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Arts(including visual, music, film, dance, makeup beauty/sfx, costuming, crafting, fashion, poetry, and I'm sure I missed much more), Sociology, Psychology, True Crime, Cosplay, occasionally video games and other stuff. Old Myspace/ Emo/Scene days (A Blast from the past) image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host


I've got a ton of music I like , hard to pack it into a small playlist and there's much more. Feel free to scroll through (yes, there's actually a scroller , it's just teeny) Very eclectic. If it sounds good, lyrics are good, band is good, and I can sing and dance to it, then I have been won over. Also I like to sing and dance.


Eclectic aswell in taste, But I do love horror and a good dark comedy, as well as a good psycological thriller.


Don't watch much television, but I enjoy a few favorites. (I don't like making lists ) On a side note I am a Horror Co-Hostess for all you spooks out there ;)


Dark stuff, but rather poetry than novels. Also I used to write poetry, myself.


I am just trying to be my own hero.... That's all you have in the end, right?

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About me:

Model, Personality, Entertainer, Artist, a mystery ... Get to know me:) I once said "My life is kind of an intersection of paths. I'm either doing one thing at a time, or trying to split myself in parts to get where I want." "Ha Ha" "Craziness"

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Wacky Alex

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Hope you have a SPOOKY October! If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.


We're playing Halloween tunes at night, and the "normal" mix during the day.

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Thanks for the add! πŸ–€πŸ•ΈπŸ•·πŸ—‘ I love the dark too πŸ₯€ I hope you have a lovely night πŸ›Έ

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Thankyou love

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Anytime πŸŒŒπŸ’ž

by SADGURL; ; Report

Kabinett Obscura Rose

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Thanks for the add🌹

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by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Petals And Thorns

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Thanks for connecting! Love your layout!

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Thankyou so much!

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

_Madame X_

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Thanks for the add! Loving your profile and background. It makes me feel like I'm running in that scene from the Blair Witch Project lol

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awe! thanks haha! I worked hard on it

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

omg no way! you're super talented! meanwhile my last two braincells are struggling right now haha :(

by _Madame X_; ; Report

lol it's just practice but thanks love

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Shadow Symphony

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Thanks for the add! \m/

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Thankyou for accepting!

by Becki Bullets; ; Report


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Hi there! Thank you for the add!

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Thankyou for accepting!:)

by Becki Bullets; ; Report


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Thank you!

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by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Blunt Farce

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Thanks for the add.
Stay safe out there.

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also: Nice Spotify playlist.

by Blunt Farce; ; Report


by Becki Bullets; ; Report


π•©β˜ π”π”’π”±π”―π”¦πŸ…΅πŸ…ΊπŸ…½π”‰π”žπ”²π”°π”±β˜ π•©'s profile picture

Thank you for the add! πŸ–€ You is my 200th friend! πŸ–€

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Thankyou for accepting and congratulations!

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

I love the eye on your little profile loading thingy, I been tryna figure out how to make that happen when people click on my profile

by π•©π”π”’π”±π”―π”¦πŸ…΅πŸ…ΊπŸ…½π”‰π”žπ”²π”°π”±π•©; ; Report

if you send me a message I'll send you the code

by Becki Bullets; ; Report


angry_s0ul_eater.333x2's profile picture


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Thanks for accepting my friend request!

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Luna Chrysanthia

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Thnx for the throwback XD

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the throwback?

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

your page just really reminds me of an old myspace page!

by Luna Chrysanthia; ; Report

Oh! THANKYOU!:D. that's a huge compliment. I made it myself

by Becki Bullets; ; Report


TEDDYPHOBIC's profile picture

thx 4 the add moomoo >:)

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shit my face didnt work. >: )

by TEDDYPHOBIC; ; Report

You're very welcome:)

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Echoes of Savages

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Hey! Thanks for the add! Your page looks awesome!!! Hope you have a great day!

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Thankyou! You too

by Becki Bullets; ; Report


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Thanks for the add. πŸ–€

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by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Ahhh it’s looking good!! :)

by Jase; ; Report

Thankyoou , having some minor detail issues

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

no more lullabies

no more lullabies's profile picture

I love this profile omg πŸ–€πŸ€˜πŸ»

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Awe! Thankyou!:) I made it:)

by Becki Bullets; ; Report


(3YE),(SEE)'s profile picture

TY 4 THE ADD!!! ^.^ #HTID

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Thanks for accepting:)

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

ofcourse! dont forget your 6 MILLION Points!!!

by (3YE),(SEE); ; Report

:) that's alot of points

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

keep track of those points. you can use them at the Shattered Emerald Radio! B)

by (3YE),(SEE); ; Report

Oh cool! what are they for exactly?

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

It's a mental currency for the listeners to keep track of. If you keep track and tell us how much you got. You may be going home with some free merch :) lol

by (3YE),(SEE); ; Report

Ahh!:) got the radio link? or is it on your profile?

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

All of my other links are on my profile!

by (3YE),(SEE); ; Report


by Becki Bullets; ; Report


badwolf's profile picture

Hi thanks for the add I hope you are well.

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Awe thankyou! I am doing quite fine, how about yourself?

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

I'm doing ok myself thanks hehe :)

by badwolf; ; Report


by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Mick "Renegade" Pellicier

Mick "Renegade" Pellicier's profile picture

Honored that you sent a request. Hoe your doing well today. Hmm insert something interesting here. That all i can say haha. Oh hope we can chit chat and be good friends xp

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Awe thankyou! you seem cool:)

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Haha i try my best. Easier to make others smile since we all mostly deal with the same jank of adult life.

by Mick "Renegade" Pellicier; ; Report

Adulting is always a good time

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Totally. Favorite part acting my age. Just being a professional logical stick in the mud at work. When it just easier just be a dummy laughing at she said jokes xp

by Mick "Renegade" Pellicier; ; Report

Work , the joy of life haha. Unless perhaps you really enjoy your job.

by Becki Bullets; ; Report

Lol i do retail so i got stories. Just not meant for public life. Well I'll bounce sure your busy with things. Just message anytime if you need a laugh or too.

by Mick "Renegade" Pellicier; ; Report

Ahh retail. I feel you. Most of my work has been in retail. Message me anytime:)

by Becki Bullets; ; Report


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Thanks for the add!!

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Awe thanks for accepting:)

by Becki Bullets; ; Report