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"watching cat videos"

23 | eng/rus | TX

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gaming, drawing, sleeping, chilling, idfk xD


THE CURE!!!! loathe, radiohead, thom yorke, cocteau twins, deftones, linkin park, david bowie, orchid mantis, aphex twin, depeche mode, panchiko, m83, cemeteries, machine girl, goreshit, duran duran, crystal castles, the garden, slowdive, siouxsie sioux


the truman show, léon, lost in translation, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, blade runner, ginger snaps, mad god, lost highway, mandy, the fifth element, saw, what we do in the shadows, the crow, hellraiser, the matrix


twin peaks, south park, lost, kitchen nightmares, family guy, futurama, sonic x, houseki no kuni, invader zim, the x files, doctor who, sherlock, hannibal, house md, breaking bad, better call saul, mr. robot, serial experiments lain, neon genesis evangelion, cowboy bebop


i dont read :3


♡robert smith♡


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About me:

hi!!! you can call me "gugu" or "lara", i dont mind either... im a 23 y/o goth living in TX with my pet doggy... я говорю по русски... i love music, video games, and art!


i dont really talk here, but you can find me on twitter or discord @gugu

i have an art account too, check it out if you want :3

Scary Ghost

Who I'd like to meet:

shadow the hedgehog, or other people, i guess :/ .....


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(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ 𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊 𝖞𝖔𝖚 ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)

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Hey thanks for adding me!!

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second comment win

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testing :3 is this thing on?

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