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"enjoy life. there’s plenty of time to be dead!"

16 and tired :] pronouns are they/it/any but preferably not she!!

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-anime (madoka magica, neon genesis evangelion, black butler, ohshc, ghibli films and others I can’t think of) -gaming! (I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘gamer’ but I’ve had a deep love of games since I was a kid. mario on the n64 and wii sports resort are super nostalgic to me, but nowadays I’m into stuff like night in the woods, undertale and deltarune, doki doki literature club and omori. -art


.*+ mitski, the dresden dolls, mother mother, duster, alex g, the smiths, mccafferty, mommy long legs, lovejoy, ajj, will wood, molchat doma, jack stauber and lemon demon are all favourites of mine! *+.


.+* I love stop motions like nightmare before christmas, coraline and fantastic mr fox, but I like a lot of other films too. perfect blue, the end of evangelion and paprika are some great anime movies, and like I said before I love studio ghibli. fight club is great as well! I don’t know if bo burnham’s specials count as movies but I’ve loved them since I was 10. the blair witch project is a recent watch of mine that I’ve loved too. :] the little prince and amelie are movies I also enjoy. I’m sure there’s more to say but I’m gonna leave it off here for now! *+.


.+* bojack horseman is probably my all-time favourite show so far! I have a lot of others I enjoy though. I like rick and morty, avatar: the last airbender (and legend of korra), the umbrella academy, the end of the fucking world, I am not okay with this, a series of unfortunate events, kakegurui (I forgot to mention this at the anime part but I’m not going back and adding more lol) and aggretsuko! I’m not sure if the magnus archives counts but it’s a very big interest of mine right now and it’s technically a show. *+.


.+* I unfortunately don’t read much anymore because my motivation is pretty bad but I’ve got a few favourites. I love good omens, and junji ito’s mangas are amazing. I only have uzumaki and smashed right now but I’m hoping to get more. convenience store woman is a great book, and I’m currently reading girl in pieces and no longer human! *+.


.+* I don’t really look up to anyone specifically at the moment! *+.

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About me:

.+* hi! my names aurora, I’m 16, my personality type is INFP and I’m an artist. I love watching movies and shows, I play a lot of games too and music is a massive part of my life. I hope we can be friends! *+.

Who I'd like to meet:

.+* I’m autistic and I find I get along better with other autistic people too, but it’s not a requirement :] I’m also a member of the LGBTQ+ community so I’d like to meet people who are as well, or at least allies. I’m willing to talk to a lot of different kinds of people but I’d like them to share my interests (neon genesis evangelion, taxidermy and witchcraft, night in the woods, art etc) just so we have common ground :3 I’d also really appreciate being friends with people who are accepting of mental health issues since I’ve got pretty bad anxiety and depression and I understand it can be frustrating to deal with for some people! *+.

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