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"FISH"!!!!!!!!!!!! (alligator gar, most gar fish really, needle fish, pipefish/sea dragons, moray eels, sharks (extinct and alive), mullet fish, shrimp, siphonophores <3 (they are so fucked up), squids, octopus, japanese spider crabs, cuttlefish) Long nose water critters and deep sea freaks are my loves.

BUGS. Weevils for the most part, also phasmids and also mantises, but weevils fjehehuheehe. I have a little taxidermy collection of bugs (I don't kill or hurt them).


I also really like the Cambrian explosion (lots of freaky water creatures), and carboniferous (big big bugs >:)

I like physics too.

Kitty horror show / old games horror games / Silent hill two my love / stories where everything is alive and gross and places are themselves evil

I <3 Filth


The Cure is my fav atm. I <3 disintegration and pronography so much uiuahrjsdifhoaeutijqwhefu
also radiohead
Nessun Dorrma but specifically Luciano Pavarotti and more specifically the version where the recording isnt crisp quality.
Silent hill two soundtrack
donnie darko soundtrack
Other but not necessarily lesser : (The Smiths, Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Crowded House, oIngo Boingo, Joy Division, siouxsie and the banshees, i should have looked at my spotify top list thing for this, um , MCR, ultravox, echoa and the bunnymen, smashing pumpkins, placebo)?????????????


rocky horror picutre makes me foam at the mouth its djafkh;j, donnie darko, although ive only seen it once and i cant process what happened, i really like a lot of the scenes and will constanly re watch them

The blair witch project >:)


Horror movies and horror games that aren't just jump scares or gore they are just the constant feeling of stuff being gross and upsetting and WRONGtm. media where u just feel really uncomfortbale and it makes ur organs pickle with ickle i really like.


The umbrellla academy,
Derry girls (though i dislike the main characters romancing each other it ruins the thing) ,
Misfits (but only when nathan/robert sheehan is there),
mostly i just like watchign tv with my mum :),
Nannet by hannah gatsby ,
HORRIBLE HISTORIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
i watched and liked hannibal but all i really remember is meaty lust vibes (god thing).
also documentaries about animals (david attenborugh/bbc ), specfically one s abiut fish (or bugs) and more specifcally ones about deep sea creautres / fish .

My favourite youtuber is jacob geller if that counts. my current main youtube(rs) are the vlog brothers tthough (but ive watched crahs course for fun before i even had teachers show it ot me so #nerd)


The first 15 lives of harry august. Its my favuorite book of all time. Its so incredibly yummy. Got murder and philosophy and angst and trauma and suicide and immortality and physics and complex relationships that last multiple lives. Reading it feels like being beat up in a cathartic way but a really painful way too. every time i read it i have to stop to freak out about how yummy it is.

i read HEAPs of books as a kid/tween but i don t rly read that much ann y more. althoug h im "currently" reading interview with a vampyire.


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About me:

Hullo i am a queer goblin creature guy. Um. 7teen. i cant thin k what to inclute here. He/Him/They.

Who I'd like to meet:

I think people are really interesting. Id want to meet everyone.
Ive added so much to my interest section u pretty much know everyhting about me without having to meet me

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