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Cinema, writing, character design/building is so cool,, Art, of course !! Fanfics too. I like horror, body horror, whump,, man I love whump. Vibeogams..? Addisons from deltarune,,,, Just. Deltarune and Undertale in general are so fun to talk about :3


I have picky taste, and it's constantly changing, but LISTEN TO BEAR GHOST GO GO GO GO GO GO GO-


Animated movies my dearly beloved,,,, And old movies too,,,,, You should watch the Spiderverse movies if you haven't already nudge nudge wink wink


Old cartoons and animated series :3 OH and Arcane !!!!!!


Uhhhhh it's been a while... The entire Chronicles of Narnia are somewhere embedded in my brain, that definitely counts, methinks. I read fanfics mostly :D



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About me:

Beep Boop, hi I'm Bush! I love obsessing over fandomstuffs, characters, and sometimes the most niche little things,, Multifandom, parkouring from hyperfixation to hyperfixation :3 Currently on Deltarune's Spamton and Addisons hell (Join me Join me Join me Join me-) Sometimes I do things !!!! Sort of !!!! I'm not the best at it, but I like to write, and draw, whenever I want. If I'm comfortable enough, I like to rp :0 I can be shy and anxious a lot of the time, but feel free to IM! Talk to me. Talk to me. Talk to me- Also I live under a rock a lot of the time, keep in mind ;-; (pfp from Brightgoat on twitter/tumblr) (You should probably pause the music for this hehe)

Who I'd like to meet:

Fans that can obsess over things with me >:D I'm currently hyperfixating on stuff like Undertale and Deltarune and their characters !!! I also like stuff like Welcome Home (save me from this horrible fandom-), and the Spiderverse movies! I'm open to talk about videogames, writing, cinema, storytelling, and fandoms! Anything, really, as long as we share some similar interests :3

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Oh, hello fellow Addison. I believe I found a tea that you may find rather pleasant, if you'd indulge of course

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Oooh, gimmie it 🍨🍫🍬💕

by Bushbot; ; Report

there you go, hahaha
*passes you a cup of tea with two tblsps of sugar

by Add-on; ; Report

Thxx 💗💗
*takes a sip
It could use some more sugar but I appreciate it 🍬🍬
(We could move to IMs to not clutter my profile 💖)

by Bushbot; ; Report

(thatd be lovely)

by Add-on; ; Report


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I just wanna say that I love ur profile generally been stopping by just to listen to the ost alone honestly!! The Addisons are so underrated and generally this layout and everything about u seems so cool thanx for accepting the request!! :0

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by Bushbot; ; Report


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WOAHHH!!! how did YOU end up in the CIRCUS!!!??

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Silly and dastardly actions >:D

by Bushbot; ; Report

oh my!

by Mr.feelgood; ; Report