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"thinking of man boobs"

Male (He) | Gay ⚣ | 18 y/o | Europe πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ | College Student

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hopefully when i can i play 2 become a story writer!!! specifically for my own stories and the ones i'll b working on with my best friend!!! <33 other things i'd love 2 do is be a character designer (concept artist idk) and overall a cartoon illustrator!! characters and creating them is my absolute passion!!! i'm currently in college studying diff types of media n such, where i hope 2 work up to doing digital art!
ik for me personally i wouldnt watn to do animation however, im up 2 learning it but yeesh it takes like 10000000 years off my life and idk, idk its tiring LAAWL makes me so eepy.... but whatev i'll do it
but yeah!! thats what lil ol me wants 2 do! make fun stories and overall media with my best friend!!!!!!


i love looove lovelovelove vampirez, scene stuff, emo stuff and overall alt fashion, i absolutely adore rats too as theyre my little babies and i wanna kiss them all... oogh all the little ratties... i dont have enough mouths 2 kisse all their small heads.. also i tend 2 love music like scene stuff, early 2000's music, hyperpop and much more prolly (show me banger scene music please id cry sob sobby /pos)


i rlly like a buncha series n such i like likeee my little pony, cult of the lamb, osomatsu san, monster high, omori, ace attorney, team fortress 2, muse dash, five nights @ freddyz, life is strange, panty & stocking with garterbelt and prolly many many more seires but theres sm i like so im lazy LAWLZ. OHHH i also really likee reading books and listening to music :)


i dont like sticky things or da heat, i also dont like needles like getting injections, i have a big fear of da dark too along with heights. shits scary!!!!!!!!!!!!! overall umm idk i dont hvae many dislikes hehe


i hate bigots and all those filthy ass disgusting people, zoos, pedos all that shit IDC DIE LOL!!!!!!!! ur disgusting xoxo

proshippers n shit can fuck off too idc go fuck urself and block me ❀️


overall im juz a scenemo vampire guy tryna live life making ocs cuz theyre my passion my scrunklys my babygirls SO YEAH!!!!!!! feel free 2 hit me up send a friend req or something, im not the most social tho cuz i have horrid social anxiety so dont ezpect me to start a convo first unless u seem like a person i think i could be friends with or smthin idk

oh i also really like flowers, speciifcally red roses, generic but idc lolz ig im just a generic boy

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About me:

Issak/Valerian | He/thou | Adult

Haiii hihi!!! My name's Issak!! :]
I go by Valerian n other namez too but ja! (u can find mor abt me in my pinned blog "ABOUT ME + SYNPATHS" ;D).
I'm just a random gay vampire dude who decided 2 check out dis site cuz its essentially myspace!!!!! im a scenemo guy and tbh ive kinda always wanted 2 check out what myspace was like so :] overall besides that i'm just here 2 browse n lurk and maybe chat a bit!!!
ur more then welcomed 2 msg me n such! ^^ (only people around my age tho, 16-21+).
if u wanna kno abt my interests n such plz keep reading below! theyr located in the drop parts and the side section of interests ;D
I hope we can become good friends if we meet!!!!!!!!! I bet youre all lovely!!!!!! xoxo <33
If I remove you as a friend don't take it personally, don't take it personally if I block you either (unless you're a bad person then full offence lol)
If you want to see all of my posts please subscribe to my blog! Although I do post bulletins, things like discussions/stuff I want to keep comments of are not posted as bulletins! So if you'd like to see my rambles, questions, etc please subscribe to my blog!
pfp by @ guh idk
code by @ v4mp1r3du3t



Characters I like

Who I'd like to meet:

If you're under 16 DON'T FRIEND ME, it makes me uncomfortable.
I will block you too if you send a friend req while under 16 and I have this here. (I am personally not interested in interacting with 13 year olds while I am 18, I am an adult/becoming an adult, you are just starting middle school, leave my account.)

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suddenly, kittens!

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ur cute id love to hug u

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we can hug!!!!!!

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report


Wisqβ˜†'s profile picture

Thanks for adding back btw! You seem really chill and must I say it… ACROSS TYE SPIDERVERSE FUCKING SMACKEDDDDDD οΌΌοΌΌ\Ω©(ΰΉ‘`^Β΄ΰΉ‘)ΫΆ////

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by Wisqβ˜†; ; Report

np!!! you seem cool!!

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

LIKEEEEE Im so excited for Beyond. Was kinda pressed with they cut me off but I guess they gotta get their money some way. Corporate thingz. The spots writing is soooo good though. Idk Villians always are written great. And Miguel soo bbg

by Wisqβ˜†; ; Report

ME TOO its the best movie I've seen in literal years, I've never reacted to a movie like I did with atsv, it's literally made me interested in spiderman

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

erika/mugsy πŸ’™

erika/mugsy πŸ”₯πŸ’™'s profile picture

insert random comment here ✨

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hells yea B)

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


β™‘Lover_Girlβ™‘'s profile picture

Tnx for adding back ^v^

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dumperman's profile picture

I love ur profile SO MUCH. THANK U FOR THE ADD BACK TOO , IT MADE ME HAPPY :)) β˜† -

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THANK YOU!!!! and its np!!! ya seem chill! :D

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


by dumperman; ; Report

( ur icon is pretty :D β˜† )

by dumperman; ; Report

tysm!!!! :D

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


Chiggle_'s profile picture

hii ty for the add :)) ur page is sososo cool

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np!! and tysm!!! :D i worked hard on the big editing and tweaking lel

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

i didnt even know u could change the about me subjects that must've been complicated

by Chiggle_; ; Report

oh it was, it was in my previous layout and i was SO CONFUSED ON HOW THEY DID IT, so i just sorta searched how n analyzed the old code i used and :p yeaa
shits complicated i am NOT a coder!!!!!!! ive broken my profile before and almost cried aGFDFDS

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

godddd for the life of me i cannot change the border color of my comment section coding is so hard

by Chiggle_; ; Report

oh coding is so hard i dont understand the majority of it gDGDS

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


Toastie's profile picture

hiiii thanks for adding me! ^^ ~ <3

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by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


zyozi's profile picture

thnx for the add back !! luv ur profile !! ;p

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np!!! and tysm!!!! :D i love yr profile too!!

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


Sp00n3yy's profile picture

Ty for the add back!! I've got candy 4 u🍭🍭🍬🍫🍫πŸ₯§πŸ₯§πŸ°πŸ¦πŸ‘🍑🍩🍩🍨

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np!! and tysm!! :D

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


xXiluvGerardWayXx's profile picture

thx for the add! :D

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by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


XxxSeven_Angels_007xxX's profile picture

thank you for adding me <3<3<3

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by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

β–Ί FunHouseRadio.com

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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it's np!! I'll check you when I can! :)

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


Francis!β™‘'s profile picture

omggg I luv luv LUV UR PAGE!! (β β—β β™‘β βˆ€β β™‘β )

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THANK YOU!!!!! i used an already made one for a base but customized the HECK out of it
im rlly proud of how it looks! :)

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

as u should!! (⁠.⁠ ⁠❛⁠ ⁠ᴗ⁠ ⁠❛⁠.⁠)

by Francis!β™‘; ; Report


π•€π•¦π•Ÿπ•€π•–π•₯'s profile picture

thank you for the add I love your page!!

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np!!! and tysm!! :D

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


xXWhispersXx's profile picture

hii ty for the add!! ur so cool! ^^

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np!! and tysm!! :D

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

luna α₯«α­‘

luna α₯«α­‘'s profile picture

OMG!! thx 4 the add ur profile is SO cool and i luv vamps too :p ++ rlly like the floating emojis, hearts, scythes, chainsaws, SUPA COOL!!! lookin forward 2 reading ur rambles :))

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NP!! you seem like a cool person and i LOVE your icon!!!! im glad u like my profile along w vamps n other stuff!!! <3

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

Princess Paris β™‘

Princess Paris β™‘'s profile picture

Love the bats!!!!

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YAAAY ty!!!

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

Much love! xx

by Princess Paris β™‘; ; Report

Django Plasmax

Django Plasmax's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Love vampires.

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NP!!! im glad u like vampires :] theyre so swag

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


layla's profile picture

thnx for accepting my friend request :3 i absolutely love ur page and music tastes!

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THANK YOOOU!!!!! THAT MEANS SMM <3 i love vampires n such hehe

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


d𖀐lly's profile picture

Luv ur layout!

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THANK YOU!!!! i luv vampires smm, your layout is suuuuper awesome too!!!

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report