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I'm currently planning out my mixed use building and how I want it to look should I decide to start a small business someday when I'm a bit older and maybe I can foster kittens in the process of this while making my webcomic upstairs. [PFP picrew linked below, not mine]


✧ Adore- famous, did i tell you that i miss you ✧ Nightcore- Pop danthology 2012 ✧ Josh Levi- birthday dance ✧ Naughty by nature- here comes the money ✧ Bronze Avery- scan and copy ✧ Tokyo Machine- sterio, automatic ✧ Neon Dream 87'- Memories ✧ Waterfront Dining- dream ✧ Lydels- nemesis ✧ City girl- heartbreaker club ✧ Cxldr3- modelo cheesecake, white butterfly, butterfly chanbara ✧ GHOST- scapegoat, rotary dial, honey im home, solaria/ aura ✧ Stele Cole- love like mine ✧ Kordhell- murder plot, land of fire ✧ Moon deity- neon blade ✧ Vane Lily- collared ✧ Hotline 024- soda disco funk ✧ Hkmori- anybody can find love except you ✧ Soia- you can say hi ✧ Charlotte sands- spite ✧ Dominic Flake- mona lisa ✧ Brick + mortar - bangs ✧ Dynamite mc- after party, bounce ✧ BombRush Cyberfunk Soundtrack


✧ Incoming...!!! ✧


✧ Incoming...!!! ✧


I mostly read webtoons but i'll still list them if your interested: °˖✧Unfamiliar✧˖° °˖✧Vamp Sabbath✧˖° °˖✧Warriors: Stoneclan's ghost✧˖° °˖✧Im the grim reaper✧˖° °˖✧Little mizzi muffet and the spider king✧˖° °˖✧Tales from the tombstone✧˖° °˖✧My vampire roommate✧˖° °˖✧Framed but not broken✧˖° °˖✧Im the queen in this life✧˖° °˖✧Dream constellation✧˖° °˖✧Delusion✧˖° °˖✧The end of you✧˖° °˖✧Made of stardust✧˖° °˖✧GOSU✧˖° °˖✧Erma✧˖° °˖✧Bugtopia✧˖° °˖✧The misadventures of Misfit and Mieko✧˖° °˖✧Africa✧˖° °˖✧Loving reaper✧˖° °˖✧Outrun the night✧˖° °˖✧Cat island✧˖° °˖✧ 1HP club✧˖° °˖✧ Clinic of horrors✧˖° °˖✧ Plus one✧˖° °˖✧ Vampirism✧˖°


Those who support Palestine

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About me:

Shark I've officially moved all my art to Cara and boy oh boy am I enjoying every second of it! seeing other artists and their works has fueled my brain and put me on overdrive every time I see more and more art than I can handle which has lead me to eating every single art piece in sight...and I've never had my notifications box so active before so I do feel really happy inside that I've found my art pokies, the discord server is probably the most supportive, peaceful, goofy server I've ever been on. I'm still heavily debating if I should do my first Art Fight this year {knowing full and damn well I have yet to make any ref sheets and characters and some lore to add onto it.} *cough* *cough* A-anyways- In terms of my own art I'm practicing anatomy, dynamic poses, hands, creature design and rendering. I wanna try making a webcomic but I need to make some progress in my own personal works first before proceeding any further into other things such as my worldbuilding in terms of some other stuff.

Who I'd like to meet:

webcomic artists & maybe a few marvel cast members

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⤹﹒⌣ 𝘊𝟢ff𝟥!﹒☆!

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ty pookie :D

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cool stuff dudeski !!!!!!!!!!!!

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ty ty :D

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𝕯𝖔𝖗𝖆ᡣ𐭩 (Romanian┇English)

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Omgg! I love your profile is soo cool!! Thanks for the friend request!! :D

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thx lucky pookie :DDD

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