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a lot (so there's a good chance we might like the same thing(s)!!)

Games: SPLATOON, touhou, sonic, risk of rain 2, psychonauts, inscryption, stray, mad rat dead, fin fin, half life, tf2, portal, yume nikki, um jammer lammy, spore, ace attorney, cuphead, utdr, fnaf, sam & max, metal gear solid, ddlc, celeste, crypt of the necrodancer, the stanley parable, ultrakill, bugsnax, the eternal cylinder, endacopia, and slime rancher.

Comics: sonic idw, memories of no. -----, lackadaisy, moominvalley, vast error (I have never finished homestuck but i like some characters from it), johnny the homicidal maniac, and sparklecare.

Other: foxes, furries, marine biology, speculative biology, robots/fictional ai, computers/machines, microsoft office assistants, cartoons/animation, jerma, snapcube, vinesauce (vinny)

Favorite characters!!
Idk what this says about me but i love listing things i like

Splatoon - CALLIE and also all of the characters

Touhou - Reisen, Marisa, Chen, Youmu, Koishi, Reimu, Okuu, Satori, Suika, Mike, and also everyone else

Risk of Rain 2 - HUNTRESS!!! I only main her because i cant aim

Psychonauts - Dr. Loboto, Raz, and Archetype Raz

Sonic - SHADOW!!, Surge, Starline, Tangle & Whisper, Team Chaotix, Metal Sonic, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles

Inscryption - p03 and Leshy

Stray - Clementine and Blazer

Mad Rat Dead - Mad Rat and Rat God

Toontown: CC - BUCK RUFFLER AND CHIP REVVINGTON and misty monsoon and holly grayelle and mary anna and graham ness payser

Half Life - Barney, Larry (hla), Tommy & Benr(e)y (hlvrai)

Tf2 - Scout, Sniper, Pyro, and Medic

Portal - GLaDOS, Chell, Wheately, and Grady (from aperture desk job)

MGS - Solid Snake, Otacon, and Raiden

Madcom - Deimos, Sanford, and Auditor

Yume Nikki - Madotsuki, Poniko, Masada, and Monoe & Monoko most of all

Um Jammer Lammy - LAMMY!! and katy and paula

Ace Attorney - Gumshoe, Ema, Athena, Maya, Phoenix, Apollo, Klavier, Herlock, Ryunosuke

Undertale - Flowey, MTT

Deltarune - Lancer, Susie and Jevil

Fnaf - Roxy & Funtime Freddy

Sam & Max - Sam & Max of course

DDLC - Natsuki

Celeste - Theo, Madeline, and Badeline

Ultrakill - Swordsmachine, Gabriel, V1, Mindflayer

Bugsnax - Chandlo, Snorpy & Beffica

Slime Rancher - Hunter slime

Voca/Utauloid - Una & Teto

Lackadaisy - Zib, Virgil, Mordecai, and Rocky

Ava's Demon - Ava & Odin

Moominvalley - Moomintroll, Snufkin, and the Joxter

DHMIS - Colin!!!!!

Invader Zim - Zim lol

TAWOG - Bobert & Timmy (the literal computer guy). And larry

Lego Movies - BENNY!!!!!!! and gcbc/scribble cop

The Bad Guys - Mr. Snake & Mr. Wolf

Animaniacs - All 3 Warner siblings! Erm mostly wakko

Wander Over Yonder - COMMANDER. PEEPERS. Lord Hater, Lord Dominator, and Brad Starlight. maybe awesome

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal: Copernicus, Edred.......and winston Sigh

Centaurworld - Zulius...

Cuphead - Devil, King Dice, Mugman, the Rook, and the Knight, and the telephone guy that dies every episode in the show

K-on - Mugi

Lucky Star - Akira & Minoru

MLP:FIM - derpy, vinyl & octavia, lyra & bon bon, the mane 6 except for twilight sorry i hate her

Little Witch Academia - Akko, Sucy, Constanze

Promare - Lucia, Galo, Lio

The Eternal Cylinder - The Mathematician

Beacon Pines - Beck and Iggy

Endacopia - mellow, tip, and clockey

Shuffler/Shufflebot from DougDoug's Shufflemania...
my type of fave character is all over the place, i know


video game osts, nightcore, eurobeat, vocaloid, all kinds of metal, punk rock and rock in general, electronic music i think. noise pop also

bands: charamel, pinnochiop, lamazep, mitchiem, saves the day, machine girl, wicked wisdom, the cure, mean sea, every splatband :P

im trying to branch out to music that Isn't just video game music, eurobeat, and vocaloid, so please feel free to suggest songs and/or bands!!


both lego movies, electric dreams (1984), promare, the bad guys, wakko's wish, 2001: a space odyssey


animaniacs (both 90s and 2020), wander over yonder, centaurworld, cuphead, spy vs spy, moominvalley, sam & max, dhmis, invader zim, the amazing world of gumball, k-on, lucky star, mlp, little witch academia, looney tunes, unicorn warriors eternal


scott pilgrim, idw sonic, moominvalley novels & comics, percy jackson, heroes of olympus, magnus chase


callie cuttlefish

and others

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About me:

hi my name is dave
My pronouns are ceph/ax/gear and im 17.
I am a transmasc, agender, aroace, fictoromantic, objectum, and unlabeled nonhuman with adhdtism and horrific anxiety and perhaps more undiagnosed things
I post art on my blog! and sometimes ramble.
Ive been forgetting about this site recently sorrry
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Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone that is like me ^_^ giphy-2 giphy-2
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