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Anthro characters, fursuits, monsters, mycology, geology, story writing/world building, drawing/crochet/knitting/audio design/other creative activities, dogs, candles, beimg a little goblin with internet access


Jack Stauber, Born Gold, Arcade Fire, Angèle, of Montreal, PWR BTTM, Glass Animals, Penelope Scott, Lemon Demon, ROAR, bulldog eyes, bill wurtz, Mitski, MARINA, Jack Conte, Crywank, Autoheart, The Mountain Goats, The Unicorns, the scary jokes, cavetown, Amanda Palmer, Mother Mother, Weezer (not even a joke I'm sorry), Mother Falcon, EDEN, Pigeon Pit, Bo Burnam, Caravan Palace, Lil Nas X, Dodie, SUB URBAN, Cosmo Sheldrake, GHOST, bo en, Superorganism, Pink Floyd, Oingo Boingo, The Weeknd, and a lot of songs from artists I don't frequent yet


⚨⚨ I'm putting all my favorite medias in movies bc some of these have many kinds of consumption methods you can't stop me ⚨⚨ Scooby Doo, Star Trek, Bluey, She-Ra, Care Bears, Animal Crossing, Wobbledogs, West of Loathing, Skyrim, Homestuck, DnD, Pokemon, Muppets/Fraggle Rock, FNAF, Moomins, Unus Annus, Mandela Catalogue, Ava's Demon, Alien franchise, Gemini Home Entertainment, Crashbox, Fantastic Mr. Fox, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Saw, Heathers, Stranger Things, Pathologic, Night in the Woods, Who's Lila, Stardew Valley, Luigi's Mansion, Banjo Kazooie, ENA, The IT Crowd, Saiki K, The Prince of Egypt, Marvel and OneShot so far



The Secret Life of Bees is extremely important to me


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⚨⚨ 21yrs old ⚨ it/its ⚨ transsexual queer menace ⚨ autistic, Jewish, and disabled ⚨⚨ ⚨ My name is Magpie/Chimera and I love a number of things including: ⚨ ⚨ weird ass music ⚨ queer and trauma fueled art ⚨ furry shit ⚨ mythical creatures that feel trans, especially if they're from medieval illuminated manuscripts ⚨ writing my own stories and getting into fanfiction ⚨ my main special interests are birds and politics sorry in advance ⚨ a lot of queer media just you wait to see that essay of media below ⚨ I'm also androgyne and aroace-spec if we wanna be specific ⚨ ⚨⚨ ⚨⚨

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