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Will you pour me one for the road?


one for the road

, ooh-ooh

one for the road

, ooh-ooh From the bottom of your heart, the relegation zone. I saw this coming from the start. The shake, rattle and roll. All the cracks in blackout blinds cast patterns on the ceiling. But you're feeling fine. I thought it was dark outside. I thought it was dark outside. So we all get back to yours and you sit and talk to me on the floor. There's no need to show me 'round, baby, I feel like I've been here before. I've been wonderin' whether later, when you tell everybody to go. Will you pour me

one for the road?

I knew this would be on the cards. I knew you wouldn't fold. I saw this comin' from the start. The shake, rattle and roll. So we all get back to yours and you sit and talk to me on the floor. There's no need to show me 'round, baby, I feel like I've been here before.. I've been wonderin' whether later, when you tell everybody to go Will you pour me

one for the road?

The mixture hits you hard. Don't get that sinking feeling, don't fall apart. Some out of tune guitar. Soundtrack to disaster. Ooh-ooh,

one for the road


one for the road


one for the road


one for the road

Ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh So we all get back to yours and you sit and talk to me on the floor. There's no need to show me 'round, baby, I feel like I've been here before. I've been wonderin' whether later, when you tell everybody to go. Will you pour me

one for the road?



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☆ Nirvana ☆ Alex g ☆ wheatus ☆ the cardigans ☆ beach house ☆ guns n' roses ☆ queen☆ tv girl ☆ mitski ☆ mother mother ☆ arctic monkeys ☆ maneskin ☆ queen ☆ k's choice ☆ the offspring ☆ radiohead ☆ panic! At the disco ☆ glass animals ☆ conan gray ☆ coldplay ☆ gorrilaz ☆ R.E.M.☆ jack sauber ☆ the cranberries ☆ cigarettes after sex ☆ 6arelyhuman ☆ otedari ☆ men i trust ☆ dazey and the scouts ☆ wallows ☆ mons vi ☆ the smiths ☆ late night drive home ☆ eminem ☆ pixies ☆ the cure ☆ pink floyd ☆ rebyxx ☆ asteria ☆ kets4eki ☆ eyedress ☆ ayesha erotica ☆ slipknot ☆ metallica ☆ korn ☆ ABBA ☆ beach cowboys ☆ los campesinos!☆ whirr ☆ lady gaga ☆ NOAHFINNCE ☆ molchat doma ☆lana del rey ☆ twenty one pilots ☆ AC/DC ☆ david bowie ☆ suki waterhouse ☆ radiohead ☆ tears for fears ☆ beach bunny ☆ green day ☆ lemon demon ☆ KISS ☆ Marc DeMarco ☆ britney spears ☆ the doors ☆ the beatles ☆ the police ☆ the last shadow puppets ☆ alex turner ☆
Sarah, race, Mary, things to do, milk it, lovefool, take on me, a little respect, treehouse, hayloft, body, come as you are, drain you, in bloom, show me how, losing my religion, baby hotline, linger, back to life, heart shaped box, 505, not an addict, me and my brain, november rain, mumble, ease, leave, wet, sweet cis teen, cigarretes out the window, starman, WISH ME LUCK, mood romantica, back to the old house, theres a light that never goes out, lovers rock, self esteem, nostalgic love rock, awkward conversations, wet cigarretes, young, freaks, friday im in love, boys dont cry, girl of my dreams, boys will be bugs, call me what you like, HONEY (ARE YOU COMING?), VALENTINE, OFF MY FACE, KOOL KIDS, IF NOT FOR YOU, SUPERMODEL, BLA BLA BLA, cant stop feeling, just like heaven, two trucks, privatly owned spiral galaxy, knee deep at ATP, WHAT YOU WANT!, cause for concern, XOXO (KISSES HUGS), emo boy, they like the way i flirt, shut up my moms calling, cupid (jack stauber), just take my wallet, arabella, knee socks, RU MINE, do i wanna know, my kind of woman, when the sun hits, only tommorow, only shallow, dumb luck, four seasons, everlong, taking whats not yours, it almost worked, birds dont sing, pretty boy, sunflower, kids, deceptacon, blondie, SCUMBAG, LIFES A BIT, secret door, i cant decide, sports, cloud 9, prom queen, silver, breed, polly, i wanna be yours, 7 weeks & 3 days, hysteria, american idiot, my name is, the real slim shady, stan, toxic, youngest daughter, wdy dont you get a job, the kids arent alright, i was made for lovin you, linger, take on me, lean, younger than you, mellow, hotel california, enter sandman, welcome to the jungle, party addict, parents, oops!.. i did it again, love like you, tained love, ecstacy, supermassive black hole, buddy holly, space song, teddy picker, brainstorm, very ape, dumb, i hate myself and i want to die, My Propeller, Crying Lightning, Dangerous Animals, Potion Approaching, Fire and the Thud, Cornerstone, Dance Little Liar, Pretty Visitors, The Jeweller's Hands, if you were there beware, old yellow bricks, the only ones who know, balaclava, d is for dangerous, do me a favor, fluorescent adolescent, this house is a circus, the bad thing, i bet you look good on the dancefloor, The View from the Afternoon, Fake Tales of San Francisco, Dancing Shoes, You Probably Couldn't See for the Lights but You Were Staring Straight at Me, Still Take You Home, Riot Van, Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured, Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But, When the Sun Goes Down, From the Ritz to the Rubble, A Certain Romance, one for the road, i want it all, NO. 1 party athem, electricity, sketchhead, matador, catapult, i havent got my strange, red hand, bad woman, nettles, the death ramp, mad sounds, fireside, Star Treatment, One Point Perspective, American Sports, Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, Golden Trunks, Four Out of Five, The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip, Science Fiction, She Looks Like Fun, Batphone, The Ultracheese, When the Sun Goes Down, Stickin' to the Floor, 7, joining the dots, Fright Lined Dinning Room, Cigarette Smoker Fiona, Despair in the Departure Lounge, No Buses, Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys
☆ favourite worst nightmare ☆ in uttero ☆ nevermind ☆ RUSH!☆ RUSH! (ARE YOU COMING?)☆ AM ☆ am i sinking or am i swimming? ☆ o my heart ☆ first band on the moon ☆ race ☆ trick ☆ sway ☆ suck it and see ☆ whatever people say i am im not ☆ humbug ☆ RU MINE? / electricity ☆ crying lightening ☆ cornerstone ☆ are we there yet?☆ abbey road ☆ please please please ☆ with the beatles ☆ fluorescent addlescent ☆ brainstorm ☆ teddy picker ☆ when the sun goes down ☆ i bet you look good on the dancefloor ☆ GIF
dookie-png-real greenday-rev

"When the zeros line up on the 24 hour clock When you know who's callin' even though the number is blocked When you walked around your house wearin' my sky blue Lacoste And your knee socks"


☆ sally face ☆ roblox ☆ minecraft ☆ stardew valley ☆ friday night funkin ☆ exit 8 ☆ fran bow ☆ little misfortune ☆


☆ bohemian rhapsody ☆ hubie halloween ☆ the boy in the striped pyjamas ☆ la sociedad de la nieve ☆


☆ Gravity falls ☆ breaking bad ☆ la casa de papel (berlin)☆ south park ☆ amazing world of gumball ☆ heartstopper ☆ invader zim ☆ hazbin hotel ☆ helluva boss ☆ steven universe ☆ ramschakle ☆


☆ sven ☆ the letter for the king ☆ blauwe plekken ☆ heartstopper ☆ oktober ☆ Natural


☆ james marriot ☆ jack manifold ☆ tubbo ☆ tommyinnit ☆ charlieslimecicle ☆ ranboo ☆ philza ☆


★ALEX TURNER!!!!!!!!!!

stamps & blinkies!!!

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★Hazbin hotel blinkies!!!

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★| asher | minor | INFP | nl/eng/heb | he/they | artist, serverholder & writer | trans ftm genderqueer & gay| music lover |alex turner stan!!!| disc: asher_thevalentine |ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Natural ___________________________________________________________________

now playing - one for the road by arctic monkeysNow Playing - one for the road by arctic monkeys

"One for the Road" is a song by English band Arctic Monkeys from their fifth studio album, AM. It was released on 9 December 2013 as the fourth single from the album. The single is available in the 7" vinyl format, and as a digital download, and features a B-side titled "You're So Dark". On 6 December 2013, Arctic Monkeys released the B-side's official audio track onto YouTube. ----------------------------------------------------------------

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Who I'd like to meet:

★| people with same interests & same music taste!!!!| my best friends are currently mio, quente and muffin<33| dni -10/18+|

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What Flavour Are You? Love me or hate me. I taste like Marmite.Love me or hate me. I taste like Marmite.

I am salty and sharp. My abrasive edge greatly upsets some people, but others will gleefully endure it. For those willing to put up with me, I am a great source of emotional health and stability. What Flavour Are You?

all these are by me

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★"is suck it and see the answer to the question does your wiener taste like cotton candy?"

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[30/03/24]scrapped knees and bloody palms

[03/04/24]old dusty toy train


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[21/03/24]story about boys


★worst teenage dream (my book)


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Damn bro this page is amazing

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thank yo sm<2

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Omg Ur page is so kool!

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You have a cool page!

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Thanksss youuu
Sorry for the late reply

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ZAID OMG !!!!!!

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best profile ever :3

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Gosh, Im on the coolest profile right now!!

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Thank you omg

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