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"drinking blood 🖤"

im a goff

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im a goth/metalhead teen (15) from new zealand thats living my best life!! (i suffer everyday, every minute, every second LOLL, but at least i have music and movies)


45 grave, alien s✩x fiend, bauhaus, christian death, corpus delicti, dead or alive, depeche mode, diva destruction, duran duran, echo and the bunnymen, harsh symmentry, horror vacui, joy division, lebanon hanover, london after midnight, miazma, molchat doma, paralyzed age, scary b✩✩✩✩s, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skeletal family, soft cell, specimen, strawberry switchblade, tears for fears, the birthday party, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the mission, type o negative, the smiths, this cold night, twin tribes, xmal deutschland, Дурное Влияние (bad influence), etc
ANTI, bathory, black sabbath, cannibal corpse, danzig, darkthrone, death, dio, doyle, dying fetus, immortal, judas priest, këkht aräkh, mayhem, morbid angel, morbid, mortician, mutiilation, NIN, obituary, ozzy osbourne, possessed, post mortem, rammstein, rob zombie, skinless, slayer, thy light, vampira, venom, white zombie, xasthur, etc
billy idol, david bowie, foo fighters, misfits, murderdolls, nirvana, s✩x pistols, the clash, smashing pumpkins, wednesday 13, etc


the crow, rocky horror picture show, the craft, the lost boys, beetlejuice, edward scissorhands, labrynth, addams family, interview with a vampire, the hunger, donnie darko, dracula (1931), shadow of the vampire, cabinet of dr caligari, slc punk, elvira mistress of the dark, etc
silence of the lambs, the shining, the exorcist, psycho, halloween, hellraiser (only the first one tho), the blair witch project, antichrist, friday the 13th, texas chainsaw massacre american psycho, seven, all the jackass movies, man who fell to earth, breakfast club, crybaby, thirteen, pulp fiction, the lighthouse, etc


trailer park boys, wild boys, south park, etc


emily the strange series, etc


WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ROBORT SMITHH tumblr-ef36aac25a3b49e9a9d3a8f6521bcc91-97dce976-1280 chainsaw; Scythe; drums; blood; revolver; draco SBR (or think so); cross; cassette;

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OMGG ur so cool ty 4 the add

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thanks for the add!!

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I love your page!!!

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thankkksss!!! i really like urs aswell loll

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Super cool page!!

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THAANKS!! ur profile is also super awesome!!

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