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"im back"

art is ours || 16 || plural || USA || THIS IS OUR ONLY ACC!

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music, sociology, psychology, art, nature, storytelling, character design (anthropomorphic animals), mythology, history, anything weird lol


depends on who in the system you're talking to but here's the three most popular a lot of us get behind : deftones, radiohead, björk/sugarcubes/kukl

Electras: Zedd, Porter Robinson, Tristam, EDM/Future Bass

--- (WIP)

H: Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Xiu Xiu, System of a Down, Deftones, Crystal Castles, June LaLonde, Loudermilk, Pink Floyd, Rudimentary Peni, Mother Mother. electronic, experimental, metal, or loud stuff. but i like exploring different genres a lot lmao

--- (WIP)

Wisdom: The Police, Tears for Fears, Yes, Men at Work, Rock

--- (WIP)


sorry we've been watching a shit ton of movies lately here they are, princess bride, everything everywhere all at once, the golden child, lola, happy feet two (the krill are funny I'm sorry), the last dragon, we have a huge mental watch list


skyrim, oblivion, spirit of the north, niche, tunic, death's door, pokemon mystery dungeon games, tears of the kingdom, legends arceus, palworld, goat simulator 3, FE3H, dragon's dogma (1 and 2), a short hike


hardly watch any but for some reason we started watching the night agent on netflix lol, also watched hazbin hotel. mob psycho and serial experiments lain are on our watchlist we'll watch them... soon... or. We should probably read them lol.


we just started reading more: house of leaves, currently reading s./ship of theseus. also have read animal farm and 1984, brave new world, of mice and men, and some shakespeare plays


no clue

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About me:

birby1843 on discord || system/plural || 16 years || x44 members || taken 12.01.20 <3 ||

self-identified anarchist ...

ashkenazi jewish ... most of us atheist/agnostic, but respects your own religion as long as you are nice about ours/to others! ...

genocide sucks !!!! 🍉 anti-zionist

currently setting up new layout... please be patient!

song playing: born to suffer by xiu xiu

hosts: birby, selma, lavia, bali, ceres, claude, H

!!!! use they/them collective pronouns or if need be, she !!!!

don't ask "how'd you become a system" or dumb shit like that we will not answer to you. we are not diagnosed because it is too dangerous for us, please don't push us. we have almost ended up in a psych ward because of it.

+-+-+ any problems with interests, we do not condone the misdeeds of any artist, group or corporation we have affinity for in any manner +-+-+

dont involve us in syscourse/dni if you participate in lgbtq discourse or system discourse

languages: english, español (decent), čeština (worse we're getting there though)

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone with similar interests (especially musically), fellow systems, preferably around our bodily age, fellow artists or furries since we both like anthropomorphic animals lol. anyone interested in stories/worldbuilding as well ...

i dont exactly make dnis and this isn't a dni but ... if you're looking for music friends i prefer its over one of our more less popular artists on the list and not a mainly mcr fan.

also.. if you're looking for radiohead/deftones friends i prefer people who know most of their discography not just a few songs and maybe some of the other stuff we like on our list too, because i know that they're popular now but not everyone really listens to most of their music! otherwise idk if we'd have much in common since so many people like radiohead/deftones.

we also listen to thom yorke's solo stuff and the smile, and a little bit of cross cross cross (side project with chino in it) so we're enthusiastic about the guys.

mainly looking for bjork fans when it comes to music (yes sugarcubes people im looking for you too.)

!!! people open to music recommendations please interact !!!

if i sent you a frq, its probably because we share interests in music, you're a system, i like your art/personality/layout/music playing on profile, or something like that. id really like if you interacted with us in bulletins or in ims, or shoot us a message on discord. don't be shy! we don't bite and we will use tone tags if you like that.

we are 16 and might friend 18-19 year olds, preferably 20 year olds is our limit. if you dont want to accept the frq based on our age, please do what makes you comfortable. woo hoo!

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🐾 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 sylvxxx (not porn)

🐾 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 sylvxxx (not por...'s profile picture

I love birbs

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me too

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oryctolagus lupus

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i fw you heavy gang

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glad to hear i hope we can be homies

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you are very cool !

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Thanks! You are too! Can't wait to get to know you better

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ur profile is so cool

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thanks XD i was actually thinking about changing it bc i find the text hard to read.. i was gonna make it sugarcubes themed (the band playing on my profile) but its not in my top list of priorities!

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HELLO OH MY GOAD> you's seems so kewlll

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Hello friend.

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Or, I suppose, friends.

by Starvix; ; Report

nice to meet you ^^
- selma (she/her)

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

It's the WORST radio channel in the entire solar system!

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Kate Tolace

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Thanks for the request, It's very nice to meet you!

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you too!

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