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Hobbies: Rollerblading, painting, drawing, reading, watching tv, playing video games, writing, arts n crafts, listening to music. 

✧・゚: *

Likes: Rainstorms, cats, space, nature, ocean life, food.

Favorite pokemon: Meowth, Rayquaza, all the Eevee evolutions


Top fav artists:

Alex G

Melanie Martinez, Arctic monkeys, TV girl, Laufey, Odetari, Jack Stauber


*✧・゚: *

Top fav vocaloids:



Hatsune Miku


Top fav movies: Hamilton, spirited away, ponyo, avatar, avatar the way of water, the silent voice, steven universe movie, the south park movie, south park post covid, south park the return of covid, the florida project, gaurdians of the galaxy 1 2 & 3, deadpool, five nights at freddy's movie ✧・゚: *


Top fav tv shows: Bojack horseman (I REALLY LOVE THAT SHOW PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT IT), south park, bob's burgers, steven universe, the owl house, amphibia, death note, parasyte, the promised neverland, helluva boss, hazbin hotel ✧・゚: *


Top fav books:

If he had been with me by Laura Nowlins 

They both die at the end by Adam Silvera

The obsession by Jesse Q. Sutanto

*✧・゚: *


My real ones;3:

Mom, Violet, Asaliah, Ray, Bailey

*✧・゚: *

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About me:

Hi! My name is Austin. My nickname is Auz. 

I live in California and I'm proud (I'm rlly not) 

Triggers: jokes about sh/si, intense gore, conflict

Pronouns: He/him

✧・゚: *

Favorite colors: All types of blues and pinks.

✧・゚: *

⚠I have a lot of mental health issues, but overall I can be a cool person⚠

Gender: Transgender, Genderfaun

Sexuality: Aro/ace, Pansexual

 Age: 14

My discord: Auzztin_

Here's my discord server! 

My discord!!

My time zone: Pacific Time zone

Who I'd like to meet:

*✧・゚: *

Kind, funny (doesn't tell me to kms jokingly), , lgbtq+ friendly, 

13-16 years old please!! 

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