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Games. Mostly video games but I also like some board games. Despite that, what I like in all things including people are experiences and the stories they make. If you have something you want to share and can share it fine enough, I would love to hear it. Don't be afraid if it's something I might not be interested in directly. The only thing you can waste is your time telling the story.


Whatever for the most part. Like most VG soundtracks and pre-2010s music in particular. Can't really place any genres because I don't really look for music that way. Particular music I like: Louie Zong - Garlic Jams, GGST Character Tracks, and some more I'll add later.


Some nostalgia games I return to sometimes are "Super Mario Galaxy" and "Donkey Kong Country Returns." Some of my favorite games to remember are "Everhood", "Persona 5R", and "Celeste." Some of my favorite multiplayer games are "SRB2Kart", "Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers" "Deep Rock Galactic", "GTFO", "Lethal Company", "Dungeon Defenders", "ShellShock Live", and "Terraria." Unfortunately most social deduction games aren't fun unless it's a really good one that doesn't give me virtual anxiety as a traitor. I do have a Switch but only for Nintendo's offline games.


Not really a movies guy, but there are some stuff like Studio Ghibli movies and other culturally influential movies that I wouldn't mind watching with friends sometime. I do really like the movie "Redline" though. I recommend checking it out.


One Piece, Dr. Stone, Lupin III Parts 4 and onward.


Haven't read enough books. Haven't found a place for finding interesting things to read like other media services I use. The Sonic IDW comics have been fun reads though.


I don't look up to any real life figures really. I find it hard to believe that any current figures are actually worth looking up to. I have more trust in myself and friends rather than people who say they represent me.

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Benji's Blurbs

About me:

I am someone who wishes to just do rather than thinking first. Shame I can't quite do that with what I need to do.

If you see or hear me talking a lot, just assume I don't really know for the most part.

I also have a couple resources and links on my neocities site. I might put stuff there if I come around and find something interesting to put there that I want to share.

I would love to get into more complicated board games, but don't have the time to learn how to play or teach them. I also like games enough to study on how to make them. I even learned to love making my simple site along the way. I don't know if forgoing media queries and JS is the best way to make a site, but because users can trust my site and work on everything I think it's worth it. Besides, I could use server scripting like PHP for simple stuff like universal headers and footers and use JS for when I need to run a game or something.

Who I'd like to meet:

People that are different who have interesting experiences and are willing to share them.

What am I doing on SpaceHey:

I mainly use this platform for creating a page to share with others for myself. Kind of like having an avatar for yourself and looking into a mirror VR to see yourself as the avatar. I also use it as my preferred blogging platform to share various things.

Games I'm playing:

Been playing Some SMT5V after last playing the original Switch release over a year ago. The gameplay mechanic upgrades have been really fun along with a bunch of qol changes. Game has some stutter on PC likely due to running on Unreal Engine 4 with DirectX 12, but it's nothing that absolutely ruins the game. They should defiantly fix that though.

SMT5V Nahobino png

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