my first show in about 18 months next week w/ RA the Rugged Man and I'm super jazzed about it! Should make for a great episode ! 😁

by KNOTHEAD; ; Report

D'aww, don't say that! I myself am not particularly talented, but I'm good at helping those with talent reach their goals lol. Ooh, Digital Media is definitely a good degree to have these days! Oh nice, I've heard good things about Washington State! I have family that live in Spokane, which isn't too far from there. I actually work for Illinois State University, and am all about state run universities 😊

Oh wow, sounds like you really put a lot of time and effort into your web show. I'm sure your wife was really supportive of your endeavors as well! What did she go to school for? The concept of your web show sounds really neat, there's a growing audience for DIY "in the life" style content. Gahhh I know what you mean, Illinois fully reopened a few months ago but now we're back to wearing masks indoors again. That's awesome that you have another show coming up! Sounds like it'll be a good time 🀘

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

It's-a me, MARTY-o!

It's-a me, MARTY-o!'s profile picture

Thanks for accepting! I'm Marty! It's a pleasure to meet you Cassie :) Diggin' the profile! Keep in touch and hope you're having a wonderful day! ^__^

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Hi Marty!! Nice to meet you as well 😊. I'm having a pretty good day, especially since I'm off work in a half hour lol. Hope all's well in your neck of the woods! ✌️

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

That's great to hear! I'm happy you're having a great day :) I still have 2.5 hrs left of work on my end T__T lol. Any funs plans for ya this coming weekend?

by It's-a me, MARTY-o!; ; Report

I just realized your profile song fits your username ^___^ So clever! Haha

by It's-a me, MARTY-o!; ; Report

D'aww, why thank you! Hopefully work ended going by fast on your end. This weekend was fun, I went to a drag show for my friend's birthday and she was so out of her element lol. I love drag queens though, and gay bars are super fun! How was your weekend? 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

It actually did end up going by fast right after I left you a comment. Hahaha. Glad to hear you had such a great weekend! Lol, nice! I've been to both a drag show and a gay bar once and I was definitely out of my element as well. Lolll. I definitely had a great time though! My weekend was good. Spent Friday and Saturday with my son and spent all of yesterday stripping the color out of my hair, re-bleaching it twice, and re-coloring it. Lol. I'm happy with the results ^__^

by It's-a me, MARTY-o!; ; Report

D'aww, well good to hear! Today has been going by suuuuper slow for me, I just wanna go home already lol. Aww, good to hear you've had similar experiences at drag shows! I'm also a huge fan of RuPaul's Drag Race so that helps haha. Ooh, I'm so jelly that you can color your hair! I can only do natural colors at my gig, which isn't very fun πŸ˜‘

by CassiexNovah; ; Report


l3pr0sy's profile picture

THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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Yer welcome chica! Hope you're doing well 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report


Occultronics's profile picture

Heya CassieXNovah
TimeWarp 2000s
Thanks for Add:)
Posting a Bulletin Using HTML (Includes images and embeds)
post some random bulletins for interacting with your friendslist via comments
also find some"Groups" that resonate with you
Welcome for Spacehey

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have fun with the Nostalgia MindWave

by Occultronics; ; Report

Hey there! Hope all's well in your neck of the woods 😊. TGIF!!

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

π“‚€ 𝙆κͺ–π“²π˜΄κ«€π˜³ KΜΈVΜΈLΜΈTΜΈ [𝕏𝕏𝕀]™

 π“‚€ 𝙆κͺ–π“²π˜΄κ«€π˜³ KΜΈVΜΈLΜΈTΜΈ [𝕏𝕏𝕀]™'s profile picture


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Hey there! Hope you're doing well 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Dylan Jacob

Dylan Jacob's profile picture

off the top of your head tell me a song you are listening to lately. I am in a music rutttttttt and need suggestions lol

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Dylan!! OH mah gahhh, sorry it's taken me so long to reply! Lately I've been listening to A LOT of Idles, and would recommend checking out their song Mr. Motivator. What artists have you been listening to?

by CassiexNovah; ; Report


Retro's profile picture

Hey! Thanks for accepting my fr! Love your profile!

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No problem, and thanks! I actually just changed my profile song lol, it was about time 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Jani Noir

Jani Noir 's profile picture

Hi there, thanks 4 the friendship!
Have a great day. xoxo

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D'aww anytime Jani! Hope you're having a great day as well 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report


Hannah's profile picture

Thanks for the friendship!

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Anytime Hannah 😊. Hope you're having a great day!!

by CassiexNovah; ; Report


David-Angelo's profile picture

Thanks for the ad Cassie... Great layout...

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Anytime David! Nice to e-meet you, and your profile is pretty great too 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Awww thanks... Yeah, I wanted to keep the basic shape/template of the default SpaceHey profile but I wanted specific things customiazble. Took me a quick minute.

by David-Angelo; ; Report

Yes!! HTML is so handy and useful, it's crazy to think that after Myspace went away lots of folks lost that skill. It was fun getting back into it, SpaceHey definitely has the nostalgia factor going for it πŸ–€

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Well Wordpress kind of took over in that regard. At least it did for me.

by David-Angelo; ; Report

Ahh, I can definitely see that. I pretty much stuck with "casual" social media platforms, and I feel like the current ones are pretty mindless in comparison to Myspace and SpaceHey. It's honestly really refreshing!

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

You're absolutely correct...

by David-Angelo; ; Report

D'aww thanks, I try haha. Hope you had a good weekend! 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Brian Palmer

Brian Palmer's profile picture

Thanks for adding me, Cassie. I hope you're well and that you've had a fantastic weekend! :)

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Anytime Brian! 😊. It's been a pretty good week so far, I actually just got back from the dentist lol. Hope you're having an awesome weekend as well!

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

I'm glad you had a good weekend, and I hope the trip to the dentist was a positive one! :D Things have been good over hereβ€”though it's been quite the rollercoaster in some ways!

by Brian Palmer; ; Report

D'aww thanks, and it sure was! No cavities, but I need to up my flossing game lol. Apparently there's something called a water flosser that works pretty well. Also, hope things have calmed down in your neck of the woods! πŸ€—

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Hooray for no cavities! water flosser, eh? I've never heard of that. Something to look into? And things have lightened up a little, but it still feels like we're going to be happier than usual (hopefully) to get to the weekend. I'm not sure there'll be much in the way of R&R (there rarely is), but maybe the weather will be nice so our kids can be outside while we take care of stuff around here? Time will tell! :) Any fun plans for the weekend?

by Brian Palmer; ; Report

Right? Gotta take care of your dental health 😊. And definitely looking into a water flosser, they're so neat! And awww, good to hear that you'll be spending time with your family at least! So I'm hosting two Easters this weekend, one for my fiancé's family on Saturday and one for my family on Sunday. We're not really religious, but still like to celebrate holidays. I plan on making food Sunday and giving Easter baskets, should be a good time 🐰

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

It was nice to be able to spend a little time with my Mom (lives in the next town over) for Easter, and my wife's Mom came out from the other side of the state for a visit last weekend, so that was great too.

I'll look into the water flosser thing! :)

Hope spring is treating you and yours well!

by Brian Palmer; ; Report

Aww, good to hear that your spring has been going well! My mom's birthday is actually next Tuesday, so my siblings and I have a few things planned for her 😊. My birthday is actually less than a month away, so it's been fun thinking of what I'd like to get and things I'd like to do. The weather has been kind of back and forth which is unfortunate, but at least it hasn't been too cold. Hope things are going great in your neck of the woods too!!

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

I hope your mom has a good birthday, and that you do too when that time comes! The weather's been back and forth here as well--one day it's like, "Sure, we can do warm spring weather," and the next it's like, "Nah, I'm still feeling this whole winter business--let's get some more of that going on," ha ha!

by Brian Palmer; ; Report

D'aww why thank you! My mom's birthday went well, and mine is actually this Sunday! Gahhhhh, the weather here has STILL been back and forth. I almost wish I didn't have a taste of those 80 degree days, now it just feels cold all the time haha. Looking forward to Memorial Day weekend though, it's supposed to warm up by then!

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Dawn Kitty

Dawn Kitty's profile picture

Thanks for the add n.n

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D'aww anytime chica! I love your page 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Aww thanks n.n

by Dawn Kitty; ; Report

Anytime ✌️. Hope you're having a good day!

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Action Cat

Action Cat's profile picture

Thanks for the add! :D

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Anytime! Hope you're having a good day 😊

by CassiexNovah; ; Report


Chris's profile picture

Hi, thanks for accepting, hope you're good.

And citizen? Nice!

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D'aww anytime, and that's awesome that you like Citizen too!! I tend to change my profile song pretty regularly haha 😊. How are you?

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

I'm sure each one is always decent πŸ‘Œ
I'm good thanks, just watching some conspiracy videos, I don't often believe them but I enjoy the points of view. How about you?

by Chris; ; Report

D'aww thanks! We'll have to talk music sometime 😊. Interesting, which conspiracies in particular were you learning about? There's a lot of them floating around these days. I'm good, it's morning here so I'm just waking up β˜€οΈ

by CassiexNovah; ; Report


ISOA GAMBEL's profile picture

Hello, welcome. Thanks for the add. Hope you enjoy my music. I am a trilingual artist. English, Spanish and French. (β— β€Ώβ— )

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Hey there! I really like your music, and I think it's awesome that you're trilingual! SΓ© un poco de espaΓ±ol, pero mi inglΓ©s es major πŸ€—

by CassiexNovah; ; Report

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate (β— β€Ώβ— )

by ISOA GAMBEL; ; Report

Anytime! Hope you're having a fabulous day 🌈

by CassiexNovah; ; Report